Nanchong Xishan Scenic Area

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Nanchong Xishan Scenic Area

Nanchong Xishan Scenic Spot, located in the west of Shunqing City, is a provincial scenic spot and a national 4A-level tourist attraction. It is the destination of "Three Kingdoms Cultural Exploration Tour". It has been awarded the "Greater China Scenic Spot with the Most Chinese Cultural Characteristics", "Greater China Spot with the Most Cultural Charm Tourist Destination", "Top Ten National Cultural Eco-Scenic Spots" and the "Clean Government Culture Scenic Sp Fan Scenic Area and other titles. In 2016, Xishan Scenic Area received 3.45 million tourists, and realized a total tourism income of 485 million yuan.

Introduction of Characteristics

[The Cultural Sources of the Three Kingdoms]

The culture of the Three Kingdoms is also the wonder of the world. Years are long and lasting, and the wind is far and wide. It has broad momentum, intensive core and generous support; profound sense and all-embracing. Tang 3000, Song 800, Song and Dance Platform, Three Kingdoms Opera; Wuhou Temple, Guandi Temple, High Wind and Bright Festival between Heaven and Earth. We can settle our country, we can fight for commerce, we can develop diplomacy and we can make good plans. It is not Chen Shouzhi's Records of the Three Kingdoms to seek the right and trace its origin. Hou Pei Songzhi's detailed notes, the study of the history of the Three Kingdoms, Luo Guanzhong's Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the spread of the culture of the Three Kingdoms all take it as the criterion, inherit its threads and carry forward its waves, which originated from Chen Shouzhi's Records of the Three Kingdoms. The distinction between the origin and the end, if it is, is self-evident. Chen Shouzhi's Records of the Three Kingdoms is an outstanding person who regains his real name. The origin of the Three Kingdoms is eternal, and Chen Shou's achievements are impressive for generations.

The Wanjuan Tower on Yuping Peak in the Xishan Mountains of Nanchong was built in Shuhan Dynasty and has a history of more than 1700 years. Since the Jin Dynasty, many dynasties have been destroyed and repaired. In this prosperous age, the country is prosperous, reform and opening up, the economy is getting closer and closer, material civilization and spiritual civilization go hand in hand, while rich food and clothing make cultural facilities more prosperous. In 1990, the people's government of Nanchong City chose to rebuild the Wanjuan Tower in Yuping Mountain, with beautiful scenery and lush forests on the back of the pillow hill and facing the Xixi River. Wanjuanlou Scenic Spot includes Anhan City Tower, Xigong Temple, Lecture Hall, Zhaohu Temple, Reading Platform, Old Home, Wanjuanlou, etc. There are abundant scenic spots and rich humanistic connotations.

In recent years, Shunqing District has further excavated the cultural resources of the three countries, promoted cultural tourism and promoted the development of tourism economy. At the site of Chen Shou's old residence, he created and constructed a large-scale sculpture art embankment of Three Kingdoms by means of relief and round sculpture. This embankment can reproduce Chen Shou's painstaking efforts to create a historic and moving scene with "West River as an inkstone and river embankment as a roll", show the major historical events during the Three Kingdoms period, and provide tourists with appreciation of the three Kingdoms'scenery. In-depth excavation of the feelings of the people and the historical facts of honest government recorded in the Records of the Three Kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu, the "Corridor of honest government culture of the Three Kingdoms" was built in Kaihan Building scenic spot. Through stone carvings, sculptures, cliff paintings and other forms, we vigorously promoted the cultural thoughts of honest government of the Three Kingdoms, built an honest government education base for Party style in Nanchong City, constantly enriched the cultural connotations of the three Kingdoms in the scenic spot, and highlighted the Characteristics.

Nanchong Xishan, the total name of the hills in the western suburbs of the city, and the Taixiao Remaining Vein of the Jianmen Mountains. Xiongshi Xihe River is ten miles away. Twelve peaks and ridges are the pillars of heaven and earth. Morning greets the sunset, and evening bathes the afterglow. The seasons are green and the days are green. Natural oxygen storehouse, nourishing fruit city people. Green barrier, degrading haze and foul; elegant and quiet environment, to eliminate the noise of the world. The hermit, the poet, the real person and the common people are all fond of, so the harmony is full and profound.

Xishan is beautiful and fascinating. People's daughter Xie Natural, the law of repairing Qing Dynasty emerged and ascended to heaven, the thing of flying immortal stone still exists in Feixian Cave; Li Chunfeng buried chai, was pointed out by Yuan Tiangong to the geochemical spring, the name of Jinquan Well in Jinquan Mountain is still the same; Zhang Sanfeng Yunyou, encountering eight immortal iron abductors, the name of Huixianxi Huixianqiao still exists. Beautiful legend, engraved Nanchong earth rivers and mountains, derived from the eight scenic talks of the state. Shao Bowen's poem "Golden Fruit on Golden Mountain is beautiful and fragrant". Lu Fang-weng's poem "Golden Spring from Qing Dream to Jin Quan from Time to Time" expresses his attachment to it.

West Hill and beauty, elegant demeanor. Gongwei is a famous town in the north of Sichuan. The post and delivery official road was opened to connect Chang'an, the capital of Tang Dynasty. Paving the colored silk road, the "safflower" blossoms everywhere: the export of Nanchong silk is renowned all over the world. Chengnan high-speed excavation, to achieve railway piercing. From north to south, from east to west: Opening up the famous cities of hundreds of generations is glorious. Historically, Taoism has been like Qingxia, Yuntai, Ganlu, Buddhist temples like Guanyin, Jinquan, Qile, Western religion like God, Islam: different religions exist, and believers are at peace with each other. Cliff sculpture, creative wonder; stone carving calligraphy, each show style. Cultural diversity, inclusive and mutually beneficial development; prosperity and decline and common ground, highlight and reasonable ideas. If you don't see them, the former sages of Guozhou and the brilliant men of letters and martial arts of Cathaysia are outstanding in politics and business. However, all the gentlemen are bound by the West Hill and have never changed after repeated generations. With the spirit of heaven and earth, inheriting the former sages'demeanor, they will achieve their great aspirations in life and express their broad-minded and heroic deeds. How can they not move towards this mountain?

On March 3, in the Western Mountains, eight villages and ten miles gathered, and farmers, industry and Commerce tended toward Yan. The Temple opens to welcome visitors, and the mage recites sutras to pray for peace. Literati Poetry Club, Singing and Talking. Businessmen sell exotic products. The Pear Garden set up a platform for the performance of the feudal gods, three parts of the country. Taoist divination, praise you happy life, fortune, a hundred years of marriage. Famous doctor's diagnosis and treatment, detailed information, help health. Hawkers roam, Hawking girls to play, the sound is pleasant and moving. Businessmen set up stalls, selling cold powder pot helmet and making fragrant noodles everywhere. Relatives gather to talk loudly, men and women marry and talk about marriage, friends drink tea, are also the period of the festival: after thousands of years and the grand occasion is still, so that Li Shu head up, look south flying goose. A picture of the West Hill, half of the folklore history. The human nature of Xishan lasts for 5,000 years, and the scenic spot of northern Sichuan is nothing but this. Reform and opening-up have a brilliant style. Continuing the past and opening up the future, continuing to write a brilliant new chapter; building a hot day, is expressing dazzling picture scrolls. Long river sunset far, West Mountain evergreen. Culture West Mountain! Natural West Hill! Strong nostalgia in the world, wanderers dream back to their souls.

Nanchong Xishan Scenic Area has formed a mountainous provincial-level scenic spot, which takes the culture of the Three Kingdoms as its representative and relies on the natural ecological landscape, and integrates the functions of landscape, cultural experience, leisure and recreation. With the rapid development of urbanization in Nanchong, urban construction has been pushed to the foot of Xishan Mountain. According to the principle of strict protection and rational development, the revision of the Master Plan has been launched in the scenic spots. After this revision, the planned area of the scenic spot expanded from 12.1 square kilometers to more than 20 square kilometers, forming the landscape pattern of "two mountains and one water" (namely, Xishan, Qinglongshan, Xihe) and "one core, two belts and three six districts" ("one core" refers to the core carrier of the three countries'cultural main scenery, which is the source of the three countries' culture. "Two Belts" refers to the cultural landscape belt formed by Wanjuan Tower, Kaihan Tower and Qile Temple, and the natural landscape belt formed by Yuping Mountain, Qiqi Mountain, Huofeng Mountain, Qile Mountain and Qinglong Mountain. The Xishan area of the "Three Pieces" guidebook, the Xihe area in the middle and the Qinglongshan area in the north. "Six districts" refers to the layout structure of scenic spots including Wanjuan Tower, Kaihan Tower, Qile Mountain, Ruquan Mountain, Xihe River and Qinglong Mountain. It further clarifies the scope of the red line of scenic spots, which not only strictly protects scenic spots, but also helps to speed up urban construction and ensure the coordinated development of scenic cities.

The Xishan Scenic Area Administration Bureau of Nanchong City makes full use of the resources of the scenic area and vigorously promotes the construction of infrastructure and supporting functional facilities. Build a fitness Greenway in Kaihan Building scenic spot, and form a "five horizontal and three vertical" sightseeing route. The implementation of forest fire emergency corridor construction project in scenic spots has become a "firewall" for the protection of forest resources and ecological environment in scenic spots, and laid the foundation for the opening of tourist buses in scenic spots. Build Xihe Art Gallery Bridge, which echoes Kaihan Tower, reappears the memory symbols of Nanchong's historic city, and becomes the landmark building of Nanchong's historic city and the important landscape building on the Xihe River. Implementation of intelligent tourism scenic spot construction project, digital management of scenic spot traffic monitoring, security monitoring, access control system, network marketing, etc., and smooth docking with the Provincial Tourism Development Commission intelligent scenic spot emergency management platform, scenic spot safety emergency management without blind areas, to realize tourist tour informatization and digitization. Strengthen the ecological protection of scenic spots and plant landscape shaping, build cherry garden, crabapple garden, Guiyuan and other characteristic botanical garden, enrich the plant species of "Nanchong Botanical Garden" and enhance the scientific popularization of botanical gardens. Build the Three Kingdoms Cultural Experience Park and the Three Kingdoms Cultural Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, promote the cultural construction of scenic spots, and realize the harmonious development of the humanistic and ecological West Hills.