Oriental Giant Turtle Garden

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Located on the East Bank of Yehe River in Pingshan County, Hebei Province, the Oriental Giant Turtle Garden is near Xibaipo, a sacred revolutionary site, 35 kilometers east of Shijiazhuang, with a total area of more than 2600 mu. It is built by national model workers and farmer entrepreneur Fan Haiting, who invested 150 million yuan in local unique natural resources. The scenic spot concentrates the two most in the world and six first in China. There are 81 scenic spots of red, green, ancient and new, which are called "the world of mountains and seas, tens of thousands of books on stones" by Chinese and foreign friends.

Development history

Located at the foot of Mount Guanglu and the Bank of Yehe River at the foot of Mount Guanglu in the eastern foot of Taihang Mountains, the scenic area is 35 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei Province. Fan Haiting, a Shandong Ye farmer, a model worker and turtle farmer, has invested 250 million yuan to build the scenic area with a land area of 2600 Mu and water on the basis of scientific turtle breeding in thirteen years. With an area of more than 800 mu, the scenic spot contains the world's largest of 10,000 tons of giant turtles and cross-century gift halls, the first of six Chinese historic and ecological gardens, such as the kilometer gallery and the Huaxia historical garden. Since its opening in 1997, it has been successively appraised as "Shijiazhuang Patriotism Education Base", "Shijiazhuang Science Popularization Education Base", "Hebei Defense Education Base" and "National AAAA Tourist Area". Approval of "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site" in 2010, the first "Top Ten Industrial and Agricultural Tourism Scenic Spots in Hebei Province".

Fan Haiting, the general manager of the Oriental Giant Turtle Garden Scenic Area, was born in Dongye, a poor peasant family in 1942. He began to raise turtles in 1983. Then he invented the technology of raising turtles in plastic greenhouses, which shocked the world, and built the largest turtle breeding base in northern China. He became a "big boss" with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. In 1994, he invested more than 2 million yuan to build a cement road 3 kilometers long and 8 meters wide. But in 1996, a flood washed out more than half of the road. In 1997, he began to rebuild it again. Only then did he build the cement road 4 kilometers long and 10 meters wide. In 1999, it was named Haiting Road by Pingshan County Committee and County Government, but villagers call it "Golden Avenue".

Yehe drifting - the water area is more than 50 meters wide, the drifting area is 3000 meters, and the total drop is more than 30 meters. Yehe Falls, 369 meters wide and 28 meters wide, are unique in the north. Baiyue Lake Baiyue Island is located in the Yehe Wetland, with a surface of more than 600 mu, an island area of more than 20 mu, with mountains and rivers nestled in groups of wild birds.

The embryonic form of the Republic - the exhibition room of the People's Government of North China.

Fumin undersea world, 248 meters long, is a glass tunnel type tourist corridor, where more than 300 kinds of more than 10,000 rare marine and tropical fish live.

The Chinese historical garden covers an area of more than 2,000 mu. It runs through the 21 dynasties of Chinese history with the long dragon of kilometer grapes as its axis. It displays the 5,000-year history of China in three-dimensional form with the relief of white jade of kilometer Chinese, the epic of ten thousand lines and more than 600 statues of figures.

Large-scale ecological park, with an area of 250800 square meters, is divided into three parts: high-tech vegetable garden, precious flower garden and peculiar fruit garden. It has flowers in four seasons and fruits in three seasons. It holds harvesting festivals all the year round.

Guinness World Records: Ten Thousands of Tortoise and Cross-Century Gift Architecture

Turtle breeding base, covering 380 mu, is the largest turtle breeding base in northern China.

Yehe Resort is located in the garden center. It is crowded, rippling and fragrant with melons and fruits. It can accommodate 200 people at the same time and hold a bonfire party.

Cross-century Gift Archway

The archway is 13.2 metres high, 16.2 metres wide and weighs 4.8 million jin. It is carved with a large piece of blue steel stone over a year. It is exquisite in carving and beautiful in shape. It can be called a fine stone carving. At the same time, it also carves the 1999 mascot, turtle, by means of round carving, relief carving and carving, which means the largest number at the turn of the century, with different looks and lifelike. This masterpiece was published in the Guinness Book of the World in 1999.

Celebration Monument

It was built in 1998 to celebrate the relocation of the headquarters of the CPC Central Committee and the PLA to Xibaipo and the People's Government of North China to Dongye Village to commemorate the great achievements of Mao Zedong, Zhu De and Zhou Enlai, the older generations of proletarian revolutionaries. The stone tablet is 9.9 meters high, 1.6 meters wide, 0.99 meters high and weighs more than 60 tons. The Han Baiyu stone inscriptions on the base are far-reaching and far-reaching in the south. On the North side, there are Eight Immortals crossing the sea paintings symbolizing the unprecedented prosperity and liberation of all sectors of society after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee. In front, there are tigers and lions, behind which are guarded by lions. Its inscriptions have been permanently collected by the Museum of Revolutionary History of China, and a memorial certificate has been issued. Behind the inscriptions are large pools with the word "Shou" and fish battles in the pools. You, red, white, yellow and black, there are 99 clusters of potted flowers around.

Fumin Seabed World

It is built 8 metres underground, 248 metres in length, and is a glass tunnel type submarine corridor. It is the first submarine world in the world invested by peasants and built in the countryside. There are more than 300,000 rare marine and tropical fishes from four oceans and other places in the world. It is known as "the world of mountains and seas". There are two reasons why it is named "the rich people". First, it is the working people who are rich in the future. Secondly, in order to enrich the peasant masses on the one hand, in the general words of Fan of the scenic spot, "That is to further enrich the cultural life of our people, so that the people in our poor mountain ditches can see the strange fish and grass of the ocean without going out, invigorate the national soul and promote the national prestige".

Fumin Seabed World consists of five areas: diving fish feeding area, touching turtle area, seawater fish area, tropical fish area, freshwater fish area and crocodile area. Its main points are as follows: 1. Watching wonderful diving fish feeding performance in diving fish area, peacock opening screen, eagle spreading wings, etc. 2. Close contact with 300-year-old God turtle, which was born in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, with more than 150 kilograms. Touching turtles is also exquisite, "Touch the head of the turtle, never worry, touch the back of the turtle, never be tired, touch the leg of the turtle, sleep on the treasure, touch the tail of the turtle can live a hundred years, from beginning to end, never regret". 3. Focus on shark swimming and crocodile predation in the Gulf of Thailand. Fourth, there are many fish under state protection, such as the world's largest freshwater fish walrus from the Amazon River Basin, sturgeon and tortoise shell from China and Russia, as well as coral rocks and caves.

Main attractions

Million tons of giant tortoises

It is 39 metres long, 36 metres wide, 6.8 metres high in the abdomen, 9.7 metres high in the head from the surface of the water, weighing up to 1.5 tons per eye, 80 centimeters nostrils, 4 metres thick in the neck and weighing 10,000 tons. There are 1997 small turtles in different shapes on its back. It is the landmark building of the Oriental Giant Turtle Garden, which has set the world Guinness Record.

KM Circumferential Gallery:

The gallery is an ancient architectural style, which is round, with a diameter of 999 meters and a maximum of 9 meters. It takes the meaning of auspiciousness and richness, implying richness and boundlessness.

Turtle breeding base:

It covers an area of 380 mu, which is divided into open-air farming area in the South and plastic greenhouse farming area in the north. It produces 300,000 Jin of soft-shelled turtles annually and hatches millions of soft-shelled turtles annually.

Chinese Historical Garden

It covers an area of more than 2600 mu, with a 2000-meter-long grape green dragon as the main eastern central line running through the north and south of the scenic area. The historical part is represented by the epitome of 21 dynasties in history, more than 600 statues of figures, 1000-meter historical reliefs and Wanxing epic poems. In a golden age, Shenzhou is in spring everywhere. Only by understanding China's yesterday can we cherish the hard-won today and encourage people to build a better tomorrow.

Century Dragon Pavilion

It is 8 meters in diameter and 11.8 meters in height. It is entirely carved from white jade. Its most unique feature is that it carved 2003 Panlong, the largest stone pavilion carved by Chinese dragons at present. The Pavilion is exquisite in craftsmanship, magnificent in momentum and profound in meaning.

General monument

The general monument of the Chinese historical garden, with a 5-meter-high monument, symbolizes the five-thousand-year-old historic and civilized landscape architecture of each dynasty in the scenic area. It is 2.1 meters wide and represents the twenty-first century. It was carved with a whole piece of Qinggang stone. The whole process lasted sixteen and a half months.

Relief group

In order to better display the five-thousand-year civilization of China from the perspective of economy and culture, Fan invested more than 30 million yuan to build the present one-thousand-meter relief, which is 1.2 meters high, 12 centimeters thick and more than 2,100 meters long. It was also carved from the original civilization to the return of Macau in 1999 in conjunction with the ten-thousand-line epic. At present, the longest historical relief group in China.

KM Grape Blue Dragon

Kilometer waterfall

The waterfall is 300 meters long and 8 meters high. It is divided into four parts: torrential area, rock drum area, ecological area and entertainment area. It has great momentum and water all the year round. It looks like a long dragon winding up and down in the distance. It looks like a huge cliff in the near view. Clouds and mists surround people with endless flaws. The best place to watch it is Baiyue Lake.

Lake Bai

More than 800 mu of water, Yehe in the West and Huaxia Historic Park in the East are good places for fishing and water recreation. You can take a big bamboo raft to watch the kilometer waterfall and then go fishing, barbecue, hanging-bed entertainment on Baiyue Island. Baiyue Island is surrounded by water, lush forests and flocks of roadside birds. It is a veritable Waixian Island.

Ye river rafting

Yehe is an ancient river for thousands of years. It was named after Han Xin's arms smelting on both sides of the river during the First World War. Its length is more than 1000 miles. Nine cold days are not frozen, and the drought is not dry for a hundred years. It originated from the plateau in central Shanxi Province. It crawled over Jinglong and entered Pingshan generously according to Bieyang Spring, and added thousands of piles of snow to the giant turtle garden. River drifting came into being at the historic moment.

The drifting area of Yehe River is 10 miles long, with a total drop of more than 50 meters. The riverbed is more than 100 meters wide and narrow, with an average depth of about one meter. The rivers and grasses on both sides are flourishing, the trees are shady, the fish are swimming, and the birds are flocking in groups. The water is gentle like the surface of a rippling lake. When the water is rushing, it looks like a fierce horse galloping, with infinite scenery and endless fun.

Tourism information

Practical information


Hotel restaurants and farm restaurants can accommodate 500 people at the same time, and highlight two major features: turtle series - Turtle full table, turtle wine, turtle longevity

Oriental Giant Turtle Garden

Noodles, turtle stuffing dumplings, etc. Farmer series - pot sticker cake, wild vegetable dumplings, cake folding, noodles lifting, toon dumplings, hearth oven pancakes, oil ghosts and so on.


Oriental Giant Turtle Garden Hotel - Standard Room and Three-bedroom (Solitary Guard, Air Conditioning, Carpet, Color TV, All-day Hot Water)

Farmer's Folklore Street, located in the garden center, is crowded and straight, rippling water, melon and fruit fragrant, can accommodate 200 people at the same time, and can hold a bonfire party.

Activities: Yehe Bird Watching, Fish and Shrimp Conch Catching, Stone Collection, Picking Competition, Water Bamboo Raft Competition, etc.

Picking items: digging wild vegetables, picking strawberries, poking yuqian, breaking toons, picking peaches, red pears, hawthorns, apples, sunflowers, pumpkins, pulling peanuts, radishes, roasted sweet potatoes, picking dates, picking peppers.

Traffic information

Shijiazhuang North Bus Station takes Pingshan Bus to Pingshan Bus Station, then transfers to the scenic spot by taxi.

The central axis of the scenic spot, which is more than 2000 meters long, has dozens of grape varieties, Xinjiang's global red, red seedless, white seedless, Jifeng grapes and the best grapes in Zhangjiakou Xuanhua, Hebei Province, gather here. At the harvesting festival, visitors can taste the picking, the big and small red purple sour sweetness of everything, "flowers blooming fragrance, grapes covered with green shade, throughout the history of 5000 civilizations, Ji's demeanor strikes one's mind.