Luzhou local culture

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Luzhou local culture

Food culture

Luzhou cuisine is a branch of three main local flavor schools in Modern Sichuan cuisine. In June 2018, Luzhou City released four local standards for "Luzhou cuisine", namely, Douban tuoyu, dry roasted carp, Luzhou pickled sea pepper and Luzhou pickled ginger, marking that Luzhou has its own standard for "Luzhou cuisine".

Red Culture

Luzhou is rich in red culture resources and various types. Zhu De, Liu Bocheng, Wu Yuzhang, Yun Daiying and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation have engaged in great revolutionary practice in Luzhou, leaving behind many revolutionary historical facts, legends and cultural relics, such as the ruins of the war of defending the state against yuan, the ancient battlefield site and headquarters of mianhuapo, the cliffside stone carvings of huguoyan, the former residence of Zhude in Kuangchang, the former site of Donghua Poetry Society - Zhujiashan, the normal school in southern Sichuan, and the former site of Donghua poetry society Longtouguan, Taiping ferry, Erlang ferry and other cultural relics. According to the "Sanpu" results, there are more than 1200 revolutionary relics in Luzhou city. Only during the four crossing of Chishui, the Red Army traveled back and forth to 76 towns of Gulin and Xuyong, leaving rich revolutionary relics. According to the statistics of ground cultural relics, there are one national key cultural relics protection unit, five provincial cultural relics protection units, one national patriotism education base, one provincial level and one municipal level. There are three red themed exhibition halls, including "Kuangchang Zhude former residence exhibition hall", "Luzhou uprising exhibition hall", "Red Army four crossing Chishui taipingdu exhibition hall".

Intangible cultural heritage

In June 2006, Luzhou Laojiao liquor brewing technology and Luzhou Yutan color dragon were selected into the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list; in June 2008, the traditional brewing technology of gulinlang liquor and the production technology of water separating oil paper umbrella were included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. On December 3, 2014, the soy sauce brewing techniques of Gulin Huadeng and Hejiang county were officially listed in the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative projects. As of December 2016, there are 150 intangible cultural heritages above the municipal level in Luzhou. Among them, there are 6 national intangible cultural heritages and 46 provincial intangible cultural heritages, ranking first among all cities (prefectures) in the province and the first in southern Sichuan.