Longtan Park

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Longtan Park

Longtan Park is located opposite Longtan Beili District, Dongcheng District, Beijing (Chongwen District), and is currently a national 4A-level tourist park. Longtan Park covers an area of 49.2 hectares and is the main place for leisure, entertainment and fitness for most residents of Nancheng. At the same time, the annual Spring Festival temple fair is also one of the four major temple fairs in Beijing.

Park Introduction

Longtan Park is located in the second ring of Southeast Beijing City, southeast of Guangming Bridge. It was built in 1952. The total area is 49.2 hectares and the surface area is 19.47 hectares. It is named Longtan Lake because of the tendency of forming the beginning and end of Longxugou. Beautiful landscape and rich cultural connotation make it a tourist attraction.

Longtan Park has carried out several large-scale renovations, pavilions, pavilions, pavilions, lakeshores, planting willows and mulberries, and built scenic spots such as Longtan, Longzi Stone Forest, Longmen, Longyingge, Wanliutang, Liantang Huayu and Central Island. The garden has beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery. Longqiao, Longting Pavilion and Longmen are accompanied by mountains and rivers. The styles of Longbai, Longzao and Longhuai are quite different. It is a new urban garden which integrates the northern classical architecture with modern gardening art and highlights the theme of the Chinese "dragon" culture.

Located in the southeast of Chongwen District, with a total area of 118 hectares, there are 300,000 square meters of water area, 3,700 meters of winding lakeshore, made of natural stone and regular stone sections. Longbai, Longxuliu and Longzhao were planted in the garden. There were also 10 20-meter-long plant-shaped dragons and two flower dragons.

Stone Arch Bridge, Shuangting Bridge and Longtan Waterfall divide the lake into four islands, four peninsulas, three shoals, a canyon and six green bridgehead. People can boat in the lake, pavilions and pavilions around, lush vegetation, there are many new scenic spots with the theme of "dragon". There are Longyingge scenic spot, Longtan scenic spot, Longzi Stone Forest Scenic spot, Longmen scenic spot and Liantang Huayu scenic spot.

In the northwest part of the park, there are temples of Yuan Chonghuan, the national hero of the late Ming Dynasty. There are portraits of Yuan Chonghuan, some stone inscriptions and handwriting of Kang Youwei and others. In the south part of the park, there are 17 acres of Chongwen District Children's Activity Center. Longtan Park has become one of Beijing's elegant modern garden parks because of a group of unique and elegant classical garden buildings.

Relevant poems:

Tour Beijing Longtan Park

Wei Xin

The autumn twilight is warm and the sunset always shines on Wine.

Fortunately, I wandered with you and strolled along the green waterfront.

High corridor and long view, Xiulin scattered fragrance.

The breeze touches the branches and loves the scenery.

The winding road is forgetting, sitting idly talking about the past and the present.

This is true in good times. When will the travelers return?

Best travel time

The best time of year is March, April, May, August, September and October.

Park activities

Since its formal opening in March 1986, Longtan Park has held many large-scale park activities. The annual Spring Festival Temple Fair in Longtan; the International Dragon Boat Competition held in 1988; and the "Nine-Ninth Double Ninth Festival" Garden Fair.

Scenic Area Service

ticket office

Entrance of Scenic Area

Consultation office

You can consult the ticket office or the management office.

Administrative Office

Address: No. 8 Longtan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Medical point

There is no medical point, it is recommended to take the necessary medicines. Once you feel unwell during the journey, take some essential small medicine to save the emergency. For example: cold medicine, Zheng Yunning, Simin, berberine, wound patches, etc.

Foreign Language Service Time

There are English explanatory boards in the scenic area.

Cruise service

Surface area (square meters): 194700

Types of ships: pedal boats, battery boats

Number of cruise ships: 195

Wheelchair Accessible

Slopes, barrier-free toilets.

Scenic spot recommendation

Longtan Scenic Area

Located in the north of the park. The lofty Longshan Mountains are built in the water. There are 14 peaks with different shapes. The waterfall falls down from the main peak and looks like a huge bonsai of hills and stones in the distance.

Liantang Huayu Scenic Area

Located in the southeastern part of the park, it completely adopts the southern gardening technique. A 40-meter-long corridor bridge connects two islands and cuts out a water area like a pond. The pond is fragrant with lotus flowers, reeds swaying, fish swimming, and rocks scattered around the pond, forming a cliff reef.

Central Island Scenic Area

Located in the center of Park Lake, the island is surrounded by water on all sides. The east, north and west sides of the island are connected by Shuangxing Bridge, Longji Bridge and Yulong Bridge respectively. Become the cultural activity place of entertainment and leisure for the surrounding masses.

Longyin Pavilion Scenic Area

Located in the southwest of the park, surrounded by water, it is the largest group of wooden structures in the park, covering an area of more than 2800 square meters.

Wanliutang Scenic Area

Located in the northeastern part of the park, a large number of weeping willows, standing willows, snow willows, silver bud willows, steamed bread willows, golden silk weeping willows are planted along both sides of the lake in the scenic area, forming the "Wanliu" landscape.

Longzi Stone Forest Scenic Area

Located in the eastern part of the park, built around the late Qingshan Mountains, the whole stone forest uses more than 150 pieces of stone, more than 2000 tons.

In 1999, Longtan Lake Park also added bungee jumping events, and there was a bungee-jumping bomber that no one had. It consists of three 40-metre-high triangular masts, which can be attended by three people at the same time. They are tied side by side with their back facing down. Their feet are connected with a separate mast by a steel cable. The windlass tightens the steel cable, and they are raised to 40 metres. When the cables were loosened, they dived head down to the ground, feeling from the air that they were about to "kiss" the earth, and were pulled by the cables fixed on the other two masts and rushed to the opposite sky. This repeated many times, let them feel weightlessness and almost hit the ground.

temple fair

brief introduction

The Spring Festival Longtan Temple Fair, held since 1984, has become a traditional mass cultural event during the Spring Festival in Beijing. It is also a proud cultural brand in Dongcheng District. It has a wide influence in China and a certain degree of popularity abroad.

Holding time

May 1 to May 3; October; New Year's Day 30 to the seventh day of the first lunar month


1. The display of intangible cultural heritage;

2.8 to 10 national florist troop's literary and artistic performances, Chinese stunt performances, good singers and other cultural activities on the "grand stage of variety arts";

3. The stage of acrobatics exhibition gathers excellent folk skills.

4. Flower exhibitions will be held during the temple fair.

5. In cooperation with the Central People's Broadcasting Station, the "live news broadcasting room" of the temple fair was opened during the peak period of the first to fifth day of junior middle school, breaking the time and space boundaries of the temple fair.

Service Information

Admission ticket

Two yuan, five yuan a month. Older people aged 65 and over are exempted from admission fees for visiting parks with their senior citizen's preferential card (excluding the park in the middle of the park, except during large-scale activities).


No. 8 Longtan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Traffic routes

Beimen: 8 Road, 12 Ring Road, 561 Road, 958 Road Longtan Lake get off.

Northwest Gate: 6, 8, 12, 60, 116, 352, 684, Longtan Park.

Dongmen: No. 51, No. 91, No. 122, No. 12 Tumor Hospital.

34 Road, 36 Road, 51 Road, Panjiayuan Road Xikou get off.

Simon: Round 12, get off at 684 Longtan Lake swimming pool.

Shi Chuanxiang Memorial Hall

October 26, 2009 is the 50th anniversary of Liu Shaoqi's meeting with dung workers. The Shichuanxiang Memorial Hall, covering nearly 800 square meters, is officially opened in Longtan Park and is open to tourists free of charge.

Longtan Park Ice Field

Ticket price: 10 yuan

Time: January 1-February 4, 2010, 9:00-15:00

Introduction: Ice rink is located on the north side of Longtan Park Central Island Cultural Square. When you enter the north gate of the park, you can see the enclosure of the ice surface surrounded by colorful flags. The area of the ice rink is the same as in previous years, and the price is the same as last year. The recreational items include single and double ice cars and ice bicycles.

Passenger notes

1. Consciously abide by the order of visiting and visiting, purchase tickets in order to enter the library, not crowded, not blocking the roads and entrances and exits.

2. Protect the environment from spitting, drowning and littering.

3. Protect cultural relics and public facilities. Do not smear, depict or lie on street chairs on trees, historical sites and public facilities.

4. Take care of every plant, do not trample on the lawn, do not climb and break flowers and fruits.

5. Protect wild and exhibited animals, do not hunt, do not intimidate, do not feed and shoot, do not fish in non-fishing areas.

6. Rent and return cruise ships according to regulations, and do not swim or skate in open waters.

Seventh, do not sell goods, do not distribute any form of advertising and other promotional materials.

8. No fights, no riots, no feudal superstitions, no gambling in any form and other illegal activities.

9. Do not bring dangerous goods or animals into the tourist area, and do not use open fire in the fire prevention area.

10. After the Quiet Garden of the Museum, it will not continue to stay, expose the house, overturn, destroy the fence and fence.