Mineral resources in Guangan

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Mineral resources in Guang'an

Guang'an City is located in the middle part of Huaying Mountain. The mineral resources are mainly distributed in Huayingshan, Tongluoshan and Mingyueshan anticlines, and two synclines of Dongcao and Xicao in Linshui county. More than 30 kinds of mineral deposits have been proved or discovered, such as coal, natural gas, oil, rock salt, limestone, silica, basalt, dolomite, shale, gypsum, siderite, anatase, pyrite, plumbite, phosphate, river sand, mineral water, potassium bearing rock, refractory clay, lithium beryllium, germanium, chromium, boron, Iceland spar, quartz sand, diabase, geothermal, etc., which have great industrial value There are 17 species that have been mined and are being mined.