Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden

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Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction , located at the core of Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shandong Province. It is the only large-scale comprehensive eco-tourism destination in southern Shandong and Northern Jiangsu. Its total planning area is more than 3000 mu, with a radiating population of 50 million, and it can receive more than 6 million tourists annually. As Linyi City, Linyi City can build Shuhe-Maling Mountain scenic spot and Mengshan-Yishui water. As an important part of the big tourism pattern, the total investment of the tourist area is 1 billion yuan, covering an area of 3,000 mu. The tourist area is devoted to creating "National Regional Eco-health Holiday Area", "National Youth Education Practice Platform", "Shandong Animal and Plant Research and Exhibition Base", "Important Tourist Destination in South Shandong" and "Yimeng Culture Concentrated Reflecting Area".

Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden Tourist Area is built around three themes: education practice, animal and plant protection and research, culture and leisure, with water as the medium, focusing on the excavation and display of local characteristics, forming a scenic spot with rich levels, architectural landscape embellishment and distinctive personality.

The tourist area is divided into seven main functional areas, namely, zoo, botanical garden, juvenile comprehensive practice park, juvenile professional experience park, national defense education park, Garden Research institute, Shuhe coastal entertainment area; the zoo area covers more than 1000 acres, and has 58 animal venues, which are the national treasure giant pandas, golden monkeys, white tiger, northeastern tiger, African lion, Qianbao, Chang in Shandong Province. Giraffe, hippopotamus and other rare wildlife of animal and botanical gardens. There are more than 180 breeds of animals and more than 2000 animals. The National Defense Education Park has a large number of retired military equipment such as "627 Rongcheng" submarine hunting and Aviation Military exhibition experience hall. It also has a large number of models of J-5, J-10 fighter planes, Apache helicopters, 95 automatic rifles, 98 tanks and 56 artillery. Botanical gardens, comprehensive youth practice gardens and entertainment zones along the Shuhe River are speeding up construction at the same time.

Basic introduction

The new site of Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden is located in Chaoyang Street Office of Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone. The original site of Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden has become an international sculpture park. Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden is an important part of Shuma Scenic Area. The overall planning of the park covers an area of 3,000 Mu and invests 1 billion yuan. It is a large-scale high-grade park integrating zoos, botanical gardens, juvenile comprehensive practice gardens, juvenile vocational experience gardens, national defense education gardens, garden research institutes and entertainment areas along Shuhe River. There are more than 180 kinds of animals and more than 2,000 animals on display. There are 100 bird gardens with the most complete varieties in China. Here, visitors can watch the naivety of the giant panda, watch the climbing and jumping of the golden monkey in the golden cloak, and enjoy the majesty of the "King of the Jungle" Siberian tiger, White Tiger and Bangladesh Tiger. Visual feasts brought by animal performances such as sea lions can experience thrilling and exciting entertainment projects.

After the opening of the new park, Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone will speed up the second phase of the construction of the botanical garden covering 2,000 mu, continue to introduce rare and precious plant species, at the same time, make every effort to promote the construction of comprehensive practice base and national defense education park for young people, enrich and improve the facilities of amusement parks such as roller coasters, develop and cultivate tourism products with rich connotations, high visibility and strong attraction, and enhance participation and interest. Taste and challenge, realize the transformation from "ticket economy" to industrial economy, and create the most popular tourist destination in the city and even in the province.

After putting into use, Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden can receive 6 million tourists annually, benefiting more than 50 million people. It has become an ecological science popularization base, animal and botanical science research base and tourism destination radiating from southern Shandong, northern Jiangsu and surrounding areas. It has promoted the image of Linyi city in an all-round way, vigorously promoted the construction of ecological civilization, enriched the spiritual and cultural life of citizens, and advocated the idea of harmonious coexistence between man and It will play an important role in promoting it.

Seen in the Panda Pavilion, the pavilion is closely surrounded by visitors to watch the giant panda. Through the glass barrier, the reporters saw the giant panda pavilion with stairs, pavilions and swings. The famous giant panda "Didi" was walking around the pavilion. The spectators used cameras to record its elegant demeanor. Every now and then, Didi put his forelimbs on the wall and turned a circle to perform for the citizens. The giant panda Longteng next door is apparently not adapted to the new environment, sitting alone under the tree, dazed, no matter how the public amuses it, it does not pay attention to it, as if nobody sits there thinking. According to reports, the giant pandas "Didi" and "Longteng" are males, their ages are 20 and 14 years old, equivalent to 30-40 years of human age. They belong to the young and middle-aged. The father of "Didi" is the prototype of the mascot "Hope" of the 1990 Beijing Asian Games. The mother is one of the first giant pandas given to Hong Kong in 1999. Because of such pedigree, "Didi" is very good. Attention by the public. In addition to the national treasure giant pandas, there are also the national treasure golden monkeys in the zoo. They climb and jump in the "golden cloak". The "King of the Jungle" Siberian tiger, white tiger, Bangladeshi tiger are shaking, awesome, lovely alpaca, handsome Sichuan horse, ferocious African lion and huge Hippo make close contact with tourists, so that tourists can have a kind of return. The feeling of returning to nature, in the garden to comprehend the essence of harmony and the value of nature.

Historical evolution

Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden was constructed by the Linyi Municipal People's Government. It started construction in April 1999 and completed the first phase of the project and opened the garden in April 2000. In April 1999, the Municipal Government decided to build Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden on the basis of the original Chahe Forest Farm, and included it in the Municipal Government's "Project for the People".

In 2003, Chess Garden and Farmer's Margin were built, attracting 500,000 yuan of social funds to build a bonsai garden covering 20 mu, increasing the landscape of the park, enriching the content of the park, and the garden changed year by year; it went up a step every year. Up to the end of 2006, nearly 2 million tourists have been received, and more than 6 million yuan of economic income has been achieved, which has achieved good economic and social benefits. It has not only become a window to publicize Linyi's new image, but also become a new tourist hot spot with high visibility in southern Shandong and Northern Jiangsu. It has been named "Provincial Youth Science Popular Education Base" by Provincial Education Department, Provincial Science Association and Municipal Price Bureau, and "Demonstration Unit with Clear Price Marking".

In 2002, it was named "AA-level tourist area (spot) by the National Tourism Administration. In 2003, it was awarded the title of"Youth and Ming"by the League Municipal Committee and the Municipal Tourism Bureau.

The construction and opening of Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden ended the history of Linyi without animal and botanical gardens and became the "back garden" of Linyi City. Its construction and development have the functions of promoting urban development and construction, enriching the cultural life of citizens, stimulating people's awareness of ecological environmental protection of "loving nature and respecting life" and promoting the construction of two civilizations, improving Linyi's fame and perfecting urban functions. It is of great significance.

Main attractions

The park is planned to have five scenic areas: zoo, botanical garden, comprehensive youth practice park, youth professional experience park, national defense education park, Garden Research Institute and entertainment area along Shuhe River. The first phase of the project was completed and opened in 2012.


Zoo landscape area is located in the eastern part of the park. There are more than 100 species of wild animals, including giraffe, hippo, alligator, elephant, Bengal tiger, African lion, leopard, blue horned horse, black horned horse, Sika deer, ostrich, black bear, kangaroo, peacock and so on.

The building is first-class, the layout is reasonable, the exhibition effect is good, the combination of cage raising and free-range raising, the birds and animals have their own place, the Siberian tiger, African lion and Money Leopard are quite king and magnificent; the big antelope, swordsman antelope, springbok and sika deer are gentle and kind; the tall giraffe takes long and slender steps, and the heroic posture is bright; the hippo always opens its mouth first in the world; the clever elephant, clever. Monkeys, silly black bears, surprise you unexpectedly; four unlike, yaks, camels run tirelessly; antelope, horned horse are gladiators among herbivores; there are also savage crocodiles, lovely ostriches, emus, kangaroos, peacocks let people see the elegance. A hundred birds paradise with an area of 15 mu and an investment of 2 million yuan is welcomed. Compared with the general zoo, the zoo has two distinct characteristics: one is the large number of wildlife. Not only are there many kinds of wildlife, but also there are many lines of population structure for a certain kind of animals. Second, there are different feeding methods. Generally, zoos are mostly caged for wildlife, with an iron cage area of only 10 square meters and little room for animal activities. Most of the animals raised here are naturally released. At the same time, it is the second largest zoo in Shandong Province.

The construction of children's heart-loving Animal Park and modern amusement park project has further enriched people's amusement content, including education and entertainment, blending scenes. It is very helpful for developing children's intelligence, fostering the awareness of loving animals and protecting the environment.

Other scenic spots

The botanical garden landscape area is located in the west, South and north of the garden. Because it is a natural forest farm, the forest belt here is barren, dense trees, fresh air and green. In addition, it is a clean and soft sandy land, where visitors can sit or lie in the forest for recreation. Being in this area, we can see the lake with the same water and sky in the distance, and listen to the song and billow of birds singing in the forest. It really has the feeling of returning to simplicity and authenticity. In addition to the natural forest belt, the park also has 20 characteristic botanical gardens, such as Ginkgo Garden, Cherry Garden and Kiwifruit Garden. Visiting these gardens with different characteristics brings visitors the sensory enjoyment of peach, willow, spring and autumn fruits. The construction of Qishi Park and Botanical Park highlights the characteristics of "nature, seclusion, wild interest, water-playing and rough". Making full use of the advantages of natural geography and connecting with the 10,000 Mu water surface of Yimeng Lake, we should develop and construct beach bathing grounds and increase the construction of green landscapes so as to make them a good place for leisure and recreation of Linyi citizens. There are 186 families, 223 genera and 1500 species in the garden. The botanical garden landscape area includes 10 botanical parks, such as Arboretum and 100 gardens; the Qishiyuan landscape area includes 12 landscape areas, such as Meishi Garden, Lanshiyuan, Bamboo Garden and Chrysanthemum Garden; and the sightseeing agricultural landscape area includes 20 gardens, such as Ginkgo Garden, Cherry Garden and Kiwifruit Garden.

Garden activities

Periodic or preparatory activities: Linyi Folk Art Festival is held every year from May 1 to 7, and has been successfully held for two sessions; other festivals hold colorful activities.

Traffic information

Linyi New Animal and Botanical Garden is located in Chen Jia Village on the West Bank of Shuhe River. Citizens can arrive directly by the new K208 bus, which is only 10 minutes apart.

If a citizen drives by himself, from Lanshan and Luozhuang, he can drive the Benluo Lake Bridge (Yihe Bridge on Jinjiu Road), then along Yihe Road in Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone for 11 kilometres, to the intersection of the original 327 National Highway, turn southeast, then turn left (east) to Xiamen Road after driving 2.8 kilometres, and then drive 500 metres forward. From Hedong (North) direction, citizens can drive along Binhe East Road, Dongxing Road and Volvo Road (205 National Road) to Yihe Road and turn eastward. From Linshu (East) and Junnan (Northeast) directions, citizens can drive along 327 National Highway across Shuhe Bridge, then drive about 800 meters west, turn right (Northwest) into the original 327 National Highway, and turn right (East) into Xiamen Road after driving 2 kilometers. From Tancheng (south) direction, citizens can drive along 205 National Highway to turn right (east) at the intersection with Huaxia Road, and then drive 9.6 kilometers to turn left (northwest) at the intersection with original 327 National Highway.

Practical information

In the future, it will cost 10 yuan more to visit Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden. The new fare policy clearly stipulates that the elderly aged 70 years and over are free of charge and half-price is applied to the elderly aged 60 to 69 years. This is the biggest change in Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden after the price adjustment.

On November 15, 2016, Linyi Price Bureau officially issued documents on the ticket price of Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden. The ticket price was adjusted to 45 yuan per person, and the half-price discount ticket was 23 yuan per person.

The document clearly stipulates preferential fare policies for five specific groups of people:

First, children under 6 years of age (including 6 years of age) or under 1.2 meters of height (including 1.2 meters) are exempted from admission tickets.

Half-price discounts are offered to minors aged 6 years (excluding 6 years old) to 18 years (including 18 years old), full-time undergraduate students and students with bachelor's degree or below.

Second, half-price concessions are offered to the elderly aged 60 years (including 60 years old) to 69 years (including 69 years old), and tickets are exempted for the elderly aged over 70 years (including 70 years old).

Thirdly, half-price discount is offered to teachers who hold their own teacher qualification certification on Teacher's Day.

Fourthly, the low-income people hold their own low guarantee to implement half-price concessions; fifthly, the active servicemen and the disabled are exempted from admission tickets in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state.

The Municipal Price Bureau requires that animal and botanical gardens should mark their prices clearly and consciously accept social supervision in the striking places of toll collection sites. It is understood that since 2013, Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden has been implementing ticket prices of 35 yuan for adults, 15 yuan for students and children, and 1.2 meters for children.

Preferential policies shall be implemented for the elderly, servicemen and disabled persons in accordance with the provisions of the State. Since Linyi Animal and Botanical Garden relocated to its new site, it has been upgraded many times, but the ticket price has not changed.