Miyuan Yunding Paradise

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Miyuan Yunding Paradise

Miyuan Yunding Paradise Park is located in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, 220 km from Beijing, only 50 minutes after the completion of the high-speed railway in 2019, planning a highway journey of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Co-founded by Datuk Lim Chee Wah, chairman of Malaysia's VXL Group, and Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, chairman of Malaysia's Genting Group, with a total investment of 18 billion yuan, covering 100 square kilometers. Yunding Skiing Park A and B are the venues for the freestyle and snowboarding competitions of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, as well as the venues for the 2021 World Championships of Freestyle and Snowboarding of the International Federation of Snowboarding.

Miyuan Yunding Paradise is planned to develop 88 ski paths with a total length of about 70 kilometers and 22 cable cars with a total length of about 30 kilometers. Yunding Skiing Ground was officially opened in 2012. So far, the first phase of construction has been completed and the skiing area has reached 885,000 square meters. 41 snow paths have been built, including 13 high-grade roads, 20 intermediate roads, 2 primary roads, 6 wild snow paths and snow parks, equipped with 5 high-speed cable cars with electrically heated seats. The terrain teaching Ski Park for beginners can significantly improve the success rate of beginners'skiing. Yunding Snow Park, with different difficulty props and jumping platform, novice or professional players, can find fun. Olympic size U-shaped venues and aerial skills platform to host national team training and international standards events, The 2017 International Snow Federation World Cup in aerial skills and U-shaped venues World Cup are held here.

The second stage of development will be completed by October 2020 in six projects: new cultural town , Prince skiing town , Olympic media village 1 (relay center) , Olympic media village 2 (news center) , Beicun , and sports park, a comprehensive four-season tourist resort, the park is expected to build 15,000 beds.

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Yunding Skiing Ground is the venue for snowboarding and freestyle skiing in the Winter Olympics of 2022, the venue for the World Championships of Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding in 2021, the Olympic size U-shaped pool ground and aerial skills platform are two major landscapes.

There are 41 snow paths, 13 high-grade roads, 20 intermediate roads, 2 primary roads, 6 wild snow paths and snow parks, equipped with 5 high-speed cable cars with electric heating seats.

TBL Beginner Terrain Teaching Park

TBL (Terrain Based Learning , terrain-based skiing teaching park) beginners'terrain teaching park, is for beginners, built slope turning, flat, wave path, Mini U-shaped groove and other terrain types, using scientific system of preliminary learning system, to help beginners quickly master skiing skills.

Yunding Snow Park

Yunding Snow Park is built and maintained by a professional international team. It has props and jumping platforms with different difficulties. Whether you are a junior Park enthusiast or a high-level player, you can find fun here.

U pool

As the venue of single-board skiing and freestyle skiing competition in 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Miyuan Yunding Paradise will build Olympic Games-sized Half Pipe and aerial skills platform at designated locations of the Winter Olympic Games, and host national team training and international level competitions to perform a passionate feast.

Flying saucers on snow

Cloud Top Paradise in Miyuan has a snow flying saucer area, and is equipped with special magic carpet, snow ring and other entertainment facilities. Professional coaches are available to guide them, Enjoy the fun of snowing in the UFO area.

Yunding Ski School

Yunding Ski School is located on the second floor of Yunding Hotel. There are more than 150 coaches, and they can learn to ski with the help of coaches.

Mountain bike

Miyuan Yunding Paradise tries mountain biking, Miyuan Yunding Paradise has junior middle and senior lanes respectively. There are also forests, wooden bridges, bends, earthen bags and other types, to meet different groups of people, to wear protective gear, to enjoy riding under the guidance of professionals.

Star watching

The average temperature of Yunding Paradise in Miyuan is 19 degrees in summer. Keep away from urban light pollution, PM2.5 concentration below 20 ug/m3, Golden Flower Pavilion on the top of the mountain is equipped with astronomical telescopes.

Children's Summer Camp

Miyuan Yunding Paradise has children's summer camp activities every summer, star watching, camping, groundhog treasure hunting game. Mountain biking, Handicraft making, Skiing knowledge lectures and other activities.

Children's Winter Camp

Every winter, Miyuan Yunding Paradise has winter camp programs for children. There are professional coaches to guide children to learn skiing quickly. The life teacher coaches the whole course, and exercises the ability of self-care in life. Let the children take part in such games as attack and defense, skating, trampoline, table football, swimming and other recreational activities to teach and enjoy, and let the children learn to work together and share. In addition to skiing courses, there are also opportunities to watch the training of the National Team of the Winter Olympics in the snowfield, visit the past poster exhibitions of the history of the Winter Olympics, so that children can enter the Winter Olympics and learn about the Winter Olympics.

Sightseeing cable car

Take a sightseeing cable car 360 degrees to enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains. In summer, you can see green trees and forests and feel the fragrance of birds and flowers. In winter, you can enjoy the snowy scenery and the scenery of the North.

on foot

Miyuan Yunding Paradise has hiking trails. You can find fun in Cloud Top Paradise in Miyuan.

Mountain Frisbee Golf

Miyuan Yunding Paradise has the first 18-hole Frisbee golf course in China. Frisbee Golf venues are free, but cable car tickets and Frisbees are required.

Offensive and defensive arrows

Archery Tag #was invented by John Jackson in 2011. It is a comprehensive sport of strength, confrontation, cooperation, confrontation and appreciation. Cross-cover, echelon rescue, round attack, offensive and defensive, all the charm of sports can be found in this game.

Year-round skating rink

Miyuan Yunding Paradise 800 square meters skating rink is built by Le Sisu. The simulation rink is easy to disassemble and assemble, zero energy consumption, suitable for all kinds of venues, to ensure smooth skating effect.

Indoor recreational facilities

Indoor Children's Paradise

Miyuan Yunding Paradise is specially prepared for children's paradise, with trampoline, shooting machine, bookstore, table tennis table, toy store, exclusive game area, etc., to meet the needs of different children carefully care.

Banquet hall-conference Hall

Miyuan Yunding Paradise has two international banquet halls and eight conference halls, which can accommodate 1500 people. It has both private and exclusive services. It can hold business meetings, exhibitions, new product recommendation, wedding banquets and other activities.

Swimming pool, gym

The hotel's swimming pool and gym are free of charge for customers who stay in the hotel. In swimming pools and gyms, winding snow paths can be seen at a glance through large landing windows.

Archery Hall

Miyuan Yunding Paradise Archery Hall is located on the third floor of the hotel. There are many groups of targets in the hall, equipped with professional archery equipment.

Quarter Card Membership Rest Area

Miyuan Yunding Paradise Quarter Card Members'Lounge is located in the second floor ski lobby of the hotel. It has 150 seats. It provides all kinds of drinks, fast food and snacks. It also has recreational and leisure areas and all kinds of board games.

Yunding Hotel

Located in Yunding Paradise, Miyuan, Yunding Hotel is a mountain sports hotel that truly realizes Ski in-Ski out. The hotel has 265 rooms and suites, 83 apartments, and kitchen equipment.

The hotel has 21 new thematic rooms with parent-child characteristics. The rooms are equipped with a large bed, a bed-up and a bed-down, which can be easily accommodated by a family of four. The bathroom is equipped with a special children's bathrobe, bed sheets and quilt cover.

Food Specialties

Qinglong Restaurant

Located on the third floor of the hotel, can accommodate 150 people for meals at the same time. Provides Sichuan cuisine and local cuisine with special features.

Blue Lake Restaurant

Located on the third floor of the hotel, adjacent to the cable station, air skills competition venue, snow track, providing a variety of delicious Chinese and Western dishes, while providing hotel guests with a special buffet breakfast.

Sports bar

A sports-themed bar can watch live broadcasts of various sports events. The bar is equipped with table football, billiards, darts and other sports facilities, as well as a chess and card room, KTV. Special snacks, coffee, tea and drinks are served during the day and fashionable cocktails are served at night. There are also cigar bars and red wine galleries.

Old Beijing

Located on the fifth floor of the hotel, it provides authentic old Beijing hot pot and Beijing cuisine.

Car file

Located in the ski lobby area on the second floor of the hotel, it adopts the characteristic Antique Dining car. Selling characteristic hot and spicy , fried River flour , steamed buns , steamed buns , wonton and so on.

VIP private room

Located on the fifth floor of the hotel, there are 10 people, 20 people, 50 people in all kinds of private rooms, private rooms with floor windows, plus professional chefs for cooking dishes.

Golden Flower Pavilion Restaurant

Located at the top of the mountain, it has a wide view. Provide strong beef noodles and topped rice with various flavors. You can choose to enjoy coffee, lemon tea, potato chips and other tea breaks on the way to mountain climbing or skiing.

Colorful Children's House

Located on the third floor of the hotel, it is an interesting children's paradise with bright colors, lovely tables and chairs, ornamented green plants, facilities for children to play, special reading and baking classes, nutritional delicacies suitable for children, and tableware for children.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Located on the third floor of Yunding Hotel, K3 dealer. Right to Cable Station No. 1