Longwan Seaside Scenic Area

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Longwan Seaside Scenic Area

Longwan Beach, also known as Longwan Beach Scenic Area, spans Xingcheng City and Longgang District. The total length of the coastline is more than 3000 meters, covering an area of 10.9 square kilometers. To the north of the bay is the Longwan New District of Huludao City. The South Coastal Road connects the natural seashore with the emerging urban areas.

In 2003, Longwan seashore was rated as national 4A class landscape, which is an important landscape in Northeast Asia around the Bohai Sea landscape belt.

geographical environment

Huludao Longwan Coastal Land spans Xingcheng City and Longgang District. The beach is more than 3000 meters long and 80-100 meters wide. To the north of the bay is Longwan New Area of Huludao City. The wide South Coastal Road closely connects the coast with the urban area.

Development history

Longwan seashore has been used since 1990. Here mountains and seas meet, the coast bends, fishing boats graceful, beautiful scenery, charming scenery. In 2003, it was awarded the National 4A Scenic Spot, the only natural beach in China.

On the hillside of the Northwest bay, there is a novel and unique "Wanghai Building". Upstairs overlooking, clouds and water vast, sea and sky uniform, the sea breeze blowing, it is open-minded, full of pride, as if in a fairyland on earth. On the south slope of Wanghai Tower, there is a "Long Corridor for Watching the Sea" with winding Hill topography and two floors up and down.

The corridor and Wanghai Tower are connected together. The corridor fence is handheld, the waves are observed, the sound of the waves is heard, and the life is pleasant.

Tourism information

Tickets for Longwan Seaside Scenic Spot are 30 yuan

Traffic Guide for Longwan Seaside Scenic Spot in Taozhu:

Address of Taozhu Longwan Seaside Scenic Spot: Taozhu Town, Linhai City, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province

The self-driving route of the Longwan Seaside Scenic Area in Taozhu:

North Exit of Linhai Expressway--Taozhu Scenic Area--Longwan Seaside Scenic Area

Jiaojiang Expressway South Exit - Jiaojiang Bridge - Duqiao - Taozhu Scenic Area - Longwan Seaside Scenic Area