Lion Tower Tourist Area

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Lion Tower Tourist Area

Lion Tower Tourist City is located at the head of the cross street of Yanggu County Town. It was built in Jingyou of the Northern Song Dynasty for three years. Its height is 15.8 meters, its five rooms are three-way deep and its building area is 451 square meters. This building used to be a restaurant. There are two pairs of stone lions in front of the building, which have a unique style. Wusong is famous for fighting against Ximenqing. This building is situated in the west facing the east. The main building is a wood structure with red pillars and grey tiles, carved beams and painted buildings, cornices and eaves, simple and elegant. It has a long-standing reputation, a place of success, celebrities have visited Yashi, and poetry and painting for it. Wan Liyun, a famous calligrapher, once wrote the title: "In front of the Lion Tower, there is great momentum, punishing rape and eliminating outrageous spirits. Tourists are temporarily strong-minded, thinking of Yongwusong in those days".

Tourism advantages

Lion Tower Tourist Area is located in the center of Yanggu ancient city. It is the key area of Shuihu tourist line in Shandong Province, and also an important part of Yanggu "Millennium Ancient City". The tourist area includes Lion Tower and Lion Tower Tourist City. The Lion Tower Tourist Area is organically connected with the 800-meter Song-style commercial pedestrian street, Zishi Street and the Millennium Ancient Confucian Temple, forming the Yanggu "Millennium Ancient City" pattern, becoming the Song Dynasty ancient city that embodies the classic stories of the Marsh and reproduces the Millennium legendary city well picture scroll.

In order to deepen the tourism characteristics of Lion Tower, Yanggu County Tourism Bureau will develop a tourist area with an area of about 25,000 square meters near Lion Tower. It is proposed to build five stores in Ximenqing, seven-way courtyard, County government, ancient theatre building, silversmiter shop, Wuda former residence, Wangpo Teahouse, Lion Tower Hotel, Purple Stone Street and parking lot to provide one-stop service of eating, living, traveling, traveling, entertaining and purchasing. At that time, Lion Tower will become a tourist attraction with complete facilities, beautiful environment and high standard comprehensive service capability. Lion Tower is located in the center of the county town, with convenient transportation and supporting services.

Characteristics of scenic spots

The Lion Tower Tourist City, which was opened to tourists on October 1, 2003, is located in the center of Yanggu County Town. The scenic spot takes the stories of "Water Margin" and "Jin Ping Mei" as the background, reflecting the folk customs of the Song Dynasty and covers an area of 30 mu. The main attractions are: Wang Po Teahouse, Wu Dalang House, cold pub, paper shop, Ximen pharmacy, salt shop, velvet shop, silk villa, inn, lion restaurant, chess club, stage, Yuhuang Temple, etc. Large-scale festivals and temple fairs are held during the festival. Daily entertainment items include Shandong Express Book, Wuda Yunge Street Performance, Yanggu Style Performance, Lion Dance, Stilt Walking, Elderly Yangko Performance, Henan Opera Troupe Performance, Folk Juggling Performance, Sugar Man Performance, Calligraphy Performance, Handicraft Production Performance, etc. Among them, the images of Wu Dalang and Pan Jinlian are generally welcomed by tourists and become the biggest highlights of the scenic spot.

Local specialty

The main local products in the scenic area are Ajiao, Jingyanggang series wine, dates, wood carvings, famous for eating Wudalang pancakes, roast beef, donkey meat, croaking and so on.

Related Legends

There is a local legend that during the reign of Renzong in Song Dynasty, Yanggu County had a flourishing population, flourishing business, and numerous shops. At the corner of the West Street of Yanggu City, there was a traditional Chinese medicine shop. The shopkeeper was Zhao Runchun, and there were no children under his knees. There was only one girl named Xiu Gu, whose father and daughter ran a pharmacy, and the children were not cheating and trading Changshun. Ximenqing, the local bully, took a fancy to Xiugu and sent people to kill Zhao Runchun and seize the pharmacy and Xiugu. On the night of marriage, Xiu Gu revenged her father's death by drunkenly drinking Ximen Qing, shutting up in the house, igniting the house, and then committing suicide, but Ximen Qing was not burned to death, while Yuanyang Pavilion in the West Garden was reduced to ashes. In order to suppress evil, Ximenqing listened to Mr. Fengshui's suggestion and built the Lion Tower. In front of the building, a pair of stone lions with red eyes and grinning teeth were carved. Later, Wu Song took revenge for his brother's fight against Xiqing, which made the Lion Tower famous all over the world.