Nanchong scenic spot

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Nanchong scenic spot

Hometown of Zhu De

The national 5A tourist attraction is located in Ma'an Town, Yilong County, with a total planning area of 52.5 square kilometers. The core scenic area with the former residence of Zhu De, the birthplace of Zhu De and the memorial hall of former residence of Comrade Zhu De as the main body covers an area of 2.94 square kilometers. The core scenic spot takes "Zhu De spirit" as the theme, red culture as the main line and natural ecology as the background. It is divided into four parts: "entrance area Memorial area folk custom area background area", which vividly reappears the life scene of Comrade Zhu De in his youth. Zhu De's Former Residence Memorial Park is one of the first batch of patriotism education demonstration bases in China, national patriotism education base in primary and secondary schools, national youth education base, national national defense education base, revolutionary traditional education base for Party members and cadres, national anti-corruption education base, and the first batch of free open units of national museums and memorials.

Langzhong ancient city scenic spot

Located in the northeast of Sichuan Basin and the middle and upper reaches of Jialing River, the national 5A tourist attraction is known as "langyuan fairyland, Fengshui treasure land", surrounded by water on three sides and mountains on four sides.

Former residence of Zhang Lan

Located in Lianchi Township, Xichong County, the national 4A tourist attraction is 13 kilometers away from Xichong County. Zhang Lan, the former vice chairman of the Central People's government, was born, lived and lived here. The courtyard is close to the West and East, and the courtyard is close to the north and West. The houses in the courtyard are connected by stone slab road or small ladder road. The house is mainly composed of grey and blue walls, with brick walls on the periphery. The walls and roofs are thick and stable, with unique characteristics.

Jialing No.1 Sangzi scenic spot

The national 4A tourist area is located in Peng'an County, Sichuan Province. Peng'an is the hometown of Sima Xiangru, a great poet of Han Dynasty. It is located in the northeast of Sichuan Province and the middle reaches of Jialing River. It is adjacent to Yilong, the hometown of Zhu De in the north and Guang'an, the hometown of Deng Xiaoping, in the southeast. The whole tourist area takes the winding and beautiful Jialing River as the axis, and plans more than 20 square kilometers along the two sides of the river, and is divided into three sections, four functional areas and thirteen areas. It is a collection of five famous brand resources, including the most classic garden of poetry and painting in the Jialing River Basin, the birthplace of Bashu culture with unique influence, the eternal romantic love holy land, the exhibition platform of the concept of the unity of heaven, earth and man, and the farming civilization of the Jialing river. It is known as "the most romantic leisure home" by experts and scholars.

Lingyun mountain scenic spot

Located in Gaoping District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, the national 4A tourist attraction is one of the key scenic spots in the Jialing River Ecological and cultural tourism boutique area. It is now an international ecological security tourism demonstration base, a National Forest Park, China's best Fengshui tourist attraction, a national youth outdoor sports camp, a provincial geological park and a cultural industry demonstration base in Sichuan Province. The scenic area covers 26 square kilometers.

Shengzhong Lake Scenic Spot

Shengzhong lake is the largest artificial lake in Southwest China. It is located in Shengzhong Lake Scenic Area in southern Sichuan Province.

Fengshui cultural scenic spot of tiangongyuan

The national 4A scenic spot is a provincial key cultural relic protection unit. Tiangongyuan is located in Tiangong Township, 20 kilometers south of Langzhong City. It was first built in the Tang Dynasty and rebuilt in the third year of Shunzhi of Qing Dynasty. Because of the profound astronomical culture in Langzhong, the Tang Dynasty astronomers yuan Tiangang and Li Chunfeng successively settled in Langzhong, where they chose the place to observe the sky and wrote books and theories. After their death, they were buried here, and the Tiangong palace was built for this purpose.

Religious attractions: Daxiangshan, Yuntai temple, Dafo temple, Yong'an temple, Jianhao temple, tiangongyuan, Baba temple, mosque, evangelical hall and Catholic Church cover five major religions: Taoism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Catholicism; Nanchong white tower, Yingshan white tower, southern yujishan mountain, southern Lifeng temple and Shenba brick pagoda.

Artificial landscape: mazitan, Shengzhong reservoir, Xichong Hongqi, Baertan and other artificial reservoir landscapes.

The new eight sceneries of Nanchong: Xishan is like a "Sleeping Beauty", the scenery of North Lake is charming, Qingquan temple is a holy land, wanjuan tower is "broken ten thousand volumes", Kuige style is still the same, the former site of North Sichuan administrative office is beautiful, Ruiqing's former residence is chengshengjing, Laojun Taoist temple is well known.