Neijiang in the new China period

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Neijiang in the new China period

From December 5 to 15, 1949, the people of Neijiang and other eight counties declared liberation one after another. In 1950, the office of Zizhong Commissioner moved to Neijiang and was renamed Neijiang special area. It has jurisdiction over Neijiang, Zizhong, Ziyang, Jianyang, Renshou, Weiyuan and other counties. In 1951, the county-level Neijiang City was set up in Neijiang county and its outskirts, and the county, city and county were located in the same city. In 1968, the district was changed into a district.

In 1985, Neijiang was abolished as a prefecture level Neijiang City, and the former Neijiang City was changed to be the Central District of Neijiang City. In 1989, Neijiang county was abolished and replaced with Dongxing District, which, together with Shizhong District, is a county-level district directly under Neijiang City. At the same time, it also administers seven counties, including Zizhong, Ziyang, Jianyang, Weiyuan, Lezhi, Anyue and Longchang, with a total area of 13340 square kilometers.

In 1995, Ziyang County was changed into county-level Ziyang City, and in 1996 Jianyang county was changed into county-level Jianyang City, all of which were managed by Neijiang City directly under Sichuan Province. In February 1998, according to the decision of the State Council, the administrative division of Neijiang City was readjusted again. Ziyang, Jianyang, Lezhi and Anyue counties and cities were delimited, and Ziyang district was established. Neijiang City has jurisdiction over Shizhong District, Dongxing District, Zizhong County, Weiyuan County and Longchang city.