Notes on Tourism in Ganzi Prefecture

Home Travel Guide 2020-12-06

Notes on Tourism in Ganzi Prefecture_ Ganzi tourism tips

1. Ganzi Prefecture is characterized by Tibetan culture, snow mountain and grassland scenery, with high average sea level. Most people will have altitude reaction when they go to Ganzi Prefecture. To prevent and deal with altitude reaction, please refer to the precautions for altitude reaction.

2. Ganzi climate changes greatly, no matter which season you go to Ganzi, you should bring enough clothes (not too much) to prevent accidents. Travel should also take into account the large temperature difference between day and night.

3, because of the high sea level and strong ultraviolet radiation in Ganzi, traveling to Ganzi should be equipped with sunscreen, sunglasses, lipstick, sun hat and so on, so as not to burn the skin and eyes.

4. It is better to bring some commonly used medicines, such as anti Alpine drug, compound vitamin, antibiotics, cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine and so on.

5. After entering Ganzi Prefecture, we should drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid drinking and smoking, and do less strenuous exercise.

6. Generally speaking, Tibetan compatriots are not taboo to be photographed by guests, but Tibetan compatriots in some places will refuse to be photographed or take photos with guests due to their habits. Therefore, it is better to obtain the consent of the other party before taking photos. In addition, photographers who like to take reverse films should also pay attention to the fact that there is no reverse film available in Ganzi Prefecture, and negative films can be guaranteed.

7. The highway between Ganzi County and county has been passed, and almost all major tourist destinations can pass well. However, due to the limitation of natural conditions, roads are vulnerable to damage, especially in rainy season, many places are prone to landslides, debris flow and other natural disasters, so driving and traveling in these places should be particularly careful. Especially when traveling to Ganzi in winter, you should pay special attention to the traffic conditions when you cross the snow mountain. Please contact the local transportation department at any time to obtain the first-hand information.

8. Ganzi has a large area, abundant resources and a small population. Besides the counties and towns, it is difficult to meet pedestrians in other places. Moreover, there is no mobile phone signal in many places, so it is difficult to communicate.

9. Tibetan food and Sichuan food are the main food in Ganzi, and there are a few halal restaurants, so it is not a problem to eat in the counties or large towns. However, it is better for tourists to prepare some dry food and their own food.

10. Ganzi has a large area and many snow mountains, so the tourism is unique. Therefore, safety measures must be taken and the travel plan must be careful. Generally, it is not necessary to travel alone. It is better to travel with friends.

11. There are Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank and postal savings in Ganzi Prefecture. However, it is still recommended to prepare enough cash in Ganzi Prefecture and not to rely too much on various bank cards or savings cards that are very convenient to use in the mainland.

12. In order to respect the local ethnic customs, it is not allowed to watch the celestial burial without permission, let alone take photos and photos.