Panzhihua in the Sui Dynasty to Yuan Dynasty

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Panzhihua in the Sui Dynasty to Yuan Dynasty

At the beginning of Sui Dynasty, Yanzhou was still set up, which was renamed Xining Prefecture and Guazhou Prefecture, and became Yueyi county again. The five counties of Yanzhou established by the Northern Zhou Dynasty were abolished, and the other five counties were subordinate counties of Yueyi county. Daping and the middle of Jiangbei are still under the control of Dingzuo Town, Hexi is kequan County, Hedong and Jiangbei East are newly established Huichuan county. The western part of Jiangbei and Jiangnan were still controlled by the Cuan family.

Tang Dynasty vigorously managed the southwest, changed Yue county to Yi state, set the governor's office, and then changed the state to county, still the governor's office. Yueyi county has nine counties in total. Hexi county is located in Xilu County, Hedong county is under the jurisdiction of Huichuan county. The eastern part of Jiangbei is subordinate to Heji county. Daping, middle and west of Jiangbei County were changed to Changming County after they were once Laozhou, songwai and Xunsheng counties. The Tang Dynasty, based on Yuehe, used both political appeasement and military expedition to restore ningzhou, which was renamed Langzhou and Rongzhou. Yao Prefecture was set up in nongdongchuan, and the governor's office was set up. The city is located in the south of the Yangtze River. At first, it is under the jurisdiction of dragonfly County in Xipu Prefecture, and then it is the territory of ten counties in Xili (Wei) Prefecture, and transferred to Yaozhou.

In the ninth year of Tianbao of Tang Dynasty (750 A.D.), the local separatist regime of Nanzhao occupied Yaozhou. From the second year of Zhide to the first year of Qianyuan (757-758), Yao Zhou was occupied by Nanzhao local separatist regime, and then it was ruled by gazhou. Today, it was Miyi. At that time, it was named Nuoyi and was subordinate to Qingning County, the governor's office of Huichuan. Yanbian county has songwaicheng, which is the jurisdiction of Jianchuan Jiedu Xiangcheng County. The western part of Jiangbei is the territory of Jianchuan Prefecture. Jiangnan area is controlled by nongdong. After that, the local separatist regimes of dachanghe, datianxing (Xingyuan) and dayining, which were ruled by Nanzhao, basically followed this kind of establishment.

In 937, in the second year of Tianfu in the later Jin Dynasty, Duan Siping destroyed dayining and established Dali state. The Hexi area was the territory of Bacui and Luolan, which was subordinate to Jianchang Prefecture. Hedong and Jiangbei are jiangbu activity areas, belonging to Huichuan Prefecture. Daping and Jiangbei Midwest, such as the Treasury, is Shanju county.

In the Song Dynasty, the Mongol Khanate (the predecessor of the Yuan Dynasty) destroyed the Duan's regime in Dali and occupied Panxi in the fourth year of Xianzong of the Yuan Dynasty (the second year of Baoyou in the Southern Song Dynasty, 1254).

After the founding of the Yuan Dynasty, the Xuanwei Department of Luoluo and the Marshal's office of Du were set up here. They led the way, prefecture (prefecture) and county, and were subordinate to xingzhongshu province of Yunnan Province. Hexi city is located in Dingchang Road (after Dechang Road) Puji state, Weilong state. Hedong is under the jurisdiction of Wu'an Prefecture on Huichuan road. The eastern part of Jiangbei belongs to Lixi Prefecture. Jiangbei middle and dapingdi, belonging to run salt county of Baixing Prefecture. Jiangbei West, under Lijiang road military and civilian Propaganda Department Beisheng house. South of the Yangtze River is Dayao County area of Yao state of Dali Road, which belongs to Xuanfu department and Du Marshal's house.