Longyu Bay National Forest Park

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Longyu Bay National Forest Park

Longyuwan National Forest Park is located in Luanchuan County, Henan Province. It is 165 kilometers away from Luoyang City. It covers an area of 1833 hectares, 12 scenic spots and 218 scenic spots. It is a famous tourist area in Henan Province. In 2001, it won the title of "National Civilized Forest Park" by the State Forestry Administration.

Within the territory of mountains, clear water, strange peaks, strange rocks, caves, waterfalls, strong springs, dense forests, primitive vegetation, Qifeng forest, ancient trees towering, there are Black Dragon Tan, Baima Tan, Fairy Falls, Rainbow Falls, Qinglong Falls; Fairy Cave, Tibetan Soldier Cave, Zhennu Cave, Hat Helmets Cave, the first peak in the Central Plains - Jijiaojiao tip, elevation 2219 meters, wall cutting knife, cloud and fog, surrounded by a hundred mu thousand years of Tai Mu. White Rhododendron Garden blooms in May every year.

There are more than 1900 kinds of plants, more than 800 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine and more than 200 kinds of rare birds and animals in the garden. The climate here is cool, the highest temperature is not more than 21 C, known as "natural air conditioning" is an ideal summer resort.

Development history

The predecessor of Longyuwan National Forest Park is Longyuwan State-owned Forest Farm, 150 kilometers away from Luoyang City. It was opened to the outside world in May 1994. In December of the same year, it was approved as a national forest park by the State Forestry Administration. In 1997, it was designated as a national nature reserve. In June 2001, it was awarded the title of the only "National Civilized Forest Park" by the State Forestry Ministry in Henan Province. In August 2002, it was awarded The Tourist Bureau approved the designation as "National AAAA Ecotourism Scenic Spot".

natural resources

Longyu Bay is located in the transition zone between subtropical zone and warm zone. Because of its unique geographical location and superior climate conditions, it has created a rich and rare diversity of biology. It is called "North Tree Gene Bank, Wildlife Exhibition Hall" by experts and scholars. The forest coverage rate in the park is 98.6%, which is the highest in the Central Plains. There are more than 1900 kinds of plants, including more than 800 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine. Abundant forest resources provide good habitats for wildlife. According to statistics, there are more than 400 species of wildlife in the scenic spot. Among them, 48 species belong to the first and second categories of protected animals in China, such as leopard, Caragana rubra, roe deer, sika deer and giant salamander.

Scenic spots

Located in the hinterland of Mount Funiu, the park belongs to the National Nature Reserve of Mount Funiu, with a variety of animal and plant types, including more than 1900 species of plants, more than 800 species of Chinese herbal medicine, more than 200 species of rare birds and animals, 10,000 mu of Japanese larch forest and thousands of mu of mu of Rhododendron taibai, which make tourists linger and forget to return; there are 199 peaks over 2000 meters above sea level, 216 large and small waterfalls, and 2212.5 meters at the apex of Jijiao, the main peak A peak; the climate is cool and pleasant, with the highest temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. Li Jun, a contemporary writer, praises "Xiuyi Wuyue, Qiguan Sanshan". Longyuwan National Forest Park is the back garden of Luoyang City, the top ten landscapes of Luanchuan. Within the territory of mountains, clear water, strange peaks, strange rocks, caves, waterfalls Zhuang Quan Qing, dense forests, primitive vegetation, Qifeng forest, ancient trees towering, there are Black Dragon Tan, Baima Tan, Fairy Waterfall, Rainbow Waterfall, Qinglong Waterfall; Fairy Cave, Tibetan Soldier Cave, Zhennu Cave, Hat Helmets Cave.

Chicken corner

The Chicken Corner, the first peak in the Central Plains, is named for its cock singing loudly. At 2219 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in Funiu Mountain. It climbs 3999 stone steps to Tianwaiting Pavilion. It is only seen that the mountains are barren, clouds are flying over, looking around, magnificent peaks, overlapping mountains, such as knife-cutting, strange pines and ancient trees. The dense and lush primitive forest is endless. Looking at Longmen in the east, Huashan in the west, Wudang in the south, the Yellow River in the north, and the sea of clouds at sunrise on the tip of chicken horns is like the wonder of Huangshan. Jiuzhufeng and Langya Mountain are dangerous, handsome and graceful fairyland of Zhangjiajie. It is surrounded by Baiyun Mountain (1982 meters above sea level), Junjunduo (1813 meters above sea level), Yuhuangding (2153 meters above sea level), Jiaguanfeng (2177 meters above sea level). Under Chicken Point, the thousand-year-old Taibai Rhododendron blossoms in the wind. Its flower fragrance is attacking. Its corolla is like a fist and bell. It is said that Taibai Rhododendron is planted by Taibaixing Star. According to the third survey of forest resources in China, there are more than 200 mu of red and white rhododendrons in Jijiao Point, about 3500 trees, and more than 200 ancient trees of Taibai Rhododendron with a chest circumference of more than 1 meter.

azalea garden

The Rhododendron Garden is located at the foot of Chicken Point, the first peak in the Central Plains. It was planted by Taibai Star and is also called Taibai Rhododendron Garden. The Rhododendron grows on high mountains above 2000 meters, and has the characteristics of drought resistance, cold resistance, wind resistance and disease resistance. At present, there are 627 trees of Taibai Rhododendron with a maximum chest circumference of 2.62 meters, which is the largest, oldest and best preserved Millennium Taibai Rhododendron Garden in Central Plains. Every year from April to May, Rhododendron blossoms, withered branches are blooming, and the fragrance of flowers drifts with the wind, refreshing the heart, making countless tourists amazed. Every year between spring and summer, red, white, purple and yellow cuckoos compete to open, purple and red.

Black Dragon Pool

Legend has it that Black Dragon got its name by bathing here. Black Dragon Pool falls two buildings in a row, forming two pools, the upper pool is the "Dragon Palace", the lower pool is the "Dragon Spring". The pearls on the building spit out jade, and the green water in the pool circles. Tanshang waterfall rushes down, tens of feet high, more than ten meters wide, flying down in the sky, the sound of water roars, 25 meters long steel cable suspension bridge across the pond, amazing. Tanbian has the Black Dragon King Temple, built by the people of Mingchuan in Songxian County in July of the sixth year of Qingdaoguang. It is a place where villagers pray for rain nearby. "Black Dragon Pool" falls three times in a row, forming three pools, spraying pearls and spitting jade on them, and swirling green water in the pool. Mountaineers built the Black Dragon Temple next to him, offering sacrifices to the Black Dragon King to pray for rain and heavy cigarettes in case of drought.

Betula platyphylla

Red Birch Forest Scenic Area covers an area of more than 300 mu and more than 2500 trees. Because of its special geographical and climatic influence, it is very rare in the north of China. It is the only forest area with the best growth and the largest area in Funiu Mountain Area. Birch bark can treat rheumatism, arthritis, beriberi and other stubborn diseases. In ancient times, it was used to make hats and rain gear. Nowadays, young people are mostly used to write love letters and love letters, and the success rate is high. So it is also called "Cupid Tree of Love". Beside the birch forest stands a 200-year-old Pinus armandii, which stands tall, just like guarding this rare botanical garden, known as the "General".

Virgin forest

Primitive forest scenic spot is located in the southern line of Longyuwan Forest Park. It covers an area of 2 560 mu. It is a pure natural wild tree species. Its height is more than 40 meters and its diameter is 2.1 meters. The primitive forest covers the sky and shades the sun. It is mostly tangled with Pueraria vines. It is the only primitive forest in Funiu Mountain area of Western Henan Province. There are many wild animals in the forest, such as roe deer, grass deer, antelope, wild boar, red-bellied pheasant and so on. The highest temperature in the forest in the three-volt days is 21 C. The air is fresh and the climate is cool. We can enjoy the "forest bath" to satisfy people's wishes of leisure and vacation, returning to nature and seeking the wild interest in the mountains and forests. Larix kaempferi was introduced from Japan in 1961. It was planted in Longyu Bay in 1978. Now it has reached 25,000 mu. Its growth trend is better than that of Japan. The standing stock is 250,000 cubic meters, valued at 170 million yuan. Forest can emit "Fenduojing" and "anion" which have special effects on human body. It can promote the metabolism of human function. It often visits the forest. It has special effects on chest tightness, asthma, pneumonia and other diseases.

St. John's wort

In larch woodland, more than 10 drought lotus plants were found, with a total area of 250 mu. Because it grows in high and cold areas, and the leaves are as big as lotus, so it is called "Dry Lotus" and belongs to Senecio. In recent years, due to the deterioration of the earth's environment, drought lotus has nearly disappeared in the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River. Dry lotus blossoms from August to October every year. It has yellow flowers, racemes and fragrant flowers. It is a valuable Chinese herbal medicine, which can cure headache, hypertension and other diseases.

Sightseeing cableway

Longyuwan National Forest Park has invested 27 million yuan to construct the first peak sunshine tourist ropeway in the Central Plains, which is 1278 meters long and 390 meters down and down. It is a large-scale tourist ropeway in the Central Plains.

Lei Gong Zhai

"Leigong" is also the dragon. Legend has it that there are 12 dragons in Longyu Bay, such as water, fire, green, black, etc. The cloud rises in Leigongzhai and rain falls in a hundred miles, so it is the place where the Dragon King lives. Leigongzhai, also known as Xiaohua Mountain, is at an elevation of 1825 meters, surrounded by cliffs and cliffs, which are extremely dangerous. Similar to the Huashan Mountain in Xiyue, it has a long way to go since ancient times and is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Pinus cuspidatum hangs upside down like a galloping dragon. There are Tibetan caves, flying stones, Heifengzhai, perlite and other scenic spots. Before liberation, the local bandit leaders Zhang Shaoqian and Xi Xiangting gathered hundreds of bandits and fought hard. After many setbacks, the Liberation Army conquered and wiped out the bandits. The PLA has a company commander, two platoon commanders and twenty soldiers. After liberation, it was established as "the base of revolutionary history education" by Luoyang government.

Exploring Ancient Times by Huxuan Stone

Huxuan Shi Scenic Spot was named for the burial of Liu Xiu's mother, Emperor Wudi of Hanguang. Legend has it that Wang Mang, a foreign relative in the late Western Han Dynasty, usurped the throne and killed Liu Xiu here. When Liu Xiu's mother saw the situation was critical, she let Liu Xiu go first. She left behind to persuade Wang Mang with the feelings of Liu and Wang's two foreign relatives. Unexpectedly, it was impossible to persuade Wang Mang. She herself was angry and was buried here. Liu Xiu said that after emperor ascended the throne, his mother was buried in Mengjin, leaving only her mother's clothes and graves, making graves with three huge stones of heaven, earth and people, to express her feelings of remembrance for her mother. There are also inscriptions on the heavenly stones describing Mother's Ende.

Nine tune blue water

Jiuqu Bishui Scenic Area, 2.5 kilometers in length, combines strange trees, strange rocks, rattan bridges, waterfalls and clear springs as a whole, showing the harmony of nature, elegant, simple, quiet and beautiful charm. Along the stone walkway upstream, the spring tinkles with insects and birds, bauhinia, hazelnut, wild walnut and other rare tree species thrive, nine ancient bridges are connected at the end, the railings are all twined by vines, such as pythons out of the hole, it seems elegant and simple.

Fairy Valley

The fairy Valley is said to be the place where the emperor Tai Shang Lao Jun practiced in 19810 to achieve the right results. The Valley is 2.3 kilometers long. The narrow valley is deep, the ancient trees are towering, the cliffs are steep, the axes are supernatural, the flowing springs and waterfalls, the stone-piercing and leaping streams, the birds are singing, the grass is lush and the flowers are fragrant; there are more than ten rare tree species of Lianxiang, warm wood and Fraxinus mandshurica which are protected by the state. Antelope, roe deer, leopard, wild boar and other wildlife often appear.* There are 17 scenic spots in the valley, and there are statues of Ming Dynasty in the cave of immortals: Sanqing Taoists.

Tourist guide

Famous specialty products

Native products: fungus, mushroom, monkey head, walnut, chestnut, kiwifruit, lily, boxing, etc.

Famous snacks: garlic juice mixed with tofu, muddy noodles, non-turning cake, Toona sinensis egg cake, braised oil steamed noodles, hand-made noodles, Longyu steamed vegetables, pot paste of wild vegetables, etc. Local specialties: stewed potato chicken, mixed tofu with garlic juice, braised monkey head, fried agaric fungus, shredded pork with boxed vegetables, fried eggs with toon, homemade tofu, etc.

Tourist route

Zheng Shaoluo Expressway-Yichuan Guozhai Toll Station-Luoluan Expressway-Miaozi Township of Luanchuan County-Longyuwan Scenic Spot

Road condition: Tourists who take cars or drive by themselves can reach Yichuan Guozhai Toll Station in Luoyang City from Lianhuo Expressway, Zhengshaoluo Expressway and Jingguang Expressway. They can travel 110 kilometers to Miaozi Township in Luanchuan County along Luolun Expressway to the southwest. They can reach the scenic spot along 311 National Highway. There are obvious traffic signs along the way.