Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

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Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area is the core scenic area of national AAAAA level scenic area, National Geological Park and Daimeishan World Geological Park. It is a Canyon Scenic Area with typical geological and geomorphological landscapes of Hongyanzhanggu Group and the fifth national AAAAA level scenic area in Luoyang.

Luoyang Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area, Neiguan Gorge is facing each other, with its waterfalls linking up with pearls, walls standing at a distance of 10,000 kilometers, and beautiful valleys. After 1.2 billion years of geological deposits and 2.6 million years of water cutting and erosion, the high gorges, urns and landslides and fissures are unique in the world. They enjoy the "First Gorge of China's Gorges", "Natural Museum of Ancient Oceans", "Exquisite Gorges" and "Water Painting of the Yellow River". Lang "and other good names. Another scenic spot with the same name is Longtan Grand Canyon, Liaoning Province, which is located in Laoda Zhangzi Township, Jianchang County, Liaoning Province.

Historical evolution

From 2004 to 2006, Daimeishan achieved triple jump, from obscurity to leaping onto the stage of the World Geopark;

From 2005 to 2007, the Longtan Gorge scenic area of Daimeishan Geopark was established as a national AAAA level scenic area in only three years. Longtan Gorge scenic area is the first development scenic spot of Daimeishan World Geopark.

geographical environment

geographical position

Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area is located in Shijing Township, Xin'an County, Luoyang City, 60 kilometers east, Zhengzhou 180 kilometers, Lianhuo Expressway, 310 National Highway, Longhai Railway across the county, located between 34 36 and 35 05', 111 53 and 112 19'.

Climatic characteristics

The Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Area in Luoyang has a warm temperate continental monsoon climate with distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 14.2 C, the frost-free period is 216 days, and the annual average precipitation is 642.4 mm.

Scenic spots


Dragon pool can be seen from the beams, along the stone steps to the east, or from the Longwang Cave, climbing the rocks to the east. Longtan is deep and unfathomable. People tie ropes with stones, thread live fish, and divers wear diving suits, but they can not reach the end of it.

Longtan Gorge

Longtan Gorge is located at the top left of the Ya-shaped canyon, which is formed by internal and external forces and geological processes for hundreds of millions of years. The Canyon is 648 meters deep, 210 meters wide and 22.5 kilometers long. There are many landscapes in the canyon, such as Longtan Waterfall, Golden Hulu Waterfall, Natural Buddha, Turtle Stone and so on.

Golden Hulu Waterfall

Qingqing approached the foot of the cliff and gathered again. The white spray was flying in a circle and plunging into the bottom of the valley. At the exit of the waterfall, the space formed by the cliffs on both sides is like an inverted golden gourd, which is named "Golden Gourd Falls".

Longtan waterfall

The galloping water gushes out from the mountain mouth and falls directly to the bottom of the valley from the cliff nearly 20 meters high. The famous Longtan is just above the cliff, thus forming the "Longtan Waterfall".

Shi Lin Xia

Located at the top of the Ya-shaped Three Gorges Stone, it is named for the hills standing in the gorge and resembling stone forests. The stone forest, which is 8 kilometers long and 150 meters wide, is also one of the most beautiful scenery in the whole scenic area. The whole valley is surrounded by mountains, with water flowing around the mountains and towering peaks in succession. Within the canyon, you are attracted by the Antarctic Fairy Falls, Galaxy Splash, Bayao Xianchi, Jade Python Drilling Sky, Elephant Mountain, Lovers Peak and other landscapes.

Antarctic Celestial Falls

Antarctic Fairy Falls, climbing to the east side of the hillside, looking back, opposite the peak, the top of the projection of green and white rocks, like the front of the forehead of Antarctic Fairy. Eye, nose and mouth are all in shape, also known as "tumbler".

Eagle's nest Gorge

Yingwo Gorge is an extension of Longtan Gorge and Shilin Gorge, extending to Qinglong County, Hebei Province, with a total length of 12.5 kilometers, a width of 200 meters, and beautiful water and stone. Walking southward into the mountain gate and looking down on the cliff, there is a stone pillar, known as the "Forget Worry Peak", which is a huge rock that is difficult to climb. Below is the Wanzhang Cliff, while the cliff stretches out huge stones and connects with another cliff. It is really a "miracle of the world" created by nature.

Hongyan Gorge

Hongyan Gorge is a branch of Longtan Grand Canyon. In the southeast of Longtan Gorge, the stone in the canyon is red, and the leaves in autumn are red, so it is called "Hongyan Gorge". Hongyan Gorge has two branch canyons, "Hongyan Gorge" and "Qingyan Gorge". During the Anti-Japanese War, in 1942, our Party was the first grass-roots organization in Northeast China, the Great Yinggou Party Group. It is the political and military command center in the Redong region of Western Liaoning, the birthplace of revolutionary public opinion, and has the reputation of "Xiaoyan'an in Western Liaoning".

Foguang Luohan Cliff

The Luohanya cliff in Foguang is composed of dense medium-thick quartzite sandstone and loose thin argillaceous sandstone. Columnar joints are well developed in medium-thick quartzite sandstone layers, forming a column of vertical rock layers.

The spherical weathering of sandstone makes the pillars resemble the shape of Arhat, and the refraction of light makes hundreds of glittering Arhats arranged neatly on the cliff in four layers, forming a rare natural wonder.

Giant Fingerprints

Many ripple marks in Longtan Canyon are the layer traces formed by the sand sediments on the surface of the sediments in the course of migration under the action of water or wind, which are very similar to the waves of water.

Giant fingerprint is a typical interference ripple. It is named Giant fingerprint because of its texture, such as human fingerprint.

Shi Shangshu

Shishangtianshu is a landscape formed by different weathering. On the level of medium-thick quartz sandstone, there are often thin layers of argillaceous sandstone or argillaceous siltstone, which collapse and expose the surface. Under differential weathering, some of them are weathered and lost, and some of them remain to form various patterns. "One person, one stone" is the most typical pattern.

Fairy footprints

Longtan Gorge is a ten-mile long gorge with many scenic spots, changing scenery step by step, and its topography and physiognomy are very peculiar. Tens of millions of layers of purple-red quartz sandstone are deposited as if they were colorful; the annual rings of the earth can be seen everywhere on the rocks with the footprints of immortals.

Walking on corrugated stones is like walking on ancient ocean beaches; wandering in narrow, winding valleys, like wandering in the labyrinth of nature; colorful cliffs make people feel like they are in a mythical world.

Fairy bathing

Here is a clear shallow pool with a hazy fairy pattern on the surface of the upright rock beside it, as if it had just emerged from the pool.

One is the hieroglyphic pattern on a stone beneath the bamboo knot. Like a beautiful woman with beautiful hair, water can be seen.

Famous specialty products

Jellied bean curd

Xin'an's tofu brain and Leshan's Chengdu's tofu brain are absolutely different, a pot of boiled very thick soybean powder paste, a bowl of tender beans poured in, broken with a big spoon, stirred, multiplied by a bowl, add soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, pepper powder, chili oil, ginger and garlic juice, peanuts, crispy beans, pressed vegetables, onions, poured a small cage of powder steamed beef or crispy meat, Sichuan flavor is full, decompose. Only seasoning, known as "vegetable tofu brain"; steamed beef with flour, called "beef tofu brain"; steamed sausage with flour, called "fat sausage tofu brain"; added raw eggs, called "egg to tofu brain".

Beef cake

This beef biscuit is also very distinctive. The pastry is steamed completely and its softness and hardness are just right. There is no extra rice flour in the filling, but it feels a little crisp. The original biscuit contains not only beef but also crisp meat particles. Because the soybean flour paste is easy to clear, it should be eaten while it is hot, and the ingredients should not be stirred vigorously. Otherwise, if you eat half of the paste, it will easily become clear soup, soaking powder and steamed meat, which will greatly reduce the taste.

Egg pie

Egg cakes, a traditional snack of the Han nationality in Xinyang, Henan Province, belong to Henan cuisine. Deeply loved by Zhongzhou residents. Pour the egg juice into the half-cooked cake, continue to fry and bake. The crust of the cake is crisp and fragrant.

Tourist guide

Traffic routes

Self-driving line:

The scenic spot is located in the north of Xin'an County, Luoyang City, 60 kilometers away from Luoyang, Zhengzhou 180 kilometers, Lianhuo Expressway, 310 National Highway, Longhai Railway across the county border.

(2) Luoyang-Longtan Grand Canyon: Xin'an scenic spot of Lianhuo Expressway in Luoyang (or turn right at the Beijing intersection of Xin'an County by taking 310 National Highway from Luoyang Valley Water, and drive 47 kilometers ahead to reach the scenic spot)

2. Zhengzhou-Longtan Grand Canyon: Zhengzhou Lianhuo Expressway Xin'an-Scenic Spot

3. Beijing-Longtan Grand Canyon: Beijing-Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Zhengzhou-Lianhuo Expressway, Xin'an-Scenic Spot

4. Shijiazhuang-Longtan Grand Canyon: Shijiazhuang Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Zhengzhou Lianhuo Expressway, Xinan-Scenic Spot

5. Taiyuan-Longtan Grand Canyon: Taiyuan Erguang Expressway Luoyang Lianhuo Expressway Xinan-Scenic Spot

6. Wuhan-Longtan Grand Canyon: Wuhan Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Zhengzhou Lianhuo Expressway, Xinan-Scenic Spot

7. Xi'an-Longtan Grand Canyon: Xi'an Lianhuo Expressway Xin'an-Scenic Spot

8. Xuzhou-Longtan Grand Canyon: Xin'an-Scenic Spot of Xuzhou Lianhuo Expressway

9. Jinan-Longtan Grand Canyon: Jinan Jinghu Expressway Xuzhou Lianhuo Expressway Xinan-Scenic Spot

Passenger Line: There is no direct train from Luoyang to Longtan Grand Canyon at present. It is necessary to take the bus from Luoyang bus station to Xin'an county, then transfer to Shijing town, then take the local bus to Longtan Grand Canyon. It lasted about three hours. When you come, you can make an appointment with the local baker to send it directly back to Luoyang, where you can easily take the bus to anywhere in Luoyang.

Tourist route

Visit the Geological Museum, Panda Museum, tour six natural mysteries (water flowing to high places, Foguang Luohan Cliff, giant fingerprints, stone heavenly books, immortal footprints, butterfly springs); seven Youtan waterfalls (Wulongtan, Heilongtan, Qinglongtan, Wolong Tan, fairy out of the bath, Yinyang Tan, reed Tan); eight natural wonders (Tongling Lane Valley, Wave Shiping, Ultimate Heavenly Stele, Shishangchun) Autumn, Yinyang Mingtan, bamboo knot rock, goddess bathing, five tigers climbing the sky, Longyin Valley (rock climbing, high-altitude cable bridge), Longshan Tianchi (Luyuan), Luoyuan and other landscapes.