Mount Tai Fonters Happy World

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Mount Tai Fonters Happy World

Tai'an Fangte Happy World is located in the eastern New Area of Taishan District, Tai'an City, Shandong Province. Font's Happy World is characterized by science fiction and animation. It is elaborately built with world-class concepts and technologies. It can be compared with the most advanced theme parks in the West. It is known as "Oriental Dream Paradise" and "Asian Science Fiction Magic".

Introduction to paradise

Tai'an Font Happy World Project, located in the eastern New Area of Taishan District, Tai'an City, belongs to the fourth generation large-scale science fiction theme park. Tai'an Font Happy World consists of 17 thematic project areas, including dinosaur crisis, flying over the limit, mysterious River valley, Liaozhai, Vesuvius volcano, Conch Bay, future police, light of life, etc. It includes thematic projects, amusement projects, leisure and landscape projects 3. More than 200 projects, including many of the world's first-class mega-projects, are suitable for all ages. There are international first-class high-altitude flying experience project "flying over the limit", large-scale dynamic space flight experience project "interstellar flights", China's first large-scale volcanic exploration project "Vesuvius volcano", the world's leading large-scale dinosaur revival disaster experience "dinosaur crisis", people can not understand the myth of traditional Chinese magic interpretation of "Liaozhai", colorful, fantastic "conch". Bay, the magical interactive cartoon talk show "Dobby Farm"... This is an unprecedented feast of joy! This is a fantastic paradise full of magic! This is an exploratory kingdom of future science fiction! Fantastic world, waiting for you to explore the secret! Fante Happy World, Oriental Fantasy Paradise! Welcome to Fante's Dream Tour!

The Tai'an Font project will use high-tech means such as sound, light, electricity, digital technology, automatic control and artificial intelligence to show tourists the 5000-year-old Chinese culture including Tai'an culture. Tourists can experience the unique charm of the blending of modern science and technology with historical culture in the experience project of combination of reality, reality, illusion and dynamic interaction. All the software and hardware technologies of these projects are fully owned by Shenzhen Huaqiang Font Group, which has reached the first-class level in the world. They are the theme parks of Chinese culture industry in the true sense.

According to reports, Mount Tai receives more than 4 million tourists every year, but because Tai'an City currently has only one large tourist attraction in Mount Tai, most tourists visit Mount Tai on the day they arrive in Tai'an and leave Tai'an on the same day. After the completion of Fangte Happy World in Tai'an, Shandong Province, it will form a echo with Mount Tai tourist scenic spot, let a large number of tourists stay overnight in Tai'an, extend the tourism industry chain in Tai'an, and greatly promote the development of tourism and cultural industry in Tai'an.