Longmenshan earthquake site park

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Longmenshan earthquake site park

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The site earthquake park includes the widely spread ruins of Xiaoyudong bridge, the site of Bailu Central School (the most cattle school), Longmen Mountain Bridge of Sino French bridge, and the Catholic Church site of Bailu upper Academy.

brief introduction

Xiaoyudong Bridge

Xiaoyudong bridge is located in Xiaoyudong Town, Pengzhou, with a total length of 187 meters and a width of 12 meters. In the Wenchuan earthquake, the Xiaoyudong bridge just located on the fault zone collapsed completely and could not pass through. Now there are blue sculptures standing at the head of the Pengzhou side of the Xiaoyudong bridge. It is 5 meters high, 12 meters wide, and 1 meter thick. The white text on the surface of the sculpture contains a brief introduction to the Wenchuan earthquake, the damage to Pengzhou and the collapse of the Xiaoyudong bridge.

Bailu town

The old street of Bailu town in Pengzhou City is also on the fault zone of Wenchuan earthquake. During the earthquake, a section of the old street near the river was lifted up. The original flat street was staggered by more than 3 meters, and a large number of houses were damaged.

Pengzhou Bailu central school, not far from the old street, the fault zone just passed through the middle of two adjacent teaching buildings during the earthquake, and the one near the mountain was raised by 2 meters, leaving a steep ridge. Fortunately, the two teaching buildings are safe and sound, and nearly 1000 teachers and students evacuated safely. Bailu central school was praised as "the most outstanding teaching building in history" by netizens.

Bailushang Academy was built by French missionaries in 1908 to train Chinese Catholic clergy. After 1949, Shangyuan academy basically no longer played the role of religious place. In the Wenchuan earthquake, the 100 year old relic collapsed in just eight seconds, with mountains of rubble and staggered wooden pillars. The white stone gate broke into a trapezoid, and the thick semi cylindrical door post only survived at the bottom. The plan will be rebuilt at the original site.

The Sino French bridge is a stone double arch bridge. It was designed and constructed by Yu xiasong (Frenchman) when he was the president of bailuxia Academy. The local people named this bridge as "Sino French bridge". In the 5.12 earthquake, the bridge suffered serious damage, leaving only one hole of the residual bridge left, unable to pass.


The beautiful Yinchanggou was seriously damaged in the Wenchuan earthquake, and the former scenery of Yinchanggou no longer exists. It is now under active rehabilitation and reconstruction.


Self driving: take Chengpeng Expressway to Pengzhou, and then enter Dajian road from Pengzhou to Tongji Town. After passing the Tongji Town Bridge, you can go to Bailu town on the right, and Xiaoyudong and Yinchanggou on the left. After passing through Xiaoyudong for several kilometers, you will enter the area severely damaged by the earthquake: almost all of the originally wide and flat tourist roads were destroyed, but now most of them are temporary bicycle lanes, which are rugged and should be driven carefully. The roads from Tongji Town to Bailu town are in good condition except some sections of roads are damaged.

Shuttle bus: the shuttle bus from Chengdu Wukuaishi passenger transport center to Pengzhou is 15 yuan / person. To Pengzhou passenger transport center, where there are many special to send people to visit "5.12 sculpture" minivan (to Xiaoyudong), 5 yuan / person.