March 3 She Nationality

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March 3 She Nationality

March 3rd is the traditional festival of She nationality. Every year in this festival, a grand song is held, and ancestors worship Valley God, singing and dancing. It is very lively. In addition, we have to eat black rice, remember our ancestors and entertain visitors, so "March 3" is also known as "Black Rice Festival".

Jingning is the only She Autonomous County in China and the only Ethnic Autonomous County in East China. For thousands of years, she people have created rich and brilliant national culture in this beautiful land. She traditional culture has a long history and distinct national characteristics. Folk customs, such as folk songs, dances, marriage, sacrifices, are simple and profound, full of interest, local folk customs, simple and enthusiastic.

While maintaining the tradition, "March 3" in Jingning, She Township, continuously excavates the connotation of She Township customs and innovates the content and form of activities, and becomes a major brand of Jingning, She Township.

On June 14, 2008, the She nationality declared by Jingning She Autonomous County of Zhejiang Province was listed in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list (category: folklore; number: _-73) approved by the State Council on March 3.

historical origin

Legend has it that Lei Wanxing, a hero of She nationality, led the Rebel Army against the Tang Dynasty. He was besieged by the officers and soldiers in the mountains and was cut off from food. He was in a very difficult situation. He saw that the whole army was in danger of being destroyed. It was in the mid-winter season, when the weather was cold, and all kinds of plants in the mountains had fallen off their leaves and fruits. Only one wild plant, Wuzhi, was hung with clusters of sweet fruits on its. When the She Army collected and returned to the battalion, Lei Wanxing's fragrance was delicious. He ordered the whole army to collect four battalions. Military grain was settled. Lei Wanxing was able to break out of the encirclement on the third day of March and won the victory of counter-encirclement and suppression. On the third day of March, another year, Lei Wanxing wanted to eat the fruit of the same year and let the Shejun go to the mountain to pick it. But at this time, the barley just sprouts and leaves. The soldiers only picked the leaves and steamed the glutinous rice. The rice was blue-black and tasty. Later, in order to share the joy of Lei Wanxing's victory against the officers and soldiers, she went out to "step green" on the third day of March every year to collect the barley leaves and steamed the black rice. From generation to generation, they evolve into customs.

Why is "March 3" the birthday of millet? And you have to eat black rice? There's another story. It was March, a long time ago. Because of pests, bad harvest and the increase of rent and tax by the landlords, the She people's families ran out of grain. The abominable landlord snatched even the grain. She people suffer from hunger. However, the heartless mountain owners rejoiced in their misfortune. Instead of lending grain, they let out evil dogs and bited the She people who came to ask for it. Everyone could not bear it any longer. One night, the strong Blue Sky Phoenix took several young descendants over the wall into the mountain master's yard. They broke open the granary, carried the grain bags back to the stockade, and sowed it overnight. The next day, when the landlord found that the granary had been stolen, he rushed madly to the stockade of the She people with a dozen hitters. In order to save the people from suffering, Blue Sky Phoenix came forward. In this way, he was put in prison on the third day of March.

In the dungeon, Blue Sky Phoenix was bruised all over. The landlord also conspired to watch the prison yard crooked his mouth and refused to give Blue Sky Phoenix food to eat. He wanted to starve him alive. The news came that the elders and sisters of the She Nationality came to visit the prison one after another. They beat the remaining grain seeds into rice, cooked them and kneaded them into rice balls and sent them to prison. But the rice ball fell into a crooked stomach, and Blue Sky Phoenix did not eat a mouthful. On this day, to the dungeon to deliver meals is Sheshan's most outstanding singer Xixiu girl. The clever girl thought of a way to deal with the hateful crooked mouth. It was noon, and the sophisticated girl was carrying a basket of bamboo, which was filled with sacks of linen and brought meals. Watching the girl with a crooked mouth and a hostile look, he opened the sack and put his hand in. At this time, suddenly crooked mouth shouted, and then jumped around. However, the mouth of the bamboo basket was small, and after dancing for half a day, he still couldn't pull out his hand and rolled with pain. Originally, the sack contained black, big and poisonous mountain ants. When the mountain ant bites the crooked mouth, it will be poisoned and die that day.

From then on, the She family gathered black rice leaves from the mountains to cook lunch. The cooked black rice looked like a group of mountain ants. The jailers who were frightened by the mountain ants no longer dared to eat a group. As time went by, Blue Sky Phoenix ate black rice every day, which not only healed the wound, but also added a lot of strength. Therefore, in Sheshan, black rice can cure fatigue but sickness.

By March 3 of the third year, Blue Sky Phoenix was finally rescued by the Rebel Army and elected as the leader of the Rebel Army. In order to let future generations remember the hard-won rice of the She family, "March 3" was designated as the birthday of rice. Rice from white flowers to black bright, as if wearing a flower dress, so there is also a boiling of black rice in Sheshan is to dress rice in flowers, birthday. According to legend, the dark blue linen clothes that she family usually like to wear are the reason they learned from this. Wearing this kind of clothes can not only prevent the sun from being exposed to poison, but also prevent mountain ants from biting.

Folklore Inheritance

Nowadays, she people everywhere commemorate the national hero Lei Wanxing.

Every year on March 3rd, the rice is steamed and served as a family meal and a gift to relatives and friends. Hold dances, group songs and celebrate festivals. Especially in the past ten years, this ancient festival has become more enthusiastic and colorful everywhere. On April 17, 1983, more than 100 She compatriots held the "March 3" event in Beijing for the first time. Nowadays, the content and cultural connotation of "March 3" activities are extremely rich, and its influence has been continuously enhanced. During the "March 3" period, the National She Folk Song Festival , She Fashion Design Competition and Mountain Song Competition were held. Jingning's "She Nationality March 3rd" Festival has gradually embarked on the road of routinization and gradation, and has become a national event of "displaying the style of She Nationality, displaying She Nationality's culture and enhancing Jingning's image", which has a certain influence in China.

Since 1993, Wuyi, Lishui and Songyang She nationality gathering places have cooperated to hold the "March 3rd Song Festival" in turn every year, which makes the long-standing "March 3rd of She nationality" glow with unique folk customs and cultural charm under the new historical background. Now March 3 has been given a lot of other things, such as men and women's song, bonfire party, etc., more modern romantic atmosphere.

On the afternoon of April 16, 2010, the March 3 collective wedding ceremony and the activities of walking on the street were held in Jingning She Autonomous County. Ten couples from all over the country tied the knot and tied the knot on the traditional special day of "March 3rd" in She Township, dressed in the wedding dress of She Nationality.

Activity impact

In 2010, the opening ceremony of the March 3 event in She Township, China and the "Passion Square" of CCTV entered Jingning, where a large-scale singing and dancing performance opened at the Jingning County Sports Stadium. This event provides a broad platform for further promoting cultural exchanges between the various ethnic groups across the Taiwan Strait, and opens up more space for further publicity and exhibition of Jingning, Shexiang, and continuous promotion of excellent She culture. The large-scale singing and dancing performance of "Passion Square" by CCTV, with the theme of "Patriotic Songs Sing by All", presented a wonderful performance of literature and art. The Native Culture and Art Troupe from Nantou County, Baodao, Taiwan, came on stage to perform. Songs and dances embodying the She nationality's characteristic culture and customs add a different flavor to "Passion Square".