Nanwan Lake Scenic Area

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Nanwan Lake Scenic Area

Nanwan Lake, also known as Nanhu Lake, is located in Xinyang City, Henan Province. It is known as the "Pearl of South Henan" and is a famous natural scenic spot of Nanwan Lake. All around the lake are mountains, the lake is bright and green. The scenery is charming and charming.

Development history

The reservoir, built from 1952 to 1958, is a comprehensive reservoir integrating flood control, power generation, aquaculture, water supply and shipping. The dam is 38 metres high, 835 metres long, 8 metres wide at the top and 22.4 metres wide at the bottom. The Lake area has a surface area of 70 square kilometres, a storage capacity of 1.63 billion cubic metres and a basin area of 1,100 square kilometres. More famous are Bird Island, Monkey Island, Osmanthus Island, Rhododendron Island and so on. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come here every year for sightseeing and vacation.

geographical environment

Nanwan Lake Scenic Area consists of Nanwan Lake and Nanwan National Forest Park. The forest area is 2180 hectares and the water surface is about 75 square kilometers. In the scenic area, there are 61 small islands scattered in the lake. The island is greenery and verdant, and the lake is clear and pleasant.

Main attractions

nanwan reservoir

Nanwan Lake Scenic Spot is centered on Nanwan Reservoir, which gathers many natural landscapes such as forests, islands, mountains, lakes, pools and waterfalls. It covers a total area of 443 square kilometers, of which 80 square kilometers are in water area, which is 12 times that of Hangzhou West Lake. There are 61 islands in the lake, such as Bird Island, Monkey Island and Xiaoxia Island. The dam of the reservoir stands between the two mountains, blocking the waist and cutting off the Shuhe River. The "Shuhe Panyue" is one of the eight famous scenic spots in Xinyang. On the east side of the dam, the Xianshan Mountains fluctuate continuously. There are Xianshan Temple and Xianyin Cave in the south of the dam. The Pine Wind in Xianling Mountains is also one of the eight scenic spots in Xinyang. It enjoys the reputation of "the Pearl of Zhongzhou" and "the First Lake of Central Plains".

Nanwan Reservoir Dam

There are Nanwan Reservoir Dam built in 1955. On the east side of the dam, the Xianshan Mountains fluctuate continuously. On the South side, there are Xianyin Temple, Xianyin Cave, Liang Wang Lei, Xianshan Anti-Japanese War Sites and other historical relics. Nanwan National Forest Park has been established on the basis of Nanwan Forest Farm, covering a total area of 121,000 mu. Xinyang Maojian Tea is well-known both at home and abroad. Wuyun Tea Mountain in the upper reaches of Nanwan Lake is the main producing area of Xinyang Maojian Tea. Now it forms a tea cultural chain that integrates tea production, tea picking, tea making, tea selling and tea art performance.

Nanwan Lake Scenic Spot is centered on Nanwan Lake, including most of the mountain forests and waters of six townships, including Dongjia River, Shihe Port, Shisanli Bridge and Nanwan. It is critical to Xinyang Yiyingshan Highway in the east, Xintianfang in the south, Zhaihou Bay in the West and Shuangtouzhai in the north, with a total area of 443 square kilometers.

Nanwan Lake Scenic Area is a transitional climate zone from north subtropical zone to warm temperate zone. The four seasons are distinct and the climate is pleasant. The terrain is high in the southwest, low in the northeast, surrounded by low mountains and rolling hills. Nanwan Lake, the center of the scenic spot, is composed of five rivers: Chengshi River, Wudao River, Dong Jia River, Xiaoyou River and Feisha River. The water quality is clear and the waves are blue. The unique geomorphology has created the beautiful scenery of Nanwan. The long history of Nanwan has left many places of interest and revolutionary sites, making it a famous tourist attraction both at home and abroad. Nanwan Lake Scenic Area has five browsing areas: Nanwan Lake Dam Browsing Area, Cheyunshan Browsing Area, Huanglong Temple Tourist Area, Xianshifang Browsing Area and Tanjiahe Browsing Area. Today we are browsing the Nanwan Lake Dam browsing area.

Nanwan Lake Scenic Area

With the launch of the yacht, our journey is about to begin. Nanwan Lake is located in the North-South climate transition zone of China, with natural lake and mountain scenery, morning mist and day-to-day change, and different scenery throughout the year. Among the hundreds of small islands in Nanwan Lake, there is a bird island. Every year, hundreds of thousands of migratory birds come to the island to live and breed. The island is the home of birds. These birds, mostly herons, have egrets, herons, grey egrets and more than 30 kinds, as well as cuckoos, Huangpeng, myna and so on, attracting countless tourists, which reminds me of the famous line of Tang poetry, "Two Huangpeng song green willows, a row of egrets on the blue sky". In addition to Bird Island, in recent years, the scenic spot has also developed Monkey Island, "Tangwang Youdifu", Osmanthus Island and other activities, including water yachting, parachuting and so on. Dear friends, if we abandon boats to travel upstream, then we must not miss Black Dragon Lake and White Dragon Lake. Black Longtan, Bailongtan and the surrounding Cheyun Mountain, Jiyun Mountain, Lianyun Mountain, Tianyun Mountain, Yunwu Mountain constitute the "five clouds and two pools" scenic spot, which is a good place for tourists: mountains, beautiful, beautiful pools, quiet and pleasant. Around the "five clouds and two pools", Xinyang Maojian, a famous Chinese tea, grows. In 1915, Xinyang Maojian won the gold medal at Panama World Expo, and in 1990, Xinyang Maojian of Longtan Brand won the national gold medal in the evaluation of famous tea. Modern medical research has proved that tea has the functions of clearing the heart, eliminating food and diuresis, invigorating the brain, anti-aging and so on. When you come here, don't forget to give yourself, but also to bring some bags of high-quality Xinyang Maojian tea to your relatives and friends! ________

Nanwan Lake is vast, with a water area of 75 square kilometers. The lake is covered with smoke and vast clouds. Sometimes it has a preference for clear water. Sometimes it is rainy and rainy. Sometimes it is strange for waterfowl to swim in the sky. Sometimes it is golden and silent. Sometimes it is sunset in the evening clouds, sometimes it is sunset in the big lake. It really wants to make Nanwan Lake lighter and lighter than the West Lake. Make-up is always appropriate. The water quality of Nanwan Lake is pure and transparent. It is the first-class national standard. Upstream of the lake are Heilongtan, Bailongtan, Heilongtan Datan set of small pools, small pools with clear springs; Bailongtan two mountains confront each other, one water culvert, traditionally the first spring in southern Henan. There are 61 islands in the lake. They are of different sizes and shapes. They are scattered in the clear lakes, like pearls sprinkled on a tray. They are so beautiful that they are called the Jade Islands. Among the islands, especially Bird Island, bird shadows are seen everywhere, and bird songs are heard from time to time. It is well known that 100,000 migratory birds live and multiply here every year. "Egrets flying in front of Xisai Mountain" and "a line of egrets flying in the sky" are vividly reflected here. In addition, there are dozens of wild macaques growing on Monkey Island, each of them smart, playful and loved by tourists; the folk dance and song performances on Summer Island have unique regional color, and snake skill performances are unique; many birds and lions, monkeys, wild boars, camels and other animals in the Baibirdyard, with different postures, make visitors happy*

Internal landscape

There are many kinds of animal and plant resources, including more than 1000 kinds of animals, more than 500 kinds of plants and more than 100,000 egrets. Nanwan fish is abundant in the lake. It is a well-known healthy green food both inside and outside the province.

Nanwan Lake Scenic Tourist Area is famous for its rich forest resources, vast green lake water, many strange island harbors, contentious rare birds and beasts, Ana's colorful flowers and plants, long-standing historical heritage and rich folk customs; it is famous for its unique style of seclusion, simplicity, beauty and strange, and the perfect harmony of mountains, waters, forests and islands. Landscape, humanistic landscape, forest ecological environment, forest health care functions in one, with tourism, leisure, vacation, health, scientific research, teaching and other multi-functional eco-tourism areas.

Nanwan Lake is vast, sometimes clear, sometimes drizzling, sometimes rainy, sometimes rainy, sometimes strange; sometimes waterfowl "flying, swimming in the scales", sometimes "golden lake, quiet shadow sinks"; sometimes sunset burns in the west, sometimes sunset in the big lake, really want to make Nanhu "better than Xizi, light make-up is always appropriate". The water of Nanwan Lake is clear and attractive, and it can be drunk by screwdrivers. There are black and white dragon pools in the upper reaches of the lake.

Numerous islands in Nanwan Lake are of different sizes and shapes. They are scattered in clear lakes like "big pearls and small pearls falling on jade plates", which are very beautiful.

Bird shadows are seen everywhere on Bird Island, and bird songs are heard from time to time. It is famous for the 100,000 migratory birds that breed and inhabit here every year.

Dozens of wild macaques grow on Monkey Island. They are smart, naughty and lively. They are very popular with tourists.

The folk singing and dancing performances on Xiaoxia Island have unique regional color and snake skill performances are also unique.

Many birds and lions, monkeys, wild boars, camels and other animals in the Bird Garden have different postures, which make visitors happy.

On the upper reaches of Nanwan Lake stands the Siwangshan Mountains where Li Xiannian fought, and on the lower reaches lies the Xianyin Mountains with a long history and culture. There are more than 1400 years of "Liang Wang Lei" ruins on Xianyin Mountain, as well as the famous Xianyin Temple in Songshan Shaolin Temple, Baima Temple in Luoyang, Xiangguo Temple in Kaifeng and Xuanguan Temple in Nanyang. There are exotic immortal beds, father-in-law stones and fascinating legends of Pingdingsong. Climbing this mountain, you can see the city of Xinyang in the East and smoke waves in the South Lake in the west.

Inhabit species

Nanwan Lake scenic spot is located in the North-South climate transition zone, green hills, oasis point, dense mountains and deep forests, seasonal changes. There are more than 1000 species of animals, including more than 200 species of vertebrates, which belong to the national protected animals, including macaques, alligators, giant salamanders, small civets, white-crowned pheasants, etc.

There are 116 families and 525 species in Nanwan Lake Scenic Spot, and the forest coverage rate is over 96%. The annual average temperature is 15.1 degree C, and the highest temperature in the forest is below 35 degree C in hot summer.

The fish produced in Nanwan Lake are not only delicious in meat, but also rich in trace elements. They contain protein, fat, vitamins and rare elements necessary for human body. Among them, the "selenium" content, known as anti-cancer elements, is more than 3-5 times that of common fish. In particular, Nanwan silver carp is not only tender, fat and delicious, but also rich in DHA in the head, which is a popular health treasure. At present, Nanwan fish is well-known all over the world.

Scenic Area

Nanwan Lake Scenic Spot is famous for its rich forest resources, vast green lake water, many strange island harbors, beautiful birds and animals, seasonally changeable plant landscape, long-standing historical heritage, rich folk customs and customs. It is famous for its "quiet, simple, beautiful and strange" features, and for its harmony and harmony among mountains, waters, forests and islands. It has the functions of tourism, leisure, vacation, health preservation, culture, scientific research, teaching and so on.

Historical culture

Xinyang City, where Nanwan Lake Scenic Area is located, is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. It has undergone more than 8000 years of historical evolution. During the Xia and Shang Dynasties, Xiguo and Huangguo were built here. During the Warring States Period, Xinyang was the territorial center of Chu State, and the Northern Song Dynasty was renamed Xinyang. There have been many historical celebrities nurtured here, including Sun Shuao, Sima Guang, a great historian, Wang Shenzhi, Chen Yuanguang, a famous scholar in Kaizhang, Ma Zuchang, a great scholar in Central Plains, He Jingming, a botanist, Wu Qijun and so on. Nanwan Lake is also a place of amazing cultural scenery. There are Siwangshan and Xianyin Mountains, the revolutionary base areas where Li Xiannian once fought. There are 1400-year-old "Liang Wang Lei" ruins. There are Xianyin Temple, which is as famous as Shaolin Temple of Songshan, Baima Temple of Luoyang, Xiangguo Temple of Kaifeng and Xuanguan Temple of Nanyang. There are exotic immortal beds, Abbot stones and moving legends of Pingdingsong. Climbing this mountain, we can see the city of Xinyang in the east, and the smoke waves of Nanwan Lake in the west. There is a spectacular scene of "the outer building of Qingshan Tower outside the mountain, the scenery of Nanhu is endless".

Main specialty

Cheyun Mountain, Jiyun Mountain, Yunwu Mountain, Lianyun Mountain and Tianyun Mountain in the upper reaches of Nanwan Lake are the authentic origins of Maojian Tea in Xinyang. Xinyang Maojian is a precious green tea, which has become a tribute tea for the court as early as the Tang Dynasty. It was praised as "Huainan No. 1" by Su Dongpo, a great writer of the Song Dynasty, and won the gold medal of Panama World Expo in 1915.

Now the production of tea is on a larger scale, which has formed the integration of tea production, tea picking, tea making, tea selling and tea art performance. You can not only witness the process of tea making, but also buy authentic Xinyang Maojian everywhere.

Beautiful ecological environment, abundant natural resources, convenient location advantages, long Xinyang tea culture and excellent Nanwan fish culture constitute the rich connotation of Nanwan Lake Scenic Tourist Area.

Because of the good water quality and pollution-free, the Nanwan fish produced in Nanwan Lake are not only delicious in meat, but also rich in trace elements and high nutrition. According to the food monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nanwan fish contains protein, fat, vitamins and rare elements necessary for human body. Among them, the "selenium" content of anti-cancer elements is more than 3-5 times that of common fish, especially the Nanwan silver carp, which is not only meat. It is delicate, fat and delicious, and rich in DHA in the head. It is a popular health treasure, known as "silver carp is beautiful in the belly, taste in the head". At present, it has been registered with the State Administration of Industry and Commerce as a well-known brand both inside and outside the province.

Tourism information

Travel time

March-August is more suitable. Spring can be spring, the Rhododendron of Nanwan Lake islands and small islands is fragrant like orchids, you can pick tea, watch tea making, tea art performances can also buy authentic Xinyang Maojian everywhere. In summer, Nanwan Lake is an excellent natural swimming pool.


Nanwan has convenient transportation and fast communication. The scenic spot is close to Beijing-Guangzhou, Jingjiu, Ningxi Railway, as well as Beijing-Zhuhai, Shanghai-Shanxi, Xinye Expressway and 106, 107, 312 National Highway. It is within two hours'drive from Wuhan Tianhe Airport in Hubei Province in the south, Fuyang Airport in Anhui Province in the East and Xinzheng Airport in Henan Province in the north. The Huaibin Port, the only seaport in Henan Province, can be directly transported to Shanghai with its advantageous geographical location, dense transportation network and convenient transportation.

Catering accommodation

Since its development and construction in 1991, Nanwan Lake Scenic Area has invested more than 80 million yuan. Now it has developed and constructed four scenic spots: Bird Island, Summer Island, Dasheng Island, Aquarium of Xishan Scenic Area, Tangwang Youdifu, Yangtian Lake, Diaoyutai, Feilongting, Mini Garden of Wharf Scenic Area and New Tourist Wharf. Two scenic spots, Xishuanghe, Shuhe Port, Heilongtan and other six tourist routes. Every year, 200,000 tourists visit the city and the tourism income is 30 million yuan. Water, electricity, roads, transportation, communications and other tourism infrastructure in the scenic area are complete, and supporting facilities for services are complete. The construction of the tourist area has taken shape. A comprehensive tourism supporting system is basically formed, which integrates food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment.

The beautiful mountains and rivers, good ecological resources, strong Xinyang tea culture, Nanwan fish culture and prominent geographical advantages of Nanwan Lake Scenic Tourist Area will surely make you forget to return. We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to Nanwan Lake for sightseeing, leisure and vacation.

Chu Fengyun, Bishui Tea Township, Nanwan Lake will be your unforgettable journey of romantic life!

Ticket information

Adult tickets are 80 yuan and student vouchers are half.

Safety tips

When visiting Monkey Island, visitors should not provoke the monkeys, who will also look through the visitors'bags for food.