Old Beijing fried Morchella

Home Food 2018-10-27

The most famous famous food in Beijing is old Beijing tripe and Beijing roast duck. As for the oldest and most prosperous snacks in Beijing, belly burst is definitely the best among them.

Popbelly shape rough, boiled water dip sauce eating method is also "primitive" very, but the belly is fine distinction between cattle and sheep belly, there are louver, loose Dan, belly kernel, collar, mushroom and other different parts, dipping material is even divided into South and North, reflecting the traditional characteristics of Beijing snack "looking ordinary, eating exquisite".

Nutritional value of sheep's belly: sweet and warm temperament, can tonify deficiency and strengthen stomach, treat deficiency, hand and foot fever, frequent sweating and other diseases.

However, such dishes are often too much sodium salt, if the processing of food materials is not good, there may be unhealthy nitrite, diet should be less.