Nanchong social security

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Nanchong social security

In 2019, there were 145900 urban "minimum living allowance" workers in Nanchong, 17500 less than that in 2018; 562400 rural "subsistence allowances", an increase of 20900 over 2018; and the per capita subsidies for urban and rural minimum living allowances were 268.7 yuan / month and 155.8 yuan / month, respectively. All eligible objects of the five guarantees were included in the scope of support, with a total of 56000 people, of which 11800 people were supported by the five guarantees, and the centralized support rate was 21%. The total number of beds in the elderly service facilities is 35700. 1222 community service institutions were established, including 943 urban community service institutions. It sold 569 million yuan of welfare lottery tickets and directly received 121000 yuan of donation.

By the end of 2019, Nanchong had 703300 urban employees in basic endowment insurance, 223800 in unemployment insurance (excluding land lost farmers), 6186700 in urban basic medical insurance, 292100 in work-related injury insurance and 163700 in maternity insurance.

On February 12, 2020, it was jointly determined by the Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of finance as the fifth batch of pilot areas for the reform of home-based and community-based elderly care services supported by the central government.