Mira Gahei Mile La Ga Hei

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Mira Gahei Mile La Ga Hei

Mira Gahei, Dongxiang folk tale. Also known as "Moonlight Mirror". Among the Dongxiang people, there are also poem-style stories of "Mira'er Hei", which are intermingled in rhyme and rhyme.

On June 7, 2008, the "Mira Gahei" declared by Dongxiang Autonomous County of Gansu Province was listed in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list with the approval of the State Council. Heritage protection: 555 I-68.

historical origin

In ancient times, a handsome and outstanding hunter, Mira Gahei, shot a piece of moon with an arrow and got a moonlight mirror, in which there was a beautiful woman named Heidia. Mila Gahei, guided by the wise man, found Heidia and used the mirror as a matchmaker's testimony and engagement gift to make an appointment to marry in the next year. But just as they were getting ready for their wedding, the war broke out. Mirakh crossed the horse to fight against the invading enemy. When Mirakh expedited, Jackie Chan, a wealthy young man, invited the devil to drink the soup for Haidia. After the war, Mirakhei rushed back to Goax Hill, and Heidia lost her memory. With the help of the wise man and the Snow Treasure, Miramar rescued Heidia when Jackie Ma married him, and used their lovely past and moonlight mirror to evoke Heidia's memory. A couple of lovers who had been robbed by heavy demons held a wedding on the agate seaside.

primary coverage

Long ago, there was a village on the other side of the Manube River near the forest. There lived a young man named Mira Gahei. He was an excellent hunter. In terms of strength, Mira can wrestle with wild bears; in terms of talent (meaning resemblance and temperament), Mira black is as heroic as a god; in terms of temperament, Mira black is as tender and lovely as a girl. Miragar is as good as black, but the best is his archery. Mila's black arrows are the highest geese flying in the blue sky and the fastest elk running in the forest. As long as they pass in front of him, they can't escape from his sharp arrows. One night, Mira Gahei was walking on the village field. The bright moon illuminates the earth, the wild flowers emit fragrance, and the song Tao should harmonize with the sound of the water. What a wonderful night it is. The young hunter was so happy that he really wanted to shoot an arrow. But where did he shoot the arrow when there were neither birds nor beasts? Mirahei hesitated for a moment, looked up suddenly and saw the bright moon in the sky. He thought: People say that the moon is a mirror made of precious stones by the creator. Why don't I shoot an arrow at it and listen to its sound? Mirakhei opened his bow and shot an arrow at the moon. The arrow flew away from the strings and went straight to the moon, only to hear a "clang". The arrow was broken, and a small piece of it was shot down in the middle of the moon. Until now, we can still see a shadow, which is said to be the place where Mila shot it with an arrow.

Inheritance significance

The story is legendary, plot twists and turns, vivid and moving. It is an excellent work in Dongxiang folk literature.

Inheritance status

Wang Yuliang, a poet of Dongxiang nationality, once wrote the long narrative poem Mira'er Hei with this theme.


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