Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area

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Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area

Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area is located in Linzhou City, northwest of Henan Province, on the eastern foot of the southern Taihang Mountains. It is 100 miles long in the north and south, 2.5 miles wide in the East and west, and 800-1739 meters above sea level.

Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area is located at the junction of Shanxi and Henan Provinces. It lies in the northwest of Linzhou City, with an elevation of 800-1736 meters and a relative height difference of over 1000 meters. On October 31, 2012, the State Council issued the list of the eighth batch of national scenic spots, which were approved as "national scenic spots". On October 13, 2016, the National Tourism Administration announced that the Red Flag Canal Taihang Grand Canyon in Anyang, Henan Province, has become a 5A-level National Scenic spot.

geographical environment

topographic features

Taihang Grand Canyon is situated at the junction of Shanxi and Henan provinces. It is located in the northwest of Linzhou, Anyang City, Henan Province. It is 100 miles long from north to South and 8 miles wide from east to west. It starts in the north as Huishan Cape of village and town, and reaches the bottom of Shanxi well. It is a deep-cut canyon with a length of 50 kilometers and a width of 1.5 kilometers cut by the outcrop river, a tributary of the Zhuozhang River, formed in Linyu Mountain. It has formed a magnificent Grand Canyon scenery with an elevation of 800-1739 meters and a relative height difference of more than 1000 meters. The cliffs in the region are high and the peaks are magnificent, the masculine dew is strong, the Cangxi water is turbulent, and the waterfalls are hanging around, with mountains, platforms, walls, gorges, waterfalls, peaks and springs, with thousands of gestures. It is a typical representative of the northern landscape.

natural resources

Biological resources

The total area of the scenic spot is 120 square kilometers, with 90% vegetation coverage and 80% forest coverage. Among them, the original vegetation accounted for about 60%, returning farmland to forestry and artificial afforestation accounted for about 30%, dense forests, good natural ecology, rich vegetation, natural oxygen bar.

Landscape resources

Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area is the birthplace of "the spirit of the flat pole" of the national key scenic spots, the national AAAAA level tourist area and the national rural commercial front.

The hometown of Comrade Gu Wenchang, the son of Taihang Mountain, is the creative training base of the Chinese Literary Union Calligraphy and Painting Center. It is also one of the largest rock climbing bases in China.

Here are the forest sea with green waves, the cliffs with knives and axes, the mountains and rocks with various shapes, such as the waterfalls like silver, the deep pools with rippling green waves, the magnificent temples, the attractive caves and the fascinating legends.

Scenic spots are real and imaginary, bright and dark, bright and colorful, strange and dangerous, magical, so that the natural landscape and human landscape of the scenic spot beads, reflecting the brilliant.

The scenery is wonderful and interesting. There are dense shaded sunshine and green waves in the forest sea, knife-and-axe cliffs, exotic rocks and mountains, such as silvery waterfalls, rippling deep pools, magnificent temples, fascinating caves and fascinating legends.

There are real and virtual, bright and dark, light and color, strange and dangerous, skillful, natural and human landscape beads, matching into a fun, set Xiong, strange, dangerous, quiet, beautiful in one, a total of more than 400 landscapes, 44 scenic spots.

Main attractions

Taihang Grand Canyon is located in Linzhou Slate Township, Anyang City, Henan Province, in the northwest of Henan Province and the eastern foot of Southern Taihang. It is 50 kilometers long in the north and 50 kilometers long, 1.5 kilometers wide in the East and west, and 800-1739 meters above sea level, with a relative height difference of more than 1000 meters. The total area of the scenic spot is 89 square kilometers, and its vegetation coverage is 90%. It has the reputation of natural oxygen bar. Within the territory, high cliffs, rolling peaks, masculine dew, staggered platform walls, Cangxi water turbulence, waterfalls hanging around, is a typical representative of the "Beixiong scenery".

The core scenic spots of Taihang Grand Canyon include: Peach Blossom Valley, Baili Gallery, Taihang Tianlu, Wang Xiangyan, the soul of Taihang, drifting in primitive ecological canyon, fairyland fairyland on earth. "Green cliffs are like Dai Dai, red cliffs are like dawn, trees are like fowls, pools are green waters, beautiful scenery, as the world calls it." Taihang Grand Canyon scenic area has different scenery in four seasons, which is fascinating. Residential buildings in the canyon are made of local materials. Stone streets, courtyards, walls, pillars, terraces, and buildings are integrated with nature. They are ancient and interesting.

Peach blossom valley

Peach Blossom Valley is a valley in the middle of a valley, about 4 km long, about 800 m-1736 m above sea level, nearly a kilometer high difference.

Within the valley, the Qifeng is abrupt, steep and magnificent. A winding Peach Blossom River runs through the valley. The grass and vines hang on both sides of the river. The miscellaneous trees and jungles are endless, and the green tide surging with the mountain wind is like sea water.

Peach blossom Valley is called love valley with beautiful scenery. The fog scatters clouds and mountains change. Flowers blossom and birds fly. Alpine waterfalls in hundreds of feet. Spring pools are clear as mirrors. The streams flowing down the Valley fall into waterfalls. Waterfalls into pools, and pools connect to each other, forming the beautiful charm of peach blossom valley.

The Peach Blossom Valley is surrounded by scenic spots, such as Huanglongtan, Feilongxia Waterfall, Feilongxia Trestle Road, Jiulian Waterfall and Peach Blossom Cave, which show the remote artistic conception of the deep gorge.

Taihang Sky Road

"Taihang Tianlu" scenic spot is located at the top of Taihang Mountains, Peach Blossom Valley scenic spot in the north and Xianxia Valley scenic spot in the south. It is about 30 km long. It is not only an important part of the tour road around the scenic spot, but also an excellent place to overlook the magnificent scenery of Taihang Mountains.

Traveling on the Taihang Sky Road by sightseeing bus, deep valleys and upright rock walls give tourists a strong visual deterrence.

Combined with the mountain form, there are more than 10 observation platforms along Taihang Tianlu.

Wang Xiang Yan

Wang Xiangyan Scenic Area is surrounded by streams in the East and cliffs in the west. It forms a closed valley surrounded by cliffs on both sides. It meets Zhu Quefeng, which spreads out completely on the rocks. It conforms to the ideal model of "Zuo Qinglong, Right White Tiger, Front Zhu Que and Back Basalt" in ancient Chinese geomancy, and attracts celebrities from all generations to live in seclusion.

According to records, King Wuding of Shang Dynasty and Prime Minister Fu of slave origin both lived here, so later generations were called Wang Xiangyan.

Wuding was the 22nd king of the Shang Dynasty. When he was a teenager, his father Xiaoyi sent him to Linqishan Mountain in the west of Shangdu to work and live with slaves. He became friends with slave masters.

Wuding thought Fu Shuo had great talent and outline. After Wuding inherited the throne, Baifu was said to be prime minister. Fu said that after taking office, he did his best to help Wuding to make the political management of the Shang Dynasty in an orderly way, which made the Shang Dynasty achieve unprecedented development. Historically, it was called "Wuding Zhongxing".


Taihang Grand Canyon drifting is located in the national AAAAA level tourist attractions, national key scenic spots, National Geological Park - Henan Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon. It takes 2-2.5 hours to drift. It is located in the mountain forest zone. The trees on both sides of the river are lush and the scenery is spectacular. It is called "drifting without tanning". It is a true "ecological oxygen bar drifting".

Cultural Activity

"Beating flower sticks" is a folk performing art with local characteristics. It is popular in villages of Grand Canyon scenic spot. The flower sticks are about the same length, with holes at both ends, rings in the holes and small bells attached to the rings. According to the fixed program, they can tap on limbs, shoulders, backs, waists and other parts, and emit rhythmic sounds. The flower patterns include single-way round court marching, two-way parallel marching, cross-cutting and so on. They are mainly used to welcome disciples. Soldiers and festivals celebrate. At present, it has become an important performance in the scenic spot, with strong participation and entertainment. Tourists can see the art performance form at the Taihang Tianlu scenic spot and participate in it personally.

Tourism information

geographical position

Taihang Grand Canyon is located at the junction of Shanxi and Henan provinces. It is located in the northwest of Linzhou, Anyang City, Henan Province. It is 100 miles long in North and 100 miles long in South and 8 miles wide in East and west.

Traffic information

Self driving:

1. Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao (Beijing-Zhuhai) High Speed (Anyang Turn) - Anlin High Speed - Down High Speed to the urban direction (pay attention to road signs) - Linshi Line, through the Taihang Tunnel to Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon.

2. Beijing-Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway-Anyang-Anlin Expressway-Linzhou-Linshi Line-Slate-Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area Center, 642 km.

Public transportation:

Take a bus or train to Anyang City, Henan Province, get off, transfer (Anyang-Linzhou) bus (Anyang Bus Station West Bus Station) to Linzhou (about half an hour), transfer (Linzhou-slate) car to Linzhou slate, that is, to Linzhou Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area.

Ticket Price

The peak season price is now 140 yuan per person.