Ordos Cultural Tourism Village

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Ordos Cultural Tourism Village

Ordos Cultural Tourism Village is located in the front banner of Etok, Ordos City. It is located in the western Ordos grassland at the junction of Mengning and Ningxia. It is located in the beautiful and rich Ningxia Plain to the West and in the ancient Ordos Plateau to the east. It is 60 kilometers away from the town of Aolezhaoqi in the front banner of Etok. It is 68 kilometers away from Yinchuan. It is a comprehensive tourist resort based on the unique grassland scenery of Inner Mongolia and the folk culture of Ordos. It is a national 4A-level scenic spot.

Ordos cultural tourism village gathers 81 different styles of Sulaide altar in Ordos City. There are Ordos Gate with Mongolian and Han architectural style built in the scenic area. The main gate is 12.06 meters high. The architectural dimensions of the gate are all constructed according to the multiple of "9" or "9", which means "auspicious". There is also the largest yurt in Western Ordos, which is the representative of the yurt cultural architecture. It is 36 meters in diameter, named "Bayintala Palace", meaning the rich and vast grassland. Here you can enjoy the Ordos Mongolian singing and dancing performances.

Sacrifice to "Sulaide" refers to the establishment of an altar in front of every door of the Mongolian people in Erdos. The altar is located tens of meters in front of the door. The base of the altar is made of bricks or adobe, coated with white ash, about one meter high, and is trapezoidal. One kind of decoration on the altar is to insert a wooden pole in the middle, a round wooden seat at the top, and a spear on it. The local people call it "Surad". Under the wooden pedestal, a small stick is tied along the foot of the wooden pedestal. From the end of the stick to the altar, it is tied at each corner.

There is a wool rope with a colorful rectangular flag as decoration. The other is to insert a long wooden pole on both sides, each with a "Sulede" at the top. A wool rope is tied between the two poles, and a small colorful rectangular flag is tied to them. Five male galloping horse flags with small flag poles are hung from each other in blue, white, red, green and yellow. The main body of the altar is "Sullard", which symbolizes Genghis Khan's heroic achievements.

Classification of scenic spots

The scenic area is divided into comprehensive service area, sacrificial culture sightseeing area, folk culture entertainment area, grassland history and culture exhibition area, herdsmen's life experience area and desert exploration sports area. Entertainment projects are rich, including horseback riding, camel riding, swimming, fishing, bungee jumping, grassland parachute, paintball shooting, desert off-road vehicles, desert surfing, sandy camping, outward bound training, grassland motorcycles, grassland karting, hunting grounds, shooting and so on.

Traffic in the city: Take a bus from Nanmen to Etok Qianqi and get off at Dahan Xinggong Palace on foot.

Self-driving traffic: out of Yinchuan to the east, along the Yin-E Highway, one hour away, the road is in good condition.

Ticket: 20 yuan (including watching a bonfire party)

Best tourist season: Ordos is a typical temperate continental climate, with distinct seasons, strong sunshine, less rainfall, frequent sandstorms in spring, annual average temperature between 5.3-8.7 C. Summer and autumn are the best time to travel to Ordos. At this time, the wind and sand in Ordos is smaller and the air is humid.

Entertainment items

1 Bayintala Hall: Ordos Wedding, Brother Dance, Costume Performance, etc.

2. Demiao.

3. Folk culture and entertainment areas: Mongolian wrestling, chess, archery, bow and crossbow.

4 Grassland recreation areas: horse racing, racing, camel riding, horse riding, bungee jumping, beach motorcycle, swimming, fishing .