Mahu scenic spot

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Mahu scenic spot

Mahu scenic area, located in Leibo County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, covers an area of 100 square kilometers. The scenic spot is composed of Mahu lake, Jinshajiang Valley and primitive dense forest. It is a bright pearl in the depth of Xiaoliangshan. The Mahu house set up in the Ming Dynasty was named after Mahu. The upper part of Mahu lake was originally an ancient river channel, and the lower part was a deep valley. Due to the strong earthquake, the valley collapsed, resulting in today's rockfill dam and beautiful lake.

geographical environment

Mahu lake is a large natural deep-water lake on the plateau, with a water area of 7.3 square kilometers. In the East, West and south, there are high mountain barriers, and in the north are natural stone dams formed by the accumulation of basalt and limestone fragments. The harbor is deep and secluded, the lakeshore is tortuous and changeable, and the limestone at the bottom of the lake is smooth and fine without silt. The water of the lake is full of water all the year round, clear and transparent without any pollution. Around the lake is surrounded by tea garden and forest. The trees are green and the scenery is beautiful. The Jinsha River Gorge is very steep with steep mountains, swift river water, towering cliffs and forest of strange rocks. The area is inhabited by Yi people, villages with ethnic characteristics, historical and cultural relics, which add interest to the scenic spot.

natural resources

There are a large number of virgin forests in Mahu scenic area, with towering ancient trees, twining vines, lichen moss everywhere, full of primitive and simple flavor. Mahu lake is 5.5km long from north to south, 2.5km wide from east to west, covering an area of 7 square kilometers. The average water depth is 70 meters, and the deepest one is 170 meters. It stores 300 million cubic meters of water. The water level of Mahu lake is stable. The elevation of the lake is 1100 meters above sea level. It is a natural fresh water lake in the high mountain gorge area of Xiaoliang mountain. It is called halangshuhuo in Yi language.

Mahu lake is the third largest natural plateau lake in Sichuan, which is as famous as Qionghai Lake and Lugu Lake. It is said that in the past, people used to use Zhuang horse to tie the lake shore. The dragon in the lake came out and made friends, and then produced different horses. It was named Mahu because of the dragon in the lake, also known as the Dragon Lake. Mahu is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with beautiful scenery.

Ma Lake, farmland fields, rice and wheat fragrance, Lake rich in a variety of fish, as well as pearls and precious Brasenia. In spring and summer, fish jump in the shallow water, and the blue waves are rippling. The scenery of lakes and mountains is better than the beautiful scenery of Qiantang. From ancient times to the present, scholars of Arts, distinguished officials and even positions, who came to Leibo to visit here for pleasure.

Main attractions

Mahu Lake

Mahu, shaped like a crescent moon, is located in the mountains east of Leibo County at an altitude of 1113 meters. The water of the lake is full of water, and the limestone layer at the bottom of the lake is smooth without silt. It is known as another pearl on the Daliang Mountain. Mahu is surrounded by strange peaks and gullies, and the mountains are magnificent and mysterious. The lake rippling blue waves, beautiful scenery, people forget to return. What is more unforgettable is the beautiful scenery of different seasons and the elegant fragrance of tea

In winter, Mahu is quiet and serene, with occasional ripples, which seems to be waiting for tourists to come. In spring, there is a natural botanical garden around Mahu lake. Hundreds of kinds of mountain flowers accompany you to play, dazzling camellia, funny cuckoo, red, white, purple, yellow It is colorful and attractive. In addition, the lake is full of water, and the mountain shadow reflects the scenery.

Spring in March, spring rain such as crisp. The green tea garden around the mountain in Mahu is green, and the water shield in the lake is tender, which makes people feel satisfied with both eyes and mouth. Mahu is located in the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau. The climate is warm and there is no frost all year round. It is like a natural thermostat, which can accurately and timely regulate the sunshine, temperature, rainfall and humidity of the surrounding mountains. Surrounded by clouds and abundant rainfall, it is an ideal base for tea growth and has a long history of tea production.

Mahu spring tea fragrance, Mahu water shield taste more beautiful. Brasenia schreberi is a rare delicacy only in West Lake and Mahu Lake in China. It is known as three famous dishes in the south of the Yangtze River with Zizania latifolia and perch. Under the call of spring breeze and spring rain, the dark green oval leaves of Brasenia schreberi gently surfaced on the water surface, delicate and crisp. It is extremely greasy when eating, delicious and refreshing.

In summer, the tea forest is emerald and the carp are plump. In the morning, the vast lake looks like a mirror. The white clouds on the mountain peak are reflected in it, which is magical and quiet. At noon, the lake is often covered with a layer of mist, which is like a shy girl's veil in the sun. At this time, if you sit quietly by the lake, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains, while gently fishing with a fishing rod, your worries and miscellaneous thoughts can be dispelled, your body and mind will be comforted, your mood will be relaxed, and you will be very comfortable.

In autumn, the waves of Mahu lake are surging, just like a group of sea birds playing in the lake. On the majestic peaks around, the red leaves all over the mountains and fields are like the fire in clusters, reflecting the red mountains and lakes.

The scenery of Mahu lake is beautiful all the year round. In spring, there are green waves, red peach blossoms, snow-white pear flowers, wild ducks swimming, and the sound of rowing is natural; in summer, the blue sky and clear water, the cauliflower is golden, the tea forest is emerald, the mountain temple fishing village, glittering and colorful; in autumn, the golden wind suddenly rises, the waves beat the boat, the cloud water and the silver column, especially like a dragon horse playing in the water; in winter, the peaks are wrapped in white, the jade dragon is steaming, and the Zhou Tian is cold, while the Mahu lake is Green water ripples, microwave love, quiet Xian Shi.

Golden Turtle Island

In Mahu provincial scenic area, there is a small island in the lake, which is shaped like a turtle, commonly known as the golden Turtle Island. The golden Turtle Island is located in the northeast corner of Mahu lake. The island is covered with green trees and beautiful scenery. The island covers an area of 11.78 mu. There is Menghuo hall, a provincial cultural relic protection unit. Menghuo hall was built in the 17th year of Wanli period of Ming Dynasty in memory of Meng Huo, the leader of Yi nationality in the Three Kingdoms period. It is the only Yi temple in China. It is a bright pearl and core scenic spot in Mahu scenic area. Visitors have a saying that "if you come to Leibo, if you don't go to Mahu, you'll never come to Leibo; if you don't go to Jinhui Island, you'll never get to Mahu.".