Longtan Karst Cave Scenic Spot

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Longtan Karst Cave Scenic Spot

Longtan Karst Cave Scenic Area is located at the foot of longcuban mountain, Miyi Baima Town, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, with an altitude of 1500 meters. It is a provincial-level scenic spot and a national AA level tourist area. The scenic spot is composed of Longtan karst cave, Longyin gorge, HuaBa mural, natural bonsai garden, wild botanical garden and longcub peak scenic area. It is a cool, beautiful and elegant scenic spot. It is a cold and summer resort A wonderful place for sightseeing, vacation and leisure.

History of development

The tourist area was discovered in 1992. At the end of the same year, the construction and Environment Bureau of Miyi County took the lead in the development and construction of Longtan karst cave tourism. After more than five years' efforts, the first phase of Longtan karst cave development has been basically completed. More than 1760 meters of main cave tour line in Longtan karst cave group has been developed. Longtan hotel area, which covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, has been built. A 6.3 km long Longhua high-grade cement road from 214 provincial road to the tourist area has been built. Longtan Karst Cave Scenic Spot

After 1999, the second phase development of the project was carried out. Longyin Gorge Scenic Spot with waterfall group and rare plant Alsophila spinulosa as its main scenery has been developed successively, and a 3 km long circular walking path and leisure facilities have been built. In 2005, the lighting system in the cave was comprehensively renovated and upgraded, and the related facilities were also reconstructed. According to the national standards, the tourist signs were added, the parking lot in the tourist area was expanded, and three star toilets were rebuilt. The overall infrastructure facilities of the scenic spot were comprehensively improved. The tourist attraction layout was reasonable, the infrastructure and supporting facilities were in place, and the service management was completed Good, a good pattern with strong tourism atmosphere.

The tourist area was rated as provincial scenic spot in Sichuan Province in June, 1998, national AA in December 2002, and AAA in December 2006. The popularity of the tourist area was further improved

geographical environment

Longtan Karst Cave Scenic Area is a provincial-level scenic spot in Sichuan Province. It is mainly composed of Longtan karst cave, matched with Longyin gorge, natural bonsai garden, wild botanical garden and longcub mountain top, forming a natural scenic spot with beautiful landscape, peculiar scenery and elegant style.

Longtan cave is the first cave in Panxi. It has two sceneries in one cave. It looks like a dragon palace in the front and a heavenly palace in the back. The stalactites are colorful and colorful. There are many waterfalls in the cave, which are rare in other famous caves.

Longyin gorge is a primitive ecology, with gurgling streams, cascading waterfalls, different postures, interlaced vines, birds and wild flowers.

The natural bonsai garden is full of wonderful stones, elegant trees and natural shapes. It has a very high aesthetic value.

main features

Longtan karst cave tourism area is composed of Longtan karst cave ecological sightseeing tourism area, religious historical site guabang mosque area, wanqiu "May 7th cadre school" and Guanyin hot spring recuperation. It covers an area of 10 square kilometers, with an average annual temperature of 15-18 ℃, warm in winter and cool in summer, with four seasons like spring. The tourist area is covered with emerald mountains, towering ancient trees, fragrant flowers and fruits, and gurgling streams. Rare karst landscape, numerous waterfalls, charming Rift Valley scenery, mysterious religious culture and rich pastoral scenery are ingenious integration of natural landscape and cultural landscape. There are stalactites, stone pillars, stalagmites, stone curtains, stone grapes and so on. The content of negative oxygen ion in the cave is very high.   

natural resources

Wild botanical garden 40 mu cactus green green, spring red flowers, summer and autumn golden fruit, plant form thousands of, vine hanging swaying, unique charm.

The scenic spot is located in Miyi County, 100 kilometers away from Panzhihua City, close to Chengdu Kunming railway and 108 National Highway. It has convenient transportation and cool climate. It is an ideal place for sightseeing, exploring and leisure.

Longtan cave

Three wonders

Unique, colorful, colorful. Generally, the stalactites, stalagmites, pillars, flowers and curtains in the caves are milky white, while the rocks in Longtan cave are colorful and magnificent due to their rich minerals. In addition, the karst landform is unique and steep, such as snow mountain lion guard, ice forest, flowers and trees, Yushan towering and other cave landscapes, which are in various forms. The whole dragon palace is decorated with gold and luster, just like a fairy tale world. It has a high value of scientific investigation and can be called an absolute view.

Two unique, one hole two palace, do not have the interest. The front section of the cave is connected with the Dragon everywhere, which is very similar to the dragon palace; in the back section, the jade universe is widely cold, and the Xianshan qiongge pavilion looks like a heavenly palace. Among them, the largest palace, 70-80 meters high, 30-40 meters long and 20-30 meters wide, is breathtaking.

There are many waterfalls. There are waterfalls outside the cave, and there are also waterfalls in the cave. There are both waterfalls flowing straight down and frozen ice waterfalls. It is a wonder that there are so many waterfalls in the cave. The waterfall in the cave is like a bead curtain hanging from the sky. Longtan four waterfalls: herringbone waterfall, Yingbin three waterfall, Tianhe waterfall, nu long waterfall, romantic, each leading style. In addition, the Longtan is as green as a mirror, the karst in the pool is like Wolong and lotus; the stalagmite and stone tree are crystal like jade, and they are also like a bunch of grapes in the hands of Guanyin and puxianti, which are of high artistic value.

Main attractions

1. Longtan cave. Longtan cave has two sceneries, which looks like dragon palace in front and Tiangong in the back. It has three characteristics: the stalactites in the cave are colorful, pure and white as snow; the distribution area is the largest among the tourist caves that have been developed in China; there are many and magnificent waterfalls in the cave, with a drop of more than 15m in the 1000m cave, which is rare; the content of negative oxygen ion is in the domestic tourism cave The first point is a natural oxygen bar.

2. Frescoes of HuaBa dam. The eight granite frescoes carved on the main line of Miyi folklore have strong local characteristics and high aesthetic value.

3. Longbing gorge. There are many waterfalls, scattered high and low; exotic flowers and trees are everywhere, birds are singing; the cliff is picturesque, just like nature; there are many small karst caves, and the bell and breast are hanging.

4. Longcub peak scenic area. There are thousands of acres of pines and thousands of hectares of green grass on the top of longcub mountain. Huili and Miyi have a panoramic view of the mountains and rivers. There are many strange stones. One stone tells a story about the ancient and magical history of the border area. A plain, green grass, lush pines, thousands of acres of Rhododendron, competing for beauty. "Three stones" is still a puzzle for many geologists. Finger moving stone - fingers can shake, push and push with all one's strength will not move. A bowl of water stone - clear and transparent all the year round, add with drink, no more, no more, just restore, where does the water come from? Nine horses and ten mules carrying stone - it is like a pack of mules and horses (it is said to be the pack team carried by general Nian Jianyao, governor of Sichuan in the Qing Dynasty). Standing on the top of the mountain, it looks at Huili city on the left and Miyi city on the right, which gives people the feeling of seeing the small mountains.

5. Natural bonsai garden. Strange stones are scattered and strange trees are attached, just like a natural bonsai created by master master master.

6. Wild botanical garden. Forty acres of wild cactus plant tall, thousands of forms, wild forest, climbing along its vines, Lingfeng swaying, floating.

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