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Neijiang social security

In 2019, there were 109600 people participating in the endowment insurance (including retirees) of government institutions, 842500 people of enterprise employees (including retirees), and 1501700 people of urban and rural residents. 52100 new urban jobs were created, and the registered unemployment rate was 3.73%. 443300 people participated in the basic medical insurance for urban employees, and 3.1759 million people participated in the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents.

In the whole year, 28900 urban and 73800 rural residents were included, and the urban and rural minimum living security standards were 550 yuan / month and 360 yuan / month, respectively. By the end of the year, there were 660 community service institutions and facilities. It sold 338 million yuan of welfare lottery tickets and directly received 6.4842 million yuan of social donations. There are 2313 beds suitable for aging transformation in public pension institutions.

urban construction

In January 2020, the science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province and the provincial development and Reform Commission approved to support the construction of provincial innovative cities in six cities, including Neijiang.

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