Longchi National Forest Park

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Longchi National Forest Park

Longchi National Forest Park is located in Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province. It is only 84 kilometers away from Chengdu and 30 kilometers away from Dujiangyan. It is one of the 20 key national forest parks in China.

In the Late Triassic period of the geomorphic structure of Longchi scenic area, the origin of animals and plants is ancient, and there are many ancient fossils. Davidia involucrata, Lianxiang tree, silver magpie, Magnolia grandiflora and other endangered tree species are vigorous here. The wild animals include golden monkey, giant panda, antelope, golden pheasant and rock bull. It is known as "wild plant gene bank" and "animal natural paradise" by Chinese and foreign experts.

Tourism information

Ticket information

Low season (April - November): 20 yuan, peak season (December - March): 50 yuan. It costs 20 yuan for mountain climbing, 36 yuan for cableway in off-season and 40 yuan in peak season.

Traffic information

Dujiangyan passenger transport center, Chengdu Chengbei passenger transport center, chadianzi passenger station and Xinnanmen station have direct buses to Longchi.

Local cuisine

Chen Mapo Tofu

Chen Mapo Tofu is red in color, crisp in beef, spicy, fragrant, crisp, tender, hot and well shaped. It is very rich in Sichuan flavor. Chen's tofu soon became famous for its popularity, which attracted many people for food. Literati and poets often visit it. There are some good people who look at Chen's face, and then play it as "Chen Mapo Tofu", which goes far and wide, so it is a good talk.

Duck Blood in Chili Sauce

With pig head meat, pig bone and pea soup, add pig lung leaves, fat intestines, add ginger, pepper, cooking wine, simmer with low heat, taste especially good. By chance, Zhang put the fresh pig xuewang directly into the miscellaneous soup. He found that the more tender the xuewang is, the more delicious it tastes. This dish is called maoxuewang.

Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce

In the use of materials, beef, heart, tongue, belly, scalp, etc. to replace the original single lung, the quality is increasing. In order to maintain the original flavor of this dish, the name of "husband and wife lung slices" has been used up to now.

Erjie Bunting

It is most famous for the rabbit meat more bone less, without rabbit head, seasoning with the second sister special match method, delicious. Erjie's "rabbit" series also includes spiced marinated rabbit, red plate rabbit, spicy rabbit. In addition, Erjie bunding shop also operates a variety of cold dishes, such as red fried chicken nuggets, mashed garlic white meat, cold mixed lung slices, spiced tendon and other cold dishes.