Lion Mountain Scenic Area

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Lion Mountain Scenic Area

Lion Mountain Scenic Area is located in the east of Shaoshan Scenic Area, which is divided into Lion Mountain Scenic Area and Benbenling Scenic Area.

Main attractions

The Lion Mountain scenic spots include Ruyi Pavilion, Datangwan, Benben Ridge, Pingdingling Ridge, Swallow Cave, Sixian Lifting Treasure, Lion Swallowing Day, Rutong Temple and other scenic spots.


Shizishan landscape area is mainly rock landscape, which distributes along the ridge of Shizishan Mountain. Lion Mountain resembles a lion, its head is craggy and its body is majestic. There is a lionelike hill under the lion, and between the two hills is a ball mountain, which forms a lion rolling embroidery ball landscape. The trees on the mountain are green, evergreen all the year round, and the scenery is pleasant. Benbenling District is mainly the old revolutionary sites such as Datangwan and Ruyiting. This area is the place where Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui carried out frequent activities of peasant movement. Yang Kaihui once set up a night school for peasants in Ruyiting. Mao escaped from Shaoshan in Zedong, that is, from Lion Mountain to Ningxiang.