Lion Peak in Meiling

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Lion Peak in Meiling

Lion Peak in Meiling is a combination of Lion Peak, Panxi Lake and Wangshijian. The mountain is like a squatting lion, so it is called Lion Peak. Lion Peak in Meiling is only 260 meters above sea level, but its steepness is no less than that of Huangshan Mountain, cliffs and strange stones and grotesque forests.

Feilaifeng is the most magnificent and spectacular landform of the granite dump, which reflects the magnificent process of mountain formation of Meiling, a large nappe structure.

The vast expanse of smoke on the Bank of Panxi Lake rises a lion roaring heavenly honour for miles, looking at the lion's stream, and a waterfall with a width of 10 meters and a drop of more than 30 meters rushes out of the cave. Huge herrings of pictographs, such as turtles and seals, stand beside Lion Peak.

Lion Peak Scenic Area is one of the most representative scenic spots in Meiling, where the wonder of peaks, rocks, caves, waterfalls, magnificent cliffs, green bamboos all over the mountains, ancient ridges of ivy, Yanbo vast Panxi Lake, gathering thousands of bat caves, it can be called a paradise on the world. Up to Lion Peak, which is vivid and misty, you can see mountains, villages, fields and lakes in a panoramic view. You can appreciate the artistic conception of "infinite scenery at dangerous peaks" and "mountain to absolute peak is my peak".