Longkou Nanshan Scenic Area

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Nanshan tourist scenic spot is located in the beautiful scenery of Lu Shan in Longkou City, Yantai City, Shandong province. The scenic spots of Nanshan Temple, perfume house, Lingyuan temple, Wenfeng tower, Nanshan ancient culture park are all relics of the Jin, Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. The pavilions and galleries in the ancient buildings, the mountain forest and water system, the mountain structure, simple and elegant, magnificent, magnificent momentum.

Longkou Nanshan Scenic Area

Nanshan tourism scenic spot is located in the beautiful scenery of Lu Shan in Longkou City, Yantai City, Shandong province. Scenic spots such as Nanshan Temple, perfume hall, Lingyuan temple, Wenfeng tower, Nanshan ancient culture park are all relics of the Jin Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. 。 The pavilions and galleries in the ancient buildings, the mountain forest and water system, the mountain structure, simple and elegant, magnificent, magnificent momentum.

There are also 27 Nanshan International Golf Club Courses with pleasant scenery and challenging green grass in the scenic spot, Nanshan Kangle Palace, Nanshan Hotel, Nanshan Cultural Conference Center and Nanshan Manor Wine Castle, which are built with the whole scenic spot, forming a fully functional holiday and leisure, tourism and restaurant. Entertainment, conference reception service system.

"Jielu is in the world, without cars and horses, gathering Chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, leisurely see Nanshan." Nanshan's tourist scenery is creating a beautiful human scenery of "Shoubi Nanshan" with its elegant natural landscape and rich cultural landscape.

Industrial Tourism in Nanshan

Nanshan Group is located in the port city of Shandong Peninsula - Longkou City, Yantai in the east, Qingdao in the south, Longkou in the west, across the sea from Dalian in the north, water, land and air transportation is very convenient. With the spring breeze of China's reform and opening up, Nanshan Group has developed into a state-level large enterprise group integrating production, supply, marketing, science, industry and trade, covering an area of 25 square kilometers, employee 36,000, fixed assets of 6 billion yuan, over 30 enterprises under its jurisdiction, involving in worsted textiles, clothing, aluminium industry and trade. Electricity, electronics, building materials, construction, wood, food, green agriculture, tourism, education, medical and other industries. Main products: worsted wool, clothing, electrolytic aluminium, aluminium profile, plastic steel PPC (B), PP-R pipe. Fabric towel, blanket, furniture, medium density board, electronics, Nanshan Manor wine, etc.

Nanshan Industrial A-share stock (code name 600219 Nanshan Industrial) was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in December 1999. It marks that the development of enterprises has entered the fast lane of capital operation.

With the goal of creating a modern group, advanced equipment and first-class management as the guide, together with high and new technology, Nanshan Group has produced a unique series of "Nanshan" brand products, which are sold well all over the country and exported to the international market. "Nanshan" brand series products have been awarded "Consumers Trust Excellent Products" by China Consumer Protection Association. They have also been awarded "Shandong Credit Enterprises", "National Township Enterprise Demonstration Zone", "National Township Creating Famous Brand Key Enterprises", "National Small Town Construction Demonstration Zone" and "National Civilized Unit", all over the country. China's 500 largest township enterprises rank the top in the economic strength list.

Strict management system, strong design force and good production environment are the solid foundation for us to create high quality products and international enterprises. In the 21st century, Nanshan Group will continue to base itself on the development and perfection of science and technology to develop first, second and third industries effectively, contribute to society and repay the country with newer products, better quality, better service, higher enthusiasm and better environment.

Pursuing development and never ending - the eternal theme of Nanshan Group.

Nanshan Temple

Nanshan Zen Temple is the oldest and most famous Zen Temple in Huangxian County (today Longkou City) - Shiquan Temple. According to the County Chronicle, Buddhism was introduced in Tang Dynasty. From Tang to Qing Dynasty, Buddhism flourished. There must be temples in more than 800 villages in the county. The Shiquan Temple in the southwestern part of the city (now Nanshan) is the oldest, which was founded in the period of Zhenguan in Tang Dynasty.

In 1999, in order to develop tourism, Shiquan Temple was renovated and renamed as "Nanshan Zen Temple". After renovation, Nanshan Zen Temple was renovated with its old appearance, new appearance and grand overall architectural momentum, covering an area of 40,000 square meters. Its buildings are Maitreya Hall, Daxiong Pavilion, Yuantong Hall and Tibetan Jingge. There are Bell Tower, Dizang Hall, Kalan Hall and Oriental Three Sacred Halls on the East Road. Bodhi Hall, Manjushu Hall; Drum Tower, Grand Master Hall, Western Three Saints Hall, Puxian Hall, Daxiong Palace on the West road.

Nanshan Wenfeng tower

According to Buddhist sutras, a hundred years after Sakyamuni's extinction, King Asoka (King Wuyou) raised 84,000 pagodas to show his reverence. The wind of building pagodas in Buddhist temples opened. The Wenfeng Pagoda in Nanshan is a seven-storey stone pagoda with six-corner pavilion. The pagoda is 24 meters high. There are small Buddhist niches on each floor, offering a grain of Sakyamuni's Sakyamuni Shari. Nanshan Wenfeng Pagoda was built in Zhenguan of Tang Dynasty and rebuilt in the year of Gengchen (AD 2000).

Nanshan ancient culture park

Nanshan Ancient Culture Garden covers an area of 100,000 square meters, with a construction area of 4828 square meters. It integrates folk culture, divine culture and Taoist culture. Thirteen groups of classical buildings are situated on the hill and looming; 25 palaces and pavilions, 20 pavilions and pavilions are magnificent and elegant; 198 statues are vivid and charming; Department, fresh and quiet, charming and beautiful.

Entering the garden is a 19.8-meter-long, 4.9-meter-high white marble shadow wall, carved on it 33 statues of the Queen Mother, Ma Gu, Shouxing, Baxian and other immortals. The whole picture shows the story of the eight immortals celebrating their birthday. On the east side of the screen wall is the bell tower, which is 2.3 meters high, 1.3 meters in diameter and 2.5 tons in weight. On the west side is the drum tower with a diameter of 1.8 meters. The bell and drum sounds of "morning bell and evening drum" will bless our country's politicians and the people of Cathay and Thailand.

There are three routes to visit Nanshan Ancient Culture Garden: Sanxing Palace, Guansheng Palace, Yuanchen Palace, Zodiac Palace, Caishen Palace, Xiangshan Temple, Nanfeng Tower and Zhongmartyr Temple; Hope Crane Tower, Sanhuang Pavilion, Sanguan Palace, Notre Dame Palace, Leigong Palace, Qingshou Palace, Xugong Temple and Tongxuan Pavilion on the middle road; Eight Jinggong Palace, Xugong Temple and Tongxuan Pavilion on the West road. Medical holy garden.

Perfume house

The fragrance Hall (formerly called Xiangshui nunnery) was built in the Ming Dynasty (1621-1627 A.D.). There was a Lotus Pond in the past. The local folk song said, "Lotus Pond, perfume house, Bodhisattva in the temple are all sky." There are four palace pavilions in the fragrance hall, followed by the mountain gate, the hall of heavenly kings, the hall of the grand male, and the Sutra Pavilion. The two sides are also called bell tower, Drum Tower, guest hall, Bai Zi Tang, Ying Shen Tang and the Buddhist monastery, etc.

Lingyuan view

Lingyuan concept was built in Chunhua period of Northern Song Dynasty. Wang Zhiquan, a Taoist priest in the early Yuan Dynasty, was rebuilt. It was called "the next view" because it was far away from the upper view on the South mountain. The main halls in the view are the mountain gate, the Sanqing Palace, the Guandi Temple, the Old Mother's Hall, and the training room.

On the east side of the mountain gate, the headstone of the tortoise and the stinger was carved according to the data of the Yuan Dynasty stone tablet of Lingyuan View. The plaintiff recorded the architectural age and historical evolution of Lingyuan View.

In Jia Zhang's poem "Touring Lushan" in Huangxian County of Ming Dynasty, he once described the journey of Lingyuan as follows:

Lu Shan won the title of Donghuang, and several visits are still unforgettable.

After the rain, Yunyan Zhicao green, wind-driven stone cave medicine Miaoxiang.

Peak tower towers ancient fairies, deep well dragon diving air-cooled.

I want to fly in the clouds and feathers and laugh at the sea for ever.

Nanshan Temple

Nanshan Kangle Palace is the largest comprehensive indoor recreation venue in Asia, with a total floor area of 36,000 square meters. It has restaurants, Chinese and Western restaurants, bars, recreation halls, bowling alleys, gymnasiums, saunas, children's paradise, shopping malls, etc. It integrates recreation, leisure, fitness, catering and shopping. Four seasons like spring amusement park, as if the sunny coast of tropical scenery is presented in front of you, shore flowers, contention, colorful. In the pond, the blue waves ripple, and sometimes the waves beat the shore, splashing spray, and sometimes peaceful as a mirror. Play in the pool, let you freely sprinkle the fun in your heart. Bowling alley with 16 lanes, luxurious facilities, spacious and bright, is an excellent place for fitness and self-challenge.

Nanshan Traffic Guide:

Jiqing Highway - Weilai Highway - Weiwu Highway - Nanshan Exit Lower Highway.

It is 6 kilometers away from Huangcheng Bus Station and takes 20 minutes.

105 Nanshan special line and 5 buses have been opened near the tourist area.

Nanshan ticket is 100 yuan / membership reservation price 90 yuan click reservation

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Nanshan Religious and Cultural Park:

Nanshan Historic and Cultural Park: Passes for both are 100 yuan per person, membership price is 90 yuan per person.

Another: 10 yuan per person for industrial sightseeing and 9 yuan per person for membership.