Longzi Lake Scenic Area

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Longzi Lake Scenic Area

Longzihu Scenic Area, located in Longzihu District of Bengbu City, Anhui Province, is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, a national ecological demonstration area and a provincial-level scenic spot. It is mainly composed of Longhu, Caoshan, Xuehua Mountain, Xilu Mountain and Cone Mountain, which generally presents a unique landform of three mountains with one lake. According to the geographical location, geomorphology and landscape characteristics, Longzi Lake scenic area is divided into four major scenic areas: North Lake scenic area, South Lake scenic area, West Lushan scenic area and Cone Mountain scenic area.

brief introduction

Longzi Lake is surrounded by mountains and rivers on three sides. On the East Bank of the lake are Caoshan and Cone Hill, which fluctuate like a dragon, also known as "Shuanglong Mountain"; on the south are nine ditches of different sizes, which are the birthplace of Longhu Lake; on the West are Xuehua Mountain and Meihua Mountain, which are famous for their lush vegetation and green mountains and waters. Longzi Lake scenic area is connected by green mountains and clear waters. The lakeshore is tortuous and changeable. The water surface is deep and open, and the cliff rocks are exposed. It combines pleasant natural scenery and endless humanistic landscape, surrounded by urban traffic trunk roads, relying on modern cities. There are provincial and municipal cultural relics protection units, as well as ancient ginkgo (Tang Dynasty), stone house (Tang Dynasty), Qiyan Temple (Ming Dynasty), Linglongta site (Eastern Han Dynasty) and other historical sites or sites in the scenic area. Martyrs'cemeteries, soups and tombs in scenic spots have become bases for patriotic education. Longzi Lake in Bengbu, Anhui Province, is the largest urban lake in China, with an area of 8.4 square kilometers.

With the rapid development of Bengbu city, Longzi Lake has gradually changed from "suburban lake" to "lake in the city". Longzi Lake Scenic Spot has already become a comprehensive scenic spot integrating natural, cultural landscape and historical relics. It is a good place for residence, investment, tourism and rest. In 1998, Longzihu Scenic Spot was named provincial-level scenic spot by the Anhui Provincial Government. In 2002, Longzihu Scenic Spot was approved as a national ecological demonstration area by the State Environmental Protection Administration.

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Bengbu is characterized by cold winter and hot summer. The average temperature in January in winter ranges from zero to minus three degrees Celsius and the freezing period lasts about half a month. The rainy season is limited to six, seven and eight months, with annual rainfall ranging from 500 to 750 millimeters.

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It is estimated that the construction of Longzi Lake West Coastal Lake New Area, with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan, a pre-investment of more than 2 billion yuan and a planned area of 6 square kilometers, has begun. The Bengbu Economic Development Zone entrusted the famous international design unit, American Easy Way Company, to plan and compile the project. At the same time, the development and construction mode of the project has been innovated and attempted, and it has limited shares with China Railway. The company cooperates and builds a strategic partnership. The implementation of this project has a very realistic and long-term positive significance for further creating a new image of our city, upgrading the city's grade, optimizing the living environment, promoting the development of tourism industry, and striving to make progress towards the strategic objectives of large cities with distinct characteristics of being livable, livable and traveling.

Recently, the American Urban Land Institute (ULI) announced the list of winners of the 2010 ULI Asia-Pacific Excellence Award in Singapore. There were five winners. The first phase of the project of Longzihu Bridge End Park, North Park, was among them. The Planning Department of the Economic Development Zone (EDZ) attended the award ceremony as a construction unit. It is understood that two projects in China were selected for this year's award. At last, Longzihu Bridgehead Park became the only award-winning project in China. The other four award-winning projects were from the Philippines, Singapore and Australia.

Longzihu Fu

The golden wind is like a lick, the best time is in sight, the grain pulp has been eared, and the leaves are waiting for spring to turn yellow. Pomegranate seeds are stored to nourish jade and sweet-scented osmanthus flowers to spread fragrance. Sometimes the festival is a bullfight with the Six Dynasties; the years are endless and the floods are different from those of the past. Back then, the streets of Chang'an were bustling with lights. Holding the Green fan and holding the cup, holding the Pipa and neon clothes. The huma in front of the conference rank stayed awake for a long night. Ouch! Quietly reading the finger, suddenly sighing, corruption and poison, prosperity and impermanence. Sad past, chant the old songs of predecessors, mournful years, who brings with them. Crossing the Longhu Lake, you feel sorry for it.

In August of the afternoon of the 18th lunar month, I was on vacation. I was bored. I heard about the new development of Longhu Lake, and I went alone. In the west, the former Yuwang, the hometown of Hongwu in the east, the water of Huaihe River in the north, and the Yang of Caoshan in the south. Dangerous buildings surround, left tree cloud dragon view residence, right Tianhu Yangfang. Rainbow Bridge hangs high, draws the essence of heaven and earth, gathers the light of the sun and the moon. Relying on the fence alone, looking blankly north, the white wave floating water, Haohao soup. When the wind blows, the shrimps are frightened, and their faces are touched in disorder. Where to find Danyang, where to connect with the East China Sea, where the Dragon mourns to become water, and the Phoenix mourns to hide. Immortal officers are arrogant, white crystal is wicked, pitiful and desolate. The shower scenery is deeply painful for thousands of years. The love is strong, though it is lasting and fragrant.

In the north, the streets are circuitous, young trees are newly planted, and it is difficult to cool in summer. Build wing pavilion to wait for visitors, repair inn is to stay long. Cloud and rain disappear, water rise bridge is low. Take the sunset into your heart and step on the sunset in your cecum. The future is uncertain and there is no room for sorrow and grass. In the south of Zhuanhong Bridge, trees and scallops mark Longhu Lake with Zhaozhu City and stone tablets. Travel southward, less and less exchanges, cover the scenery is also far away. The ancients swam around, either in a graceful manner, or in a lone boat, covered with thorns and covered the mountains, and chopped the whole fish and water. Fuyao Qinyao offered sacrifices to Gong Jin, holding bottles of wine and mourning Taibai. One beginning and one song, the harmony of different times, the beauty of Yuefu. Once you go and stay, you will know the heart of your skirt when you write poems about movies and poems. Sima Qing-shirt is not sad for the women in the capital city, Ruan Ji is rampant, but he cries out. Pain! How close is the ancient people's tour! However, when people travel today, they rush in by horse and gather in a noisy and noisy manner. They are not as close to the mountains and hills as they are. They are far from knowing Dingchen Yuanzhang. The means of fame and wealth are endless, and where to find faith. A new policy was established to comfort the people, but who knows its fools? It's not my opinion.

When the winter comes to spring, the jade is warm and slippery, and new buds are sprouting. The green silk just rests, the temperature turns sharply. Colostrum Mengjiang, do not distinguish between true and false. Rainbow Bridge walk, sky-step Ryuwa. Watching the island in the floating bridge, it looks like the Xianque Palace. Willow cold smoke, panic Dingliujia. Marquis Wu rowed boats. He asked Cao Bing where he was. Zi Jingjiu was shocked. He didn't know that arrow feathers came suddenly. Don't want Kongming, White Emperor to solitary. In the war between the South and the north, the middle road collapsed. Every time I read this, my blood comes from my heart, and I can't stop crying. Tripod three feet laugh, seven lights gather eventually empty. If the star is 100 years old, why come Wu Wei and Ma Rulong? What will a man do if God refuses to give him a good general who has no use for military purposes and a good master who has no faith in him?

Spring breeze is easy to grow old, but autumn sorrow is difficult to wither. When the rain came, Liang Yan returned home. What kind of food should a beautiful lake be? If you want the best, you can't get it. If you don't come back, you'll have to do it as soon as possible.