Manufacturing Techniques of Tianfu Sauce Elbow

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Manufacturing Techniques of Tianfu Sauce Elbow

Declaration area or unit: Beijing Tianfu Food Co., Ltd.

Tianfu Sauce Meat Shop was founded in 1738, the third year of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty, when Shandong was in a severe drought and there was no grain harvest. Liu Fengxiang, a man from Yexian County, Shandong Province, led his grandson Liu Daiming to Beijing to make a living. He opened a Sauce Meat Shop in the northeastern corner of Xidan Archway, named Tianfu, which implied the meaning of heaven's blessing. The sauce elbow made by Tianfu is crisp and delicious with excellent quality, which attracts the patronage from top officials and nobles to bottom civilians. Empress Dowager Cixi also greatly appreciated it after tasting, and gave "Tianfu waist plate", which stipulated that Tianfu waist plate should be used to send sauce elbows into the palace quantitatively every day. Since then, "Tianfu sauce elbow" has become a tribute, and its reputation has been boosted. In 1993, "Tianfu" was named "the old Chinese brand". So far, Tianfu has been passed down for eight generations. During the historical changes of more than 270 years, its products such as soy sauce elbow have always maintained superb quality.

Tianfu sauce elbow production technology is formed by repeated research of Liu's ancestors and grandchildren in their business. Its sauce preparation method is unique and unique. Tianfu sauce elbow has fine material selection, fat but not greasy, thin but not wood, non-return skin, rich fragrance and mellow. Since the 21st century, due to the overburdened old enterprises, shortage of funds and talents, narrow production sites, aging of skilled workers, outflow of skilled personnel and other reasons, the inheritance of Tianfu sauce elbow production technology has become increasingly difficult, followed by few people. To change this situation, effective protection measures must be formulated as soon as possible.


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