Maling River Canyon

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Maling River Canyon

Maling River Gorge is located in Xingyi City, Guizhou Province. It is an important member of Xingyi National Geopark and a national scenic spot of the People's Republic of China. It is known as "the first drift in China".

Maling River Canyon is a combination of Xiong, Qi, Danger and Xiu, with a width of 50-150 meters and a depth of 120-280 meters. The Maling River Canyon is a deep-cut fissure in the orogenic movement, with waterfalls flowing in the canyon, bamboo hanging upside down, caves connected, and ancient trees and famous trees on both sides of the canyon embellished with various forms. Wanfeng Forest Scenic Area has mountains of Dongfeng Forest and pastoral villages of Xifeng Forest, while Wanfeng Lake Scenic Area has tens of thousands of islands. Nowadays, the drifting of Maling River Canyon attracts a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists.

Survey of scenic spots


Maling River Canyon is located in the northeast of the whole scenic area. It is a rift cut by the turbulent river water and underground water. It looks like a ground crevice from top to bottom and a line of Tiangou from bottom to top.

The Maling River originates from the Baiguoling of Wumeng Mountains. The upper reaches are called Qingshui River. The middle reaches are called Maling River because of the Mabie Dazhai and Maling Village on both sides of the river. In the process from the river to the estuary, which is about 100 kilometers long, there is a drop of nearly one kilometer and a strong cutting capacity. A 74.8 kilometer-long Maling River Canyon is cut out on the flat plain of 1200 meters above sea level.

Canyon survey

Many tributaries on both sides of the Taiwan Straits lag behind the mainstream due to downcutting speed, forming hundreds of waterfalls over 100 meters high falling into deep valleys. The average width and depth of the canyon are between 200 and 400 meters. The narrowest part is only 50 meters and the deepest part is 500 meters. It is rare that the canyon is so narrow and so deep. The river water in the karst area contains a lot of calcium carbonate, which releases carbon dioxide rapidly during the fall and attaches it to the cliff wall. With the passage of time, the thicker the calcium carbonate material is, the larger the area is. Thus, a large-scale and magnificent group of calcified waterfalls is bred on the two walls of the canyon. On the cliff walls of the Tianxing Gallery scenic area alone, there is a calcified waterfall with an area of more than 300,000 square kilometers, interwoven with the magnificent peak forest of the waterfall, forming a very rare landscape. The Maling River Canyon can also be divided into Donglang Hot Spring, Colorful Corridor, Star Gallery and Zhaojiadu Scenic Spot from top to bottom.

Characteristics of scenic spots

Characteristic experience

The first China International Canoeing Race was held in Maling River Valley in 1998. The Maling River drifts for more than 50 kilometers, through more than 80 dangerous beaches, more than 70 deep pools and more than 60 bays. During this period, we can feel the pleasure of "one flush wild horse beach", "two jumps over the tigers", "three jumps over the rhinoceros canal", "four breaks through the Dragon Tengguan", "five enters into the Happy Pool" and "six to the Hong Waterfall Bank".

On November 26, 2005, the first open canoeing race for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was held in Maling River Canyon, and the "Foundation-laying Ceremony of Athletes'Apartments of China National Rapid Canoeing Training Base" was held in Maling River Canyon Park. Maling River Canyon was officially regarded as the "National Rapid Canoeing Training Base".

Characteristic combination

The Maling River Gorge is divided into four sections.

The first section is Qingshui River drifting. From Qingshui River Bridge to Maling Ancient Bridge, there are 26 kilometers with a drop of 108 meters. It takes 2 or 3 hours, including nine gates, eighteen bays and eighteen beaches. Because it is upstream, the pollution is the smallest and the water quality is the best. In the course of drifting, we have to go through the "Nine Gates Corridor", "Colorful Corridor", "Pearl Gorge" and other scenic spots. The beach is not very urgent, and it belongs to the gentle type. When you break through the beach in the stormy waves, you can most appreciate all kinds of experiences in life.

The second section is from Maling Ancient Bridge to Baili Gallery Scenic Area. It is about 14 kilometers long. It takes more than one hour. There are few rapids. The scenery on both sides of the Straits is still acceptable. There are waterfalls, flocks, ancient stone bridges and so on. It is suitable for the elderly and children to drift. It belongs to the leisure type. In the course of drifting, we have to pass through the scenic spots such as "Wild Horse Beach", "Tiger Bank", "Grotto Cliff" and "Huifeng Cliff". We can hear the legends of "Wooden Bridge" and "Wulong Kaihe River".

The third section is about 22 kilometers from the Star Gallery scenic spot to the Zhaojiadu Bridge. It has excellent scenery on both sides of the canyon. The river falls greatly and is thrilling and exciting.

The fourth section, from Zhaojiadu to Wanfeng Lake, is the one with the largest drop, the most dangerous beaches, the most challenging and the most dangerous. Now, besides professional drifters, it is not open to ordinary tourists and belongs to the exploratory type.

Characteristic landscape

The total area of the scenic spot is 450 square kilometers. It is a scenic spot featuring Wanfeng, Qiandao, Baiwaterfall, Qigu and magical ground seams of color paintings. There are many cultural sites, rich ethnic customs, mild and humid climate, annual average temperature 15 ~18 C, four seasons like spring, small temperature difference between day and night. It is a resort for people to seek seclusion, sightseeing, visiting ancient times, novelty, summer vacation and leisure.

The Maling River Canyon is characterized by ground crevices, mountains and valleys, waterfalls and calcium carbonate wall hangings. The Maling River Valley is 74.8 kilometers long, 50-150 meters wide, 120-280 meters deep and 200 meters below the ground.

As a result of the "Qianquan Guiqi River water erosion" role, nurtured a colorful gorge spectacle. One is that the two walls of the canyon breed large-scale, spectacular and scattered calcified rocks, forming a unique rock waterfall; the other is that there are more than 100 waterfalls in the scenic area, including more than 20 waterfalls within 1.7 kilometers of the Star Gallery, such as Wanma Roaring Waterfall, Pearl Waterfall, Intermittent Fifth Cascade Waterfall, etc. The waterfall is 120-170 meters high and 5-100 meters wide, strong as a gap in the Milky Way, and soft like a curling Na; Third, there are many little-known water curtain holes.

Visiting the Maling River Valley, you will experience the Infinite Wonder of nature. The Canyon is deep and secluded, the trestle road climbs the cliff, winding and intriguing, along the road and swims, such as in the painting, step by step, step by step, make people linger and forget to return. "The mirage stone is more strange than the wonderful painting. Poetry is the only way to write strange poems in the empty mountains. Indeed, the Maling River Canyon is a poem in the empty mountains.

Besides abundant natural scenery, other scenic spots and historic sites are also abundant in Maling River Gorge Scenic Area. There are 240 million-year-old Mesozoic Triassic "Guizhou Dragon" fossils, 100 million years earlier than dinosaur egg fossils; there are "Cat Cave" and "Zhangkou Cave" sites of ancient human activities; there are Han Tomb Group, Liu's Manor, Ho Yingqin's former residence and other cultural landscapes in China; During the Long March, the Red Army also left the footprints of Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou in command of the battle.

Because of its rich resources, diverse types, high taste and unique features, and relying on Xingyi City, convenient transportation, accommodation, communication and other conditions, the Malinghe Gorge Scenic Spot stands out in the West Line Scenic Spot and is favored by both Chinese and foreign tourists.

Value of places of interest

The karst peak forest in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is generally poorly developed, and the peak forest landscape with ornamental value is more rare. However, the Nahuiba peak forest basin in Xingyi is a magnificent, magnificent and beautiful one. It is the first place in the plateau karst area. The Maling River Gorge scenic spot is a typical karst scenery in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, a perfect epitome, including Maling River Gorge, Wanfeng Forest and Wanfeng Forest. Three parts of Wanfeng Lake.

The central scenic spot is 6 kilometers away from Xingyi City, located in the junction of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guizhou provinces, with waterfalls in the scenic spot. Some of the more than 30 waterfalls in the central scenic spot are as strong as the gap of the Milky Way, and some are as weak as graceful fairies. The waterfalls fall over the sky, spattering with jade beads and rainbows in the sunshine, which are like immortals. Due to the effect of "Qianquan returning to the valley and water-soluble turbidity of the stream", the two walls of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Valley are full of carbon and calcium, which are like birds and animals, and waterfalls and fogs are moist and vivid.

Wanfeng Forest Scenic Spot is composed of thousands of exotic peaks and beautiful stones, stretching for hundreds of kilometers. It is magnificent and magnificent, with perfect overall shape, and its peaks are dense and peculiar, so it is popular with tourists both at home and abroad. It is divided into two major scenic spots, East and West Fenglin. The scenery is different and interesting. They are called nature's water painting and natural bonsai respectively.

The former residence of Ho Yingqin, former Minister of Military Affairs of the National Government, and the former residence of General Wang Wenhua, commander-in-chief of the Northern Expedition Army and the French Army, are all located in the peak forest. Xu Xiake, a famous geographer and tourist in the Ming Dynasty, once made a survey of Wanfenglin in Xingyi and gave a high appraisal. He wrote poems: "How many famous mountains in the world are there, only here are the peak forests; the steep peaks stand apart from each other and stand in a broad range, with uneven rows of bamboo shoots and headlands."

Mountains, countryside, rivers, villages and karst caves in the scenic area interweave into a beautiful brocade of Buyi nationality. It is a rare pure land on earth. It is a good place for your rural tourism, horseback riding, tent camping and leisure vacation.

Wanfeng Lake is a pearl of artificial lake on Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. On both sides of the lake, there are Miao and Buyi ethnic minorities with rich customs. There are thousands of lakes distributed across the whole island and peninsula, forming a natural landscape bonsai.

Bamboo rafts and cruise boats in the lake area shuttle among them, egrets and red gulls flying up and down; water stone forest, Buyi ancient village, peak forest landscape, Canyon cliffs, is a good place for leisure and vacation.

Characteristic landform

Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is the most widely distributed area of karst geomorphology in the world. The Maling River Canyon Scenic Area is located between Wumeng Mountain and Guangxi hills on the uplift of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. The Triassic carbonate soluble rocks are widely distributed and the rock strata are complicated in fracture folds. It embodies the multi-level and multi-type landscapes of karst, and competes with Huangguoshu Waterfall on both sides of the East and West and Lunan Stone Forest in Yunnan to form the karst scenery covering China.

The Maling River Canyon Scenic Area covers a total area of 450 square kilometers. It is a scenic spot featuring Wanfeng, Qiandao, Bai Waterfall, Qigu and the magical ground joints of color paintings.

In 2008, the first national open canoeing competition of the Beijing Olympic Games was held in Maling River Canyon.

The Maling River originates from the Baiguoling of Wumeng Mountains. The upper reaches are called Qingshui River. The middle reaches are called Maling River because of the Mabie Dazhai and Maling Village on both sides. The Maling River originates from the Wumeng Mountains. It is an important tributary of the Northern Bank of the Nanpan River. It runs over 80 kilometers across the territory of Xingyi City. It has abundant water flow, large drop and strong underwater cutting capacity.

The Maling River Canyon is characterized by ground crevices, mountains and valleys, waterfalls and calcium carbonate wall hangings. The Maling River Valley is 74.8 kilometers long, 50-150 meters wide, 120-280 meters deep and 200 meters below the ground. As a result of the "Qianquan Guiqi River water erosion" role, nurtured a colorful gorge spectacle.

In Maling River, besides feeling the karst landform of the canyon, it is also a drifter's paradise for drifters and one of the top ten drifting attractions in China.

Traffic transfer

There are 3, 4, 8 and LY2 bus routes in Xingyi city, which are between the city and the scenic area of Maling Gorge.

3 routes

Bus Route 3 (Pingdong Square Malinghe Canyon Wetland Park) is 22.2 kilometers long. The departure time of the first and last buses is 06:30-20:00.

Where to go: Pingdong Square Pingdong Square Pingdong Middle Road Xingyi Agriculture and Commercial Bank Koshapo City Style Broadcasting Bureau New Times Garden Road New Times Garden Road South Central Road 858585858594; ShuShui School Road \8594; Caiyuan Hotel State Public Security Bureau  City Hospital Resident Fuxing West Road Fengsheng Second Strestreet State Discipline Gas Station on Orange Hill Avenue Middle Section of Orange Hill Avenue Xiajiaqiao Wenhua Crossing Xingyi Middle School Orange Mountain National Street Donghuan Crossing Maling River Canyon Wetland Park (total 26 stations)

Backturn: Ma Ling River Canyon Wetland Park East Ring Road Road intersection East Ring Road intersection Orange Mountain National Street Orange Mountain National Street Xingyi Secondary School Wenhua intersection Xiajiaqiao Xijiaqiao Xishan Avenue Gasoline Station OraOrange Hill Gas Station Ruijin North Road City Land Tax Bureau OraOraOrange Hill Square State Radio and Television Administration State JiJiJiWater School Crossing South Ring Road South Ring Road New Age Garden Crossing City Sports and Culture Broadcasting Bureau Keshapo Xingyi Agricultural and Commercial Company Pingdong Middle Road Pingdong Square (26 stops)