North China National Park

Home Scenery 2018-12-22

The National Park in northern China covers 84 hectares. The scenic spot is a collection of ancient and modern culture of Suibin and the essence of northern nationalities. It is also an important part of the famous brand of Jiangyou in Heilongjiang Province. The whole scenic spot consists of three parts: history and culture, national customs and lakeside leisure.

Main attractions

Historical and Cultural Zone

It consists of two national protected sites and cultural walls. By restoring Tongren Site and imitating Olimi Ancient City Site, visitors can cross the time-space tunnel and have a full view of thousands of years of history and culture. Standing in the hall in the center of Olimi, Xiuluofei Pavilion and carved buildings tell people its brilliant history of thousands of years. Pieces of memories of ancient bricks and tiles are like a magnificent documentary, telling about a vast and distant picture of history. Wandering in the meantime, it is like traveling through time and space, touching the dust-laden memories of thousands of years of history. Placed in the ancient Tongren cultural sites, everywhere exudes the primitive and primitive atmosphere. Every exhibit with traces of time and space is like a tunnel through time and space, lifting the mysterious veil covering thousands of years, bringing the fragrance of ancient times. Here is a picture of the history of the Buji culture. Here is a strange journey back to ancient times. The cultural wall, in the form of inscriptions and sculptures, bears the memory of Suibin.

Ethnic Custom Zone

The national customs area scientifically and accurately restored the scenes of life, production and religious sacrifice of the eight northern nationalities, including Manchu, Korea, Mongolia, Daur, Xibo, Oroqen, Hezhe and Ewenke. It highlighted the symbolic objects created by labor and wisdom in the process of the reproduction of various nationalities. There are different types of residential buildings, colorful clothes and clothes, interesting folk customs, simple and pure flavor of life, colorful myths and legends. During the journey, I felt a school of primitive, pure and original minority customs.

Lakeside Leisure Area

The lakeside leisure area integrates pavilions, terraces, corridors, pavilions, bridges and other buildings into the scenic spot of square pots. Pavilions lean on trees, Langxie Lake, colorful lights, winding paths. Crescent Lake is surrounded by green trees and green grass. Along with dozens of hectares of wetland around it, it forms a natural oxygen bar and ecological green barrier, which is especially suitable for health and summer vacation. Whether it's boating on the lake, walking along the coast or sitting in pavilions, feasting and viewing, it's like sitting on a boat and having the most fun of water coming back.

All kinds of pure green vegetables can be picked up in the agricultural picking garden of the scenic spot. The Heilongjiang border can listen to the old legend of bald-tailed Lao Li, and also can take a boat tour of the Sino-Russian border river. Finally, you can enjoy bathing in the natural bathing beach of Rongbian beach.

A natural picture of primitive ecology, a thick historical deposit, a rich entertainment package, a strong North China style. A bird's-eye view of the whole scenic area, the lush Kaifeng in Mushui Country and the gathering of the essence of the northern ethnic groups are the peach orchards of the flourishing age.

Warmly welcome all guests and friends to appreciate the delicate crescent moon, feel the profound humanities, Zhanlongjiang Dragon Spirit, take the Dragon River Dragon Luck.

geographical environment

Suibin County is located at the intersection of Heilongjiang and Songhua rivers, where there are plenty of water and grass and fish and rice. As early as 4000 years ago, the Sushen tribe lived and multiplied here. It is the site of Olimi ancient city and the place of Longxing of Yan family and Manchu nationality. In order to inherit the endless cultural resources and rely on natural ecology, the Crescent Lake National Park in North China was built.

The scenic spot is situated on the Heilongjiang bank beside Zhongxing Village, Zhongren Town, Suibin County. The Heilongjiang section here has vast waters and uniform water and sky. Standing on a high watchtower overlooking the two sides of the scenery, panoramic view. The crescent lake is named for its curved crescent moon which surrounds Heilongjiang. This is one of the national ecological demonstration areas and Liangjiang Wetland Nature Reserve. Around the crescent moon lake, there are a bunch of thick old tussah trees, aged up to a hundred years, whose twigs run freely, witnessing the vicissitudes of the history of the crescent moon lake.

The scenic area covers 84 hectares, 44 hectares of forest, grassland, wetland and beach, and 40 hectares of water area. There are foot piers full of grass, large reeds, Ura grass, one of the three treasures of Northeast China, and other herbal plants. Every spring and summer, dandelion, peony, Malian lotus, wild lily and other wild flowers compete for beauty, birds, geese, frogs, drums and insects, such as piano and serpent. The natural ecology, which is simple and rough and natural and interesting, is like a landscape painting of original ecology. The lake is clear enough to see the bottom. Standing on the shore, you can see the fish swimming around. There are abundant fish in the lake, not only Sanhua (Bramble, Aoe, Carassius auratus) Wuluo (Zheluo, Tongluo, Faro, Huluo, Yaluo) in Heilongjiang Province, but also fine scales, grass roots, Sichuan Dingzi, seven floats and so on. These fish are not seen or rare in other rivers. When the lake is unfrozen and opened, the first net of jumping fish is caught and a delicious fish is eaten, which is a unique and attractive meal along the coast of Heilongjiang Province. It's a fish fragrance that makes tourists drunk. It's a mistake to treat the North as the South of the Yangtze River. It's also an ideal place for fishing. Under the shade, there was silence. The line is long and the rod is moving. Frequently flinging silver hooks, fish scales shining, reflecting the red glow, is a charming fishing map.

The scenic spot is a collection of ancient and modern gardens, expositions and leisure in one. It is also an important part of Hegang City's brand of Jiangyou in Heilongjiang Province. The whole scenic area is composed of three parts: historical and cultural area, national customs area and lakeside leisure area.