Nanning Rural World

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Nanning Rural World is a large-scale eco-leisure resort built by Nanning Weining Eco-Park Co., Ltd. alone. It is a national AAAA tourist attraction with good ecological environment and high negative oxygen ions. Santang River and Bicui River flow from north to south. There are many ponds in the garden. The water surface of the pond is 200 mu, which forms many waterscape landscapes, such as streams, ponds, lakes, islands and so on.

brief introduction

Nanning Rural World is located in Mengcun, Santang Town, Xingning District, Nanning City. It is only 15 kilometers away from the city center and covers an area of 850 mu. It is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, a national agricultural tourism demonstration site and a five-star rural tourist area in Guangxi. Since its establishment in August 2004, it has been established that the theme is "the perfect combination of pastoral scenery and humanistic scenery". It insists on paying equal attention to development, construction and environmental protection, maintaining the natural scenery of surrounding villages and protecting the ecological balance of scenic spots, relying on the original agricultural industry, integrating resources and rationally developing, and has built a large-scale ecological park with the keynote of green, health and leisure.


Rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, islands.

Special Tourism Projects

Food and Beverages

There are Qingyu Pavilion and 6 boxes which can accommodate 400 people. Here you can taste the rural dishes with farm flavor, the tofu series produced by the Bean Curd Workshop in the Villa, and the wine made by yourself.

Accommodation services

The garden has more than 200 beds of three-star hotel, the guest rooms are built according to rural pastoral style courtyard, the area is divided into mountain and moon dwelling, green elegant garden, biyuexuan, as well as six waterfront villas with different decoration styles, five large and small conference rooms.


The 50-acre vineyard is a traditional harvesting project in the rural world. There are May Red, Wink, Jufeng and other grape varieties planted in the vineyard, as well as the most famous beauty finger grapes. Since 2005, every year from July to October, the village grape picking Festival has been held on schedule. It is a picking card of the big rural world, known as "Turpan in Nanning".

Bai Guo Yuan

There are 350 kinds of sweet carambola, 200 pitaya, and papaya, perfume lemon, and wampie. They have different fruits in different seasons for tourists to pick.


With 3000 square meters indoor comprehensive gymnasium, volleyball, basketball, balloon volleyball, table tennis, badminton, billiards and other activities can be held.

Barbecue area

It can accommodate thousands of people in large outdoor self-service barbecue farm, 200 people in indoor barbecue farm and 150 people in small courtyard type of leisure barbecue bar, suitable for community and students to play barbecue activities.

Fishing base

The 20 mu fishing competition pool with standard fishing position has a total area of more than 200 mu of water. The environment here is quiet and far from the noise of the city.

Fieldwork, Expansion

The 50-acre Brothers Company Field Club has urban roadway battle, banana forest battle zone, Alpine battle zone, pine forest blocking battle zone, tunnel battle zone, etc. It integrates field battle, camping, leisure and recreation as a whole. The Tiantianwaitian Outward Bound Training Camp is a full set of independent team development training facilities and complete logistical support function of professional characteristics training base.

The Saddle Club

Qunyinghui Equestrian Club has built stables, field teaching area, obstacle race area, tourist rest area, Mongolian yurts with Mongolian characteristics, dressage dance performance area and other supporting facilities. It is a large-scale Equestrian Horse Farm with professional teaching in Nanning.

Traffic guide

1. Urban area can take bus No. 22, 101, 606, 803 and 116 to Santang Station and walk 1.8 kilometers.

2. Urban Direction-Fast Ring Road-Yongbin Interchange-Kunlun Avenue-Santang Town-Rural World

3. Longdong Fengling Direction-Changhong Road-via East Railway Station-Santangnan Road-Kunlun Avenue-Country World