Mianzhu Hanwang earthquake site

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Mianzhu Hanwang earthquake site

Mianzhu Hanwang earthquake site (Park) is composed of three areas: Dongqi factory area, Dongqi dormitory area and Hanwang town area. It mainly focuses on four themes: digital display platform, disaster reduction emergency rescue training center, remote multi-functional training center, memorial wall and Thanksgiving wall sculpture group.

brief introduction

Through the creation of the landscape environment, it shows the Chinese people's love and gratitude.

scenic spot

Big clock

The clock pointer of Hanwang square in Mianzhu City, permanently fixed at the special position of 14:28, has become a significant building and may be the best monument to the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake. During the Wenchuan earthquake, Mianzhu people suffered a great disaster, especially in the mountainous areas and mountainous areas of Hanwang area, almost all the houses collapsed, and only about 8% of the houses were basically intact. Dongfang Steam Turbine Plant located in Hanwang suffered heavy losses.


Chengdu tourism distribution center has opened a special tour bus to Deyang earthquake site.

The special line is Chengdu Guanghan Shifang Yinghua Mianzhu Hanwang Mianzhu Deyang Chengdu 290 km. He left at 8 am and returned to Chengdu at 6 pm. The cost is 98 yuan per person, including round-trip tickets, meals, travel accident insurance, tour guide service, and earthquake site safety maintenance. 15 yuan / person for children under 1.1 meters. You can visit Hanwang Town, Mianzhu and the rural tourism earthquake site belt along the mountain in the hardest hit area of "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake. You can also visit the world's largest temporary settlement area of prefabricated houses, and witness the history in front of the "5.12 Memorial bell" in the site area of Hanwang earthquake. You can also go to shejiantai New Year Painting Village and visit the new year painting workshop.