Luzhou scenic spots

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Luzhou scenic spots


Luzhou has a long history, profound cultural accumulation, strong ethnic customs and rich tourism resources, forming five characteristic tourism resources represented by famous wine culture, ecological culture, red culture, historical culture and Yangtze River culture. By the end of 2016, there were 2 National Nature Reserves in the region: huazhuanxi Nature Reserve in Xuyong County, rare fish nature reserve in Hejiang Leibo section of the Yangtze River; 1 National Forest Park: Fobao Forest Park in Hejiang County; 3 National Red Tourism classic scenic spots: Lushun uprising site in Luzhou City, taipingdu exhibition hall of Red Army Sidu in Gulin County, and Jiming three provincial stone in Xuyong county Xiangzi conference site; 2 provincial tourist resorts, 8 provincial scenic spots, 28 national A-level scenic spots (including 9 AAAA, 8 AAA and 11 AAA), 3 national AAAA tourist attractions (Yunxi hot spring, Longqiao cultural ecological park, Yaoba ancient town), 4 AAA scenic spots and 3 AA scenic spots were newly established in 2016. There are 5 national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration areas, 2 provincial rural tourism demonstration areas, 15 provincial tourism demonstration towns, 29 provincial tourism demonstration villages and 9 provincial rural tourism demonstration brands. In 2017, 2 4A level scenic spots and 5 2A level scenic spots were newly established in Luzhou city. By the end of the year, there were 34 A-level scenic spots, including 11 4A scenic spots, 9 3A scenic spots and 14 2A level scenic spots.

As of the end of 2016, there were 16 national cultural relics protection units in Luzhou City, including Luzhou Daqu laojiaochi in Ming Dynasty, longnaoqiao in Luxian County in Ming Dynasty, song tomb in Luxian County in Song Dynasty, spring and autumn Temple of Xuyong in Qing Dynasty, former residence of Zhu De in Kuangchang of Qing Dynasty, pits and pits of Luzhou Laojiao and liquor making workshops (Jiangyang district and Longmatan District), Baoen tower (Jiangyang District) of Southern Song Dynasty, cliff statues of Yuchan mountain (Luxian county), and other cultural relics in Luzhou Longqiao group in Luxian County, luopanzui tomb group (Luxian county), Qushi manor in Luxian County, shenbrachicheng site (Hejiang), Hejiang cliff tomb group, Yaoba town ancient building complex (Hejiang), qingliangdong cliff sculpture (Xuyong), Gulin County Red Army's Sidu Chishui battle site, tea horse ancient road (Luzhou section). There are 16 national cultural relics protection units in Luzhou, ranking second in the province.