Longlishi Sea Scenic Area

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Longlishi Sea Scenic Area

Located in Shilin Town, Wansheng District, Chongqing, Longlishi Sea Scenic Area is a karst geological park type natural scenic tourist area with a planned area of 4.7 square kilometers and a distance of 20 kilometers from Wansheng City.

Longlishi Sea Scenic Spot and Black Valley Scenic Spot jointly declared, in October 2012, was formally approved by the National Tourism Administration as the National AAAAA (5A) Scenic Spot. It has become the fifth national 5A scenic spot in Chongqing, one of the twelve scenic spots in Bayu and Chongqing. It has won the title of "Ten Best Scenic Spots in Chongqing" for two consecutive sessions.

Development history

Longlishi Sea Scenic Area is located in Shilin Town, Wansheng District, Chongqing. Longlishihai was deposited in the marine environment during 465-600 million years ago. It was about 200 million years earlier than the southern stone forest of Kunming Road in Yunnan. It is the oldest stone forest in China and the second largest stone forest in China. It is known as the "ancestor of stone forest".

Main attractions

The scenic spot is a combination of mountains, waters, forests, stones and caves, with karst landscapes such as surface stone forests and underground karst caves as the main landscapes. In the scenic area, there are thousands of scenes, such as Qishijun Peak, Qingquan Bichi, Cliff Falls and Falls. There are many kinds of fossils, such as stone fan, stone drum, stone pagoda, stone bud, Jianfeng stone and mushroom stone. In the scenic area, there are many peaks, walls and various forms of stone forests. The most abundant rocks in Wansheng Stone Forest are hornstones formed in Cambrian Period. Corner stones are mostly yellowish-brown, some are exposed to the surface of the stone, and some are inlaid in the stone. These fossils are of great scientific value for the study of the geological evolution and the evolution of marine organisms in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and the basin-side mountainous areas in the southeastern part of Sichuan Basin. Longli Shihai belongs to the jurisdiction of Yelang Kingdom in ancient times. There is a Miao compatriot who can sing and dance well for generations. The splendid Miao customs endow Shilin with rich national customs and tourism characteristics, especially the annual "Mountain Stepping Meeting", which is an important Miao festival held in Wansheng Shilin.

The typical karst landscape represented by the surface stone forest is very attractive. The surface of this kind of landscape is like tiger skin, forming a series of different scenic spots. Here, there are many peaks and dangerous rocks, such as stone gates, stone stockades and stone pillars, which resemble manual stacking without artificial traces; the stones of birds and animals are vivid and vivid; the pastoral streets, kitchen smoke, clear springs, clear pools, cliffs and snow waterfalls, white cranes, blue birds, clear and beautiful as those without pink dai. Its main landscapes are Qinglang Peak, Xianglu Mountain, Giant Fan, Ground Seam Sky, Fossil, Stone Drum, General Stone, etc. dozens of places, showing the beauty and Inspiration of Wansheng Stone Forest Landscape.

Longlishi Sea Scenic Area, not only strange rocks stand, but also underground karst cave landscape. They are mainly horizontal and vertical karst caves. Horizontal caves include Tianmen Cave, Street Building Cave, Cool Wind Cave, Fairy Cave, Guanma Cave, Stealing Cow Cave, Kowloon Cave, Guanyin Cave, etc. Among them, the gate cave has a unique landscape and unique shape. The stalagmites, pillars, flowers, mantles, suspensions, erections and forceps in the cave all make their best efforts, such as the glittering jades, such as the splendor of the palace. It can be described as "the creation of heaven and earth, and the work of gods and axes".

The World Peace Stele Forest, covering an area of 3000 square meters, has greatly enriched the cultural connotation of the scenic spot. In addition, the local Miao family's ability to sing and dance, marriage and funeral, food and clothing, as well as the ancient tombs, folklore and animal fossils formed hundreds of millions of years ago constitute a unique folk custom and rich cultural landscape represented by the Miao people's customs.

Longli Shihai is the oldest stone forest in China. It consists of incense burner hill, Liu cemetery, couple stone, stepping on hillside, Shiguping, Qianta City, Tianmen Cave and so on. It has 207 scenic spots. Among these scenic spots, its stone fans, stone turtles, stone tombs, stone gorges, fossils, stone drums, stone pagodas, sedan car songs are also known as the "Eight Wonders" of Wansheng Stone Forest.

The Longlishi Sea was formed about 460 million years ago. It was once a magnificent ocean and an ancient home for sea creatures. There are many kinds of marine fossils with different shapes. There are turtles, shells, snails, eggs and so on. Most of them are hornstones formed in Cambrian. Most of them are yellowish-brown, some of them are exposed on the surface of the stone, some of them are inlaid in the stone, and their postures are various. The fossils are of great scientific and ornamental value to the study of the geological evolution and marine evolution of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and the basin-side mountainous areas in the southeastern part of Sichuan Basin.

Tourism information

Take a bus to Wansheng at Nanping and Chen Jiaping Bus Stations, or take 5617 special tours to Wansheng at Caiyuanba Railway Station, and then take Wansheng-Shilin Bus at Wansheng Tourist Bus Station (beside Wansheng Hotel) for 5 yuan per person.