Luxi County Alu Ancient Cave Scenic Area

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Luxi County Alu Ancient Cave Scenic Area

The Alu Gudong Scenic Area is located in southeastern Yunnan Province, 2 kilometers west of Luxi County Town, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province. "Alu ancient cave" is a Yi language, meaning "Tiger cave with flat grassland in front", which is one of the cave dwellings of "Alu department" of "37 barbarians" in Yunnan in Song and Yuan Dynasties. Alu ancient cave is a large-scale karst group. It was formed about 200 million years ago. It was once a vast ocean. Later, the crust uplifted and the sea water retreated, forming a typical karst landscape. Luxi is known as the Nine Peaks and Eighteen Caves, among which the Alu Ancient Cave is a part.

Introduction to scenic spots

Luxi County is located in the northeast of Honghe Prefecture, between the southern end of Wumeng Mountains and the northern end of Yuanlao Mountains, with the highest altitude of 2459 meters and the lowest altitude of 799 meters. It has convenient transportation and good climate. It is a good place for tourism, leisure and vacation.

The beautiful mountains and rivers in Luxi are a group of karst caves with karst underground karst, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and natural landscapes as the main body, ancient national culture and unique national customs as the supplement. She has magnificent caves, dangerous and beautiful Nanpan River, picturesque lakes and mountains, handsome and changeable waterfalls, quiet and sentimental springs, and the central scenic area is known as "the first cave in Yunnan". Strange landscapes, elegant environment, rich facilities, high-quality services, has a large-scale tourist city, deeply attracted tourists at home and abroad.

Located in Luxi County, more than 160 kilometers away from Kunming, the Ancient Alu Cave is a group of typical underground karst caves with nine peaks and eighteen caves. It is an ancient and magical underground cave house with nine peaks and eighteen caves. Xu Xiake, a famous Traveler in the Ming Dynasty, was fascinated by it. He made two visits to the cave, leaving the famous phrase "Luyuan's water gushes in the cave, Luyuan's cave group in the hanging rock".

Ancient Alu Cave, also known as Luyuan Cave, is a large-scale cave group. It is one of the 37 barbarian tribes in Yunnan Province in Song and Yuan Dynasties. Its main cave body is composed of Luyuan Cave, Yuzhu Cave, Jasper Cave and Yubamboo shoot river. The whole length of the three caves and one river is more than 3,000 meters. The cave scenery is ancient, strange and unique. There are springs outside the cave, holes in the cave, heaven under the cave, rivers under the cave, and various stalagmites, stalactites, stone pillars, stone mans, sickles, stone waterfalls and stalagmites. All kinds of natural images such as "lion roaring", "ancient lotus hanging upside down", "Dragon Drama Waterfall", "Three Elephants Chiyuan", "ancient turtle looking at the moon", "crocodile flying over the sky", "rhinoceros going to sea", "natural fresco", "King Wei ordering soldiers", "Optimum Heavenly Jade Column", "Nine Dragons going to sea" and "A Xitiao Yue" are vivid and vivid, showing nature. Vigorous and endless fun.

Highlights of scenic spots

The Yuzhu Cave is fifteen meters deep. There is a Yubamboo shoot river which can be used by tourists as long as 800 meters. The water flow is slow, clear and persistent all the year round. Called the "water stalagmite" in the cave and the rare fish transparent fish, the skeleton and viscera inside can be clearly seen from the outside. It is a rare fish species in the world. The spectators are amazed, which adds mystery to the Yushanhe River.

Main landscape

Luyuan cave

Luyuan Cave is named for its southeast foothill spring overflowing from the cave. The cave has the title of "Wonder" by Zhang Jimeng, the prefect of Guangxi in Ming Dynasty, and "Natural Stone Room" by Mu Ying, the governor of Qing Dynasty. The cave body is hall-like, with a total length of more than 700 meters. It consists of more than 10 halls of different sizes and shapes. There are narrow passages connected in the middle. The cave develops in a network shape and stretches around corners like underground labyrinths.

Yuzhu cave

Yuzhu Cave is 5 meters out of Luyuan Cave, that is, into Yuzhu Cave. You can climb along the stone steps outside the cave to see the Qingfeng Tower. Stone bells and breasts hang like curtains at the entrance of the cave, which are chic in shape. It is more than 800 meters long and is a palace cave. It consists of more than 10 halls of different sizes and shapes. The largest hall is more than 70 meters long and 30 meters wide.

Yu Sun River

Yubamboo shoot river is an underground river. It is located in Luyuan Cave. The Yuzhu Cave is 15 meters deep. The entrance of the Yuzhu Cave is located in the Yuzhu Cave. The whole of Changsha is over meters. The river flows from north to South with a slow flow rate of 0.02 m/s and a flow rate of 12 seconds. It never dries up all the year round. The river is 8-12 meters wide, 5 meters high at the top of the center and 10 places at the top. The whole river dome is like an oval vault, the water is clear and bottomless, and the depth is 0.8m-3m. Tours can only take boats of manpower, six people per boat, no land access.

Out of the Jade Pillar Cave, the Bishan Cave travels 350 meters westward along the tree-lined path or takes a tourist ropeway to the entrance of the Jade Cave. The entrance of the cave is located at the waist of the sacrificial dragon hill. The cave is a deep canyon cave. The cave stretches straight, with few halls and a total length of 720 meters. The colour of stalactite in the cave is jasper, so it is called Jasper cave. The exquisite curly stone, Alu Jade, Shidun (more than 20 square meters) and stone bells in the cave are the treasures of Alu Ancient Cave. The Ancient Alu Cave is a group of large-scale and peculiar karst landform karst caves. It is one of the 37 barbarians in Yunnan Province - "the Alu tribe". It is the most spectacular and beautiful natural wonder in Asia. It has the reputation of "the first cave in Yunnan" and the underground garden palace.

Alu cave

Alu Ancient Cave has developed and opened three drought caves and a water cave, which is more than 3000 meters long. There are hundreds of scenic spots, the upper and lower three layers are connected, Luyuan Cave, Yuzhu Cave and Jasper Cave have different styles of sculpture. Canyons, halls and palaces blend with each other, step by step, with stalagmites standing in the cave, and jasper, magnificent transparent, intermingled with rivers and abundant development. There are caves in the cave, rivers in the cave, heaven in the cave, springs outside the cave, and natural caves in the cave. Shengong "can be the world's first unique, so that it has"ancient, simple, strange, absolute"and other amazing style, especially the Yushanhe River, which is more than 800 meters long. The river level is like a mirror, clear to the bottom, rare fish species"transparent fish"roaming among them, rare in the world. Canoeing in the river, people in the painting, such as into fairyland, so that you linger forget to return. The formation of the Alu ancient cave can be traced back to hundreds of millions of years ago. When the ancient sea of Yunnan and Guizhou rose to land, a large number of calcareous substances in the sea were deposited into limestone. After hundreds of thousands or even millions of years, water-bearing carbon dioxide and rain-water erosion and long-term karst erosion resulted in a series of falling water caves and funnel caves, which were dissolved and became a wonder in today's caves.

Travel Tips

Ticket: 110 yuan, including three holes and one river tour, as well as travel ropeway and boating fees. In addition, we employ a tour guide for 80 yuan.

Opening hours: 8:30-18:00

Traffic survey

External traffic: Kunming has a special bus to the scenic spot. Tourists can also visit the Stone Forest first, and then travel 80 kilometers eastward from the Stone Forest to reach the entrance of the Ancient Alu Cave.

City Traffic: There are three buses (7:30, 8:30, 12:30) to Alu Gudong every day at Chrysanthemum Village Passenger Station. You can also take a taxi.

Kunming is the starting point in Yunnan Province.

Class car

Kunming-Luxi Alu Ancient Cave

Kunming East Passenger Station - Luxi 163 km journey 2.5 - 3 hours. Ticket price: 42 yuan

Stone Forest - Luxi 80 km journey 1 hour. Ticket price: 17 yuan

Maile-Luxi is a 47-kilometer journey of 40 minutes. Ticket price: 11 yuan

Shizong - Luxi 40 km journey 40 minutes. Ticket price: 10 yuan

Luoping - Luxi has a 90 km journey of 1.5 hours. Ticket price: 26 yuan

Qiubei-Luxi has a journey of 172 kilometers for 3 hours. Ticket price: 45 yuan

Self driving

Kunming-Luxi Alu Ancient Cave

Kunming-Luxi suggests that we should choose to walk 86 kilometers of Kunshi Expressway and 80 kilometers of Shilin-Luxi Second-Class Road. The whole journey is about 2.5 hours, and the road is wide and flat.

Shilin - Luxi 80 kilometers of second-floor road, Daozan wide flat without traffic congestion, along the way can enjoy the landscape pastoral, normal driving distance of about an hour to reach.

Maile-Luxi 40 kilometers, or Shizong-Luxi 40 minutes, the new secondary road, wide and flat road without traffic jams, along the way can enjoy the landscape and pastoral, the whole journey takes about 35 minutes.

Luoping-Luxi is 97 kilometers long. The newly built second-class road surface is wide and flat without traffic jam. Along the road, you can enjoy the landscape and pastoral areas. The whole journey takes about 1.5 hours.

Qiubei-Luxi is 170 kilometers long. Qiubei departs from Maitreya to Luxi. It passes through the second-class road surface and enjoys the landscape and pastoral scenery along the way. The whole journey lasts about 3 hours.

Matters needing attention

Travel should take clothes for at least two seasons, and a light raincoat, which can block the rain when it rains, or lay on the ground when you are tired of walking.

Best travel time

Most of Honghe Prefecture belongs to the subtropical plateau monsoon climate, with the annual average temperature ranging from 15 to 22.6 degrees Celsius. The best travel time is March-April, September-November.

management model

The innovative management mode of Alu Ancient Cave in Luxi promotes the "tourism fever"