Mount balang

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Mount balang

Balang mountain, also known as "colorful mountain", is located between Wolong Nature Reserve and Siguniang mountain scenic area. Balang mountain is called balangla in Tibetan language. It is 5040 meters above sea level. When you look up, you can see that the mountains are covered by mountains and meadows, like huge carpets covering the mountains. Herds of cattle and sheep are happy. The mountains are divided into two parts: the upper part is the Alpine meadow with colorful wild flowers, and the lower part is the mountain meadow with colorful wild flowers The mysterious and deep primitive forest. The mountain road and pass area of balang mountain has a sea level of about 4000 meters. The mountain is high and the slope is steep. However, the scenery is extremely beautiful. The white clouds are like the sea, the snow mountains are continuous, and the meadow is undulating. "Unlimited scenery is at the dangerous peak". When you cross the balang mountain, you can turn around the peak and turn around, and you will feel faint and dusky. It's no wonder that the ancients wrote when they passed the balang mountain that "the autumn wind is at the top of the mountain immediately, and there are thousands of cliffs and gullies with colorful scenery. Put on the clouds, according to the Chenji, the body in the blue sky between purple.

brief introduction

Balang mountain, also known as "colorful mountain", is located between Wolong Nature Reserve and Siguniang mountain scenic area. In the east of Xiaojin County, at the junction of Xiaojin, Wenchuan and Baoxing, it is more than 200 kilometers away from Chengdu. Balang mountain is 5040 meters above sea level. It is called balangla in Tibetan, meaning shengliu mountain. The mountains above 4000 meters above sea level in the scenic area are cold and weathered mountains. The mountains are steep and rugged, and the rocks are exposed. Debris slopes and rock heaps formed by falling rock debris can be seen everywhere. The winding road is the most dangerous road to the east of Aba Prefecture. On the mountainside of 3500 meters above sea level, various wild flowers are scattered on the alpine meadow, and flocks of cattle and sheep are in the blue sky Under the clouds, you are happy. The vast sea of clouds divides the majestic mountain range into two parts: the mountain meadow with wild flowers above, and the mysterious and deep primitive forest below.


Standing on the top of the mountain, I saw the wind and clouds surging in the long Canyon, which was spectacular. There are also wonderful pines hanging in the valley among the dense forests of the virgin forest. The sea of clouds on Mt. balang, known as the "one wonder", has the wonder of whether there is wind surging. Known as "Er Qi" are clouds with a thickness of up to 2000 meters, which are ever-changing, rolling, moving and surging like a giant dragon, as well as clouds that are soft and strong with a sharp and powerful howl. Balangshan pass, 4480 meters above sea level, is a good place to see the sea of clouds and sunrise.

Balang mountain is called "abalangyi" in Tibetan. According to local myths and legends, "abalangyi" is the father of four girls. The main peak of balang mountain is 5040 meters above sea level, and the pass through which the highway passes is 4480 meters above sea level. It is one of the famous highway passes through with high altitude in China. Driving through here, you can enjoy the peak turning of the highway between the mountain ridges on the plateau, and feel the thrill and danger of self driving.