Nine Towers Chinese Folk Happy Garden

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Jiudingta Chinese Folk Happy Garden is a large-scale original ecological and cultural tourist area which integrates Chinese national customs, scenic spots, waterfalls, recreational exploration, series of live drama performances and leisure holidays. It is located in Liubu Town, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province. It is more than 20 kilometers away from Jinan City and has a total investment of over 100 million yuan. It is a collection of 16 minority nationalities such as Dai, Zhuang, Tibet, Yi, Wa and Mosuo. Hequancheng family, Taishan family, Huanghe family, Yimeng family, Jiaodong family and Weishan Lake family are six Qilu dwellings, which show the six major cultures of minority nationalities and different regions of Qilu, such as residential buildings, folk customs, singing and dancing, costumes, catering and folk crafts.

folk culture

Folk songs and dances from 16 minority brothers and sisters make people feel different cultures. Entering Qilu Folk Culture Village, Yimeng people can not only listen to Yimeng Mountain minor, but also taste hot pancakes; Taishan people can see the powder skin and weaving made on site; Weishan Lake people have fishermen's music, but also enjoy the melodious Weishan Lake minor; the Yellow River people have on-site production of tofu, tapping iron; Jiaodong people have people's favorite Jiaodong Dabaobao and wooden board. Spring Festival pictures; people in Quancheng have wine brewed on site. Visitors can make and taste it by themselves. Interested people can also buy some to take away their relatives and friends. There are also splendid folk stunt performances such as Shangdaoshan and Xiexi, motorcycle flying, divine whip, flying axe and so on.

The Nine Towers Film and Television Theatre has elaborately created five reality dramas. There are red classic drama "Tunnel Warfare", Hollywood scene drama "Mountain Flood Outbreak", large-scale horse battle reality drama "Qinqiong of the Han Dynasty", "Wusong Drunk Fighting Jiang Menshen", "Liu Sanjie Recruitment", which are the most popular scenic spots in China. Red classic drama "Tunnel Warfare" has a large cast of actors, with strong ideological, participatory, comic and entertaining. It reproduces the war scene of tunneling warfare in that year, condenses the excellent fragments of tunneling warfare, and is a rare vivid patriotic educational theme of "remember history and remember national shame". The Hollywood scene drama "Mountain Flood Outbreak" reproduces storms, storms and thrilling scenes with great momentum and shock, and promotes the courage of the Chinese people not to be intimidated by natural disasters and to unite, overcome difficulties and rebuild their homes.

Entertainment items

More than a dozen fashionable and avant-garde entertainment items in Happy Garden are free of charge. There are skateboarding, bungee jumping and rock climbing that challenge extreme sports, skateboarding, real-life CS and skateboarding that are popular all over the world, golf, bumper car, development, archery, horseback riding, beach car, water challenger and other entertainment projects which are popular with tourists. The two sides of Happy Valley are green and shady. On both sides of the valley with a length of 40 meters and a depth of 30 meters, there are dozens of bridges and arches connected, such as suspension bridges, rattan bridges, Buyun bridges and single wooden bridges. The bottom of the valley is rippling with water and beautiful waterfalls. All the projects in the Happy Garden are interesting and participatory, and are deeply loved by teenagers'friends. The Nine-Top Tower Chinese Folklore Happy Garden, no matter in the national folklore of more than 20 villages, or in the participation experience of five reality dramas such as tunnel warfare and more than a dozen entertainment projects, will give tourists and friends the education of national culture and knowledge, at the same time, cultivate the revolutionary spirit of patriotism, fearlessness of difficulties and unity, and participate in and experience many folklores and reality dramas. Challenge extreme sports and other events to experience unlimited joy!

Traffic guide

Bus routes

The No. 1 and No. 88 buses of Qinjiazhuang in Liubu Town of Jinan City depart from Qilu Hospital of Jinan City. They pass through provincial Party committee, No. 10 and No. 81 overpasses, and go south along Heroic Hill Road to Zhonggong Town, every 10 minutes. Extension No. 88 Tourist Bus Line departs from Zhonggong to Jiudingta Folklore Park every 30 minutes, Golden Week every 15 minutes. Bus No. 67 runs from Bali Bridge in Jinan, through the Long-distance Bus Department, along Wei2 Road, through Zhonggong to Liubu Lijiatang Village.

Self-driving travelling

It is 300 meters away from Jiudingta Folklore Happy Garden, Jingfu Expressway (Jiqing Expressway) - Jinan South Ring City Expressway - Jinan South Exit Lower - 103 Provincial Highway southeast to Liubu Town - according to the scenic spot sign, and it will arrive about 30 minutes down the expressway.