Meishan Wushu

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Meishan Wushu

Meishan Wushu is a traditional school of Wushu which is spread in Hunan Province. Xinhua is an ancient and magical land. It has not only nurtured many historical celebrities, but also cultivated Meishan Wushu, which has been practiced for generations.

On November 11, 2014, Meishan Wushu was approved by the State Council and listed in the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Meishan Wugong, whether in bare gloves or in apparatus routines, emphasizes the organic combination of "spirit, Qi and mind", requiring "airflow Dantian, heart and mind, mind and mind, strength and strength". "Piles are steady, spicy, fierce, breathless and silent". During the founding of New China, Meishan boxing was developed as a traditional sport to enhance people's physique. In 1984, the county was awarded the title of "Township of Wushu" by the provincial people's government. In February 1983, the Wushu Association and Wushu Hall were set up in the county gymnasium. The Wushu Association branches were set up in all districts and towns of the county, and Wushu counseling stations were set up in 50 townships, which greatly popularized the mass Wushu. Most of the men, women and children in urban and rural areas of the county have good physical fitness.