Overhanging Great Wall

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Overhanging Great Wall

The hanging wall of the Great Wall is located on the northern slope of the Heishan Mountains on the north side of Shiguan Gorge, 8 kilometers north of Jiayuguan City. In the eighteenth year of Jiajing in Ming Dynasty (1539), in order to strengthen the defense of Jiayuguan Pass, Li Han, a 15-kilometer-long stone-and-soil wall, was built on the Hilltop of the south side of the Gorge, outside the hidden wall of the Soldier's Preparedness Road in Suzhou.

brief introduction

The project was completed in Jiajing 19 years (1540), making the defense of Guancheng more tightly, known as the "Great Wall of Broken Wall" in ancient times. Because the city wall falls down steeply from the mountain, hanging upside down like the Great Wall on the ridge, the iron wall hangs overhead, blocking the Shiguan Gorge, commonly known as the "Great Wall with Suspended Wall". The original wall of the hanging wall is only one section, with a bottom width of 4 meters, a top width of 2 meters and a height of 0.5-6 meters. The lamellae are 10-15 cm thick and the soil 10-12 cm thick. The existing 750-metre Great Wall was rebuilt in 1987. Among them, 231-metre wall was suspended on a ridge 150 metres high and 45'inclined, up to 6 metres high, with the thickness of flagstone and soil as old as before. Build stacking walls and building walls at the top of the wall, one pier at the beginning and one pier at the end, and stepped steamed steamed bread paths on the top pier and hillside. Tourists climb up the stairs, flat as treading on the ground, steep as climbing a cliff. It is quite similar to the Badaling Great Wall in Beijing. There are poems praising the cloud: "The Great Wall, Wanliguan, hangs over the dark wall of the Black Mountain."

Tourism information

Admission ticket:

31 yuan (including postage Postcard 1 yuan). If you need to explain, additional fees will be charged for the whole journey (climbing the top) with less than 50 yuan for 10 people, 5 yuan for more than one person for more than 10 people, 25 yuan for less than 10 people for half journey (not climbing the top), and 5 yuan for more than one person for more than 10 people.


Located 8 kilometers north of Jiayuguan City, on the northern slope of Heishan Mountain on the north side of Shiguanxia Pass, it is about 14 kilometers by bus from the urban area to the Great Wall. From Jiayuguan City to the Great Wall, about 7 kilometers.


The best travel time of the Great Wall is 08:30-20:00 (summer and autumn); 08:30-18:00 (winter and spring)

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