Liu Jiawan Chaihai Garden

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Located on the eastern coast of Taolu Town, Donggang District, Rizhao City, Liujiawan Chaihai Garden is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, a popular science education base, and a core scenic spot in the Starlight Coast Leisure Zone of Oriental Sun City.

The planned area is 5.15 square kilometers, with 10,000 Mu intertidal zone and 1,000 Mu coastal shelter forest. It integrates seaside recreation and vacation, Beach Sports and golf. It is known as "Asia's largest golden beach, China's first seaside park". The scenic spot creates six functional areas: children's experience area, coastal art zone, long fishing port, starlight camp, seaside pasture and beach activity area.

Dr. Ding Zhaozhong, the Nobel Prize winner of the famous physicist, and the hometown of Ding Weifen, the elder of the Kuomintang.

Survey of scenic spots

Liujiawan Chaihai Garden is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, located in the eastern coast of Taolu Town, Donggang District, Rizhao City. It has abundant tourism resources, with 10,000 Mu intertidal zone and 1,000 Mu coastal shelter forest, 12 kilometers away from Rizhao City. It is composed of two parts: Chaihai Garden Scenic Area and Jinsha Island Scenic Area. It is an experience of picking up shellfish from the sea. It integrates leisure vacation, sea yacht, sea bathing, beach sport and golf practice. It has the characteristics of coastal folklore and is known as "the largest golden beach in Asia and the first chasing sea park in China".

On May 1, 2008, the park was officially opened for visitors. In the ninth year of its establishment, Shandong Ocean Culture Tourism Development Co., Ltd. entrusted Beijing Dadi Landscape Planning and Design Institute to carry out high-standard planning and design for the renovation and upgrading of Liujiawan Chaihai Garden in order to provide more colorful experience of parent-child chasing the sea for tourists. With the approval of Rizhao Municipal Tourism and Development Commission, Liujiawan Chaihai Garden Scenic Area entered in April 201 Closed gardens are renovated and upgraded. On June 16, 2018, the renovation and upgrading were completed and the park was officially opened for business.

After the renovation and upgrading, Liujiawan Chaihai Garden not only can catch up with the sea, but also has children's experience area, art coastal zone, leisure fishing port, Starlight Camp, Chaihai pasture and Chaihai activity area. It has become a coastal tourism leisure zone integrating parent-child leisure, coastal vacation and fishery experience, covering "eating, living, traveling, traveling, shopping and entertainment" services.

The total planned area of Chaihai Garden in Liujiawan is 5.15 square kilometers, with 5.4 kilometers of golden coastline. In the 1000 hectares intertidal zone of the park, the beach area is unique to the north of the Yangtze River. The beach is flat with fine sand. It is rich in more than 100 kinds of shellfish and crabs. It is also rich in more than 40 kinds of marine organisms, such as bamboo crickets, clams, quadrangular clams, conches, mud snails, horseshoe crabs, flower Dan crabs and spider crabs, as well as shrimp skins, mottled clams, jellyfish and other marine treasures. In Chaihai Park, there are Chaihai Fun Park, Sea Temple and Marine Art Center; in Jinsha Island, there are scenic spots such as Jinsha Island Bath and Golf Driving Range. There are many dining places including ocean restaurant, self-service seafood barbecue area, seafood self-service underground restaurant, leisure water bar and seascape restaurant in the service center. There are accommodation places in both the Chaihai Garden scenic area and the Jinsha Island scenic area, including Starlight Coast Camping, Wooden House, Containers and so on.

Since its opening in 2008, the scenic spot has won dozens of honorary titles, such as "National AAAA Tourist Scenic Spot", "National Science Popularization Education Base", "Shandong Ten Ecotourism Scenic Spots Promotion and Demonstration Scenic Spots", "Shandong Ten Film and Television Shooting Spots", "Most Favorite Charming Scenic Spot for Tourists", and has been awarded advanced units in tourism industry of provinces

Main attractions

Hai Hai project

Driving a bullock cart to the sea and sightseeing along the beach, you can dance barefoot on the beach at the confluence of the three rivers, experience disco or grasshopper (small crabs), snail picking, anemone digging, and enjoy the pleasure of getting close to the sea. There are new contents to catch up with the sea, including searching for treasures in the sea and finding buried "treasures" on the beach, as well as mysterious drifting bottles to discover the secrets in the drifting bottles.

Seashore shellfish collection, after ebb tide, tourists barefoot on the beach to collect a variety of fish, shellfish, shrimp, crabs, etc., at the same time, in the 10,000 Mu beach can be used to rake mosquito clams, mirror clams and other shellfish, experienced fishermen can pick up about 2 kilograms per hour.

Push shrimp skin, after summer ebb tide, in the water depth of about 1 meter sea area with push net push, hit the shrimp herd can push more than 10 kilograms per hour. Shrimp skin is very delicious. Tourists can eat on their own and feel the joy of harvest.

When fishing for jellyfish in summer, small jellyfish can be caught, translucent and floating on the sea. A simple net can catch jellyfish. Tourists can taste fresh jellyfish, and they can learn how to make jellyfish from local fishermen.

After the tide recedes, there are many circular holes on the beach. This is where the crabs hide. Tourists can follow the holes in the fresh sand to dig sand crabs and bag crabs.

Offshore fishing, in offshore waters, tourists can sit on the beach, fishing with hooked or uncoupled fishing rods, hooked can catch a variety of fish, especially sand gangfishes, uncoupled can catch Dan crabs.

In order to increase the cultural connotation of Chaihai Garden, the Management Committee of Chaihai Garden in Liujiawan has launched a large-scale situational performance representing the local folklore characteristics - "The Charm of the Cang Hai". The main programs include traditional aquarium dance performances such as water flooding Jinshan, Eight Immortals crossing the sea, Nazao naohai, as well as local opera performances such as dry boats, stilts and Lv Opera.

Practical information

Admission policy

Free of charge:

Children under 1.6 years of age (including) or 1.4 meters of height (including) are exempted from admission tickets to scenic spots.

2.Older people over 60 years old are exempted from the entrance ticket of the scenic spot with valid certificates.

3. Active servicemen and retired military cadres are exempted from the entrance tickets of scenic spots with valid certificates.

4. Persons with disabilities (including a caregiver) are exempted from the entrance ticket of the scenic area with valid certificates.

5. High-level talents are exempted from the entrance ticket of the scenic spot by means of "Shandong Huicai Card".

6. The reporter holds the ticket free of the scenic spot entrance at the press station.

7. Rizhao residents who hold Rizhao travel card will be exempted from the entrance ticket of the scenic spot with valid certificates.

8. Tourist guides are exempted from the gate ticket of the scenic spot by means of the National Guidance Card (IC card) and the Team Receipt Form of the same day.

50% Off:

Minors aged 6-18, full-time undergraduate students and students below are half-price with valid certificates.

Traffic information

Liujiawan Chaihai Garden is 10 kilometers away from Rizhao Long-distance Bus Station and can be reached in 30 minutes by car; 24 kilometers away from Rizhao Shanzihe Airport and 20 minutes by car; 10 kilometers away from Rizhao International Waiting Hall; 20 kilometers away from Rizhao Railway Station; and 5 kilometers away from the same 3 and Ridong Expressway Entrance.

Bus lines: C107 and C502 are accessible.