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Panzhihua College

Panzhihua College is the only comprehensive undergraduate college in southwest Sichuan and northwest Yunnan, where the Ministry of Education locates. The school is located in Panzhihua City, a famous vanadium and titanium city, Sunshine Flower City, Kangyang resort, an open door to the south of Sichuan Province and the only excellent tourist city named after flowers in the country.

The school was founded in 1983, merged with Panzhihua Institute of Education in 1994, merged with Panzhihua Health School in Sichuan Province in 1998, reconstructed into an undergraduate college and renamed Panzhihua College in 2001 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. In 2004, Panzhihua Senior Technical School was classified as a whole school, and in 2005 it was added as a bachelor's degree conferring unit and in 2007, Panzhihua College. Zhihua Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, as an affiliated hospital directly under the management of the school, passed the evaluation of undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education in 2007. It covers an area of 815,200 square meters, with a campus area of 540,600 square meters, a total fixed asset value of 758 million yuan, a collection of 38,854,000 books (13,908,000 paper books), and a total value of 244 million yuan in teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment. It consists of 20 teaching units, 3 scientific research units, 7 teaching and assistant units, 16 Party and government groups, 2 subordinate legal entities and one directly administered Third-Class Affiliated Hospital (Panzhihua Integrated Hospital of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine).

There are various disciplines with distinct characteristics. The school is one of the 100 Application-oriented Undergraduate Universities in China, which has 58 undergraduate majors and 41 specialty majors, covering 9 disciplines such as science, engineering, arts, law, economics, management, medicine, arts and agriculture. It has formed a multi-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary, general higher education and higher vocational education. The coordinated development of secondary vocational education and adult higher education. In 2016, the first Kang Yang College was established, in 2017, the first theoretical education college of socialism with Chinese characteristics was established, and in 2018, Vanadium and Titanium College, Intelligent Manufacturing College and Panzhihua Institute of Discipline Inspection and Supervision were established. There are 1 national characteristic specialty, 1 national comprehensive reform pilot project, 15 provincial and ministerial superior specialties, 6 provincial characteristic specialties, 3 provincial application-oriented demonstration specialties, 3 provincial comprehensive reform pilot projects, 12 provincial outstanding personnel training plans and 11 provincial top-quality courses. Selected the second batch of cooperative colleges and universities of "Ministry of Education - ZTE ICT Industry-Education Integration Innovation Base Project", the first "ZTE Class" started in 2017.

Teachers are strong and talented. There are 1138 faculty members, including 882 full-time teachers, 416 deputy senior and above professional and technical personnel, accounting for 47.16% of full-time teachers, 638 master's degree or above, accounting for 72.33% of full-time teachers. There are currently one recipient of special expert allowance from the State Council, one academic and technological leader from Sichuan Province, 17 candidate candidates for the 11th batch of academic and technological leaders from Sichuan Province, one academic and technological leader from Panzhihua City and his reserve candidates, one expert with outstanding contributions from Panzhihua City, and a high level of direct contact between Panzhihua Municipal Committee and Panzhihua Municipal Committee. Talents and other 67 people.

Physical education system is complete and has achieved remarkable results. At present, there are nearly 17,000 full-time undergraduates, postgraduates and overseas students, 1186 students in technical secondary schools and technical schools. In recent years, the graduation rate and degree awarding rate of undergraduate students have remained above 90%, and the employer's satisfaction rate has remained above 96%. For many years, it has been appraised as "Advanced Employment Unit for College Graduates in Sichuan Province". Since its establishment, it has trained more than 56,000 graduates of this college for the society. The passing rate of postgraduate entrance examination is increasing year by year. The graduation rate and employment rate of students in 2018 are 96.1% and 96% respectively. College of entrepreneurship, college students'innovation and entrepreneurship club, college students' science and technology entrepreneurship incubator park and university science and technology park have been established. College students'science and technology entrepreneurship incubator park has been approved as "the first batch of University graduates' enterprise demonstration park (base) in Sichuan Province". College students'innovation and entrepreneurship club has been selected as "Sichuan University Science Park has passed the evaluation of provincial university science park; in recent years, more than 740 innovative experimental projects of university students have been established, which directly benefit more than 3000 students, 136 entrepreneurship projects of incubating students, 37 enterprises have been successfully incubated, nearly 600 entrepreneurship jobs have been achieved, and nearly 11,000 entrepreneurship students have been promoted. Students have won 1036 awards in various disciplines competitions and innovative entrepreneurship competitions, including 3 awards at the international level and 491 awards at the national level. In 2014, they won the first prize in the American University Mathematical Modeling Competition. In 2015, they won the first prize in the National University Mobile Internet Entrepreneurship Competition. 。

Attaching importance to scientific research work has yielded fruitful results. The school is the training unit of intellectual property superiority in Sichuan Province, the first batch of experimental universities in Sichuan Province to encourage scientific and technological personnel to innovate and start their own businesses, and the pilot unit of the reform of mixed ownership of scientific and technological achievements in Sichuan Province. There are 43 research platforms at or above the municipal level, including one national key vanadium and titanium testing laboratory, one national Panzhihua vanadium and titanium incubator, 25 provincial key laboratories (engineering research centers) such as Sichuan Key Laboratory for Comprehensive Utilization of Vanadium and Titanium Resources, and 16 municipal research platforms such as Panzhihua Key Rock and Mine Laboratory. In recent years, it has undertaken five state-level scientific research projects, 280 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, and 1249 scientific research projects of various types at all levels. The total amount of scientific research funds is 149.33 million yuan. It has won 150 awards for scientific and technological achievements at provincial and municipal levels, and published 9028 academic papers at home and abroad, including 1532 core journals, 1025 retrieved by SCI, SSCI, EI and CPCI, and more than 360 academic monographs and textbooks. 2244 patents have been granted, and the number of patents granted ranks 156 in national universities and 6th in the province. Among them, 1250 outward appearance patents rank first in Sichuan Province, the seventh in Colleges and universities nationwide; 501 invention patents rank 11th in Sichuan Province; 493 utility models rank 7th in Sichuan Province. Twenty-six scientific and technological achievements have been transformed in the fields of new vanadium and titanium materials, development of biological resources and solar energy technology, with a output value of 500 million yuan.

We should adhere to open education and cooperate extensively. It has established cooperative relations in teaching, scientific research and graduate education with foreign universities such as the United States, Britain, Canada, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, Sichuan University of Electronic Science and Technology, Southwest University, Sichuan University of Light Chemical Industry and other domestic universities. In cooperation with Southeast Asian and South Asian countries, the training, cultural exchange and scientific research exchanges of teachers and students have been carried out. Eight Lao students have completed their studies and graduated successfully. At present, there are 76 international students.

Taking root in the fertile soil of Panxi has achieved remarkable results. Focusing on the two articles of "vanadium and titanium" and "sunshine" in Panzhihua City, a National Key Laboratory for vanadium and titanium detection, a national vanadium and titanium technology incubator and other scientific research platforms were built, and a provincial innovative team for vanadium and titanium new energy materials and their application was set up. The related enterprises such as Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group and Hongbing Company focused on the comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources. A total of 15 joint laboratories have been built. They have joined the National Strategic Alliance for Technical Innovation of Vanadium and Titanium Resources Comprehensive Utilization Industry, the National Strategic Alliance for Technical Innovation of Titanium Dioxide Industry, the Sichuan Vanadium and Titanium Industry Association, and the Sichuan Graphene Industry Technology Innovation Alliance. They have become the national strategic alliance for the comprehensive utilization of Vanadium and Titanium Resources and new materials for R&D is an important research base and talent training base. Leading the establishment of Panzhihua Solar Energy Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, undertook the National Golden Sun Demonstration Project - 2.1 MW Solar Roof Photovoltaic Power Generation Project, vigorously carry out research on solar thermal utilization technology, photovoltaic technology, vanadium and titanium functional materials technology. Successfully developed bagasse planting Ganoderma lucidum, Hericium erinaceus, truffle and other high-efficiency utilization technology and "Panxi Sanbao" series of health products with Maca, truffle and Cordyceps militaris as the main raw materials. A school-land cooperation model based on Panzhihua County Development Forum has been established. In recent years, it has undertaken more than 40 government-entrusted projects and consulting projects. Adult higher education transfers 15871 graduates. In 2016 and 2017, Muli County, Nazidian Village, Xiangcheng County, Relanggong Village and Xianshan Village of Miyi County were successively appraised as "Five-One" Advanced Precision Poverty Alleviation Units by the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government.

In recent years, the school has been awarded "National Civilization Unit", "National May 4th Red Banner League Committee", "National Advanced Collective of College Students'Summer Social Practice", "National Greening Model Advanced Unit", "Sichuan Best Civilization Unit", "Sichuan Excellent Civilization Campus", "Sichuan High-tech Industry Demonstration Research Unit" and "Sichuan Province". The honorary titles of "Advanced Unit of Provincial Talent Development", "Advanced Unit of Employment of College Graduates in Sichuan Province", "Advanced Unit of Ideological and Political Work in Sichuan Province", "Demonstration Base of Strong Province of Strategic Talents in Xingchuan, Sichuan Province" and so on.

At the new historical starting point, the school will fully implement the Party's educational policy and the fundamental task of building up morality and people, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, integrate into the industrial transformation, upgrading and innovation-driven development, take improving the quality of applied talents training as the core, take the transformation and development as the main line, take the integration of industry and education as the focus, and promote learning. The coordinated development of disciplines and specialties, personnel training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and innovation, international exchanges and cooperation, and the comprehensive construction of demonstration institutions and first-class applied universities for the integration of industry and education, transformation and development, will make the school an important base for the training of high-quality applied talents in southwest Sichuan and northwest Yunnan, as well as regional technology. The important platform for innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements supports the "think tank" of Panxi's economic and social development, and leads the important force of local cultural heritage, innovation and development of cultural industry.

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