Linhai Qishi Scenic Area

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Linhai Qishi Scenic Area

Linhai Qishi Scenic Area is located in Tangwanghe District, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. Scenic area covers 190 square kilometers. It is a new eco-tourism area and National Geological Heritage Park composed of human and natural landscapes. Scenic spots can be divided into natural pasture, cedar pine forest, stream wetland, ethnic customs, landscape browsing, Xing'an Stone Forest, autumn pine forest, flower ornamental areas. It was approved as "Xiao Xing'an Mountain Stone Forest National Forest Park" on 12 December 2003, Yichun Granite National Geological Park in January 2004, and China Youth Scientific Exploration and Exploration Base in May 2004. In 2013, Tangwang River Linhai Qishi Scenic Area was promoted to 5A Scenic Area.

geographical environment

The Linhai Qishi Scenic Area is 120 kilometers away from the central area of Yichun City. It takes about 2 hours to drive. It is 100 kilometers away from Jiayin, a first-class Russian port. Stone forest has an average altitude of 436.6 meters and a total area of 163.57 square kilometers. It is divided into stone forest landscape area and landscape scenic tourist area. Among them, the mimic miraculous rocks and lush vegetation formed by the geological relics in the Qishi landscape area of Xiao Xing'an Mountains show the unique charm of the National Geopark and the National Forest Park. At the same time, it is also the base of scientific investigation and exploration for Chinese teenagers. The whole scenic area has lush vegetation, verdant mountains and over 99.8% coverage rate. There are more than 1240 kinds of animals, plants, insects and birds in Xiao Xing'an Mountains. Walking along the secluded paths of ancient birch trees, you can not only hear birds singing, enjoy pine and cypress dancing, but also smell cuckoo fragrance, watch Xing'an Qishi, overlay waterfalls and streams and natural oxygen bar. It is an excellent exotic peach source.

More than 100 granite peaks in the scenic area constitute a peculiar geological and geomorphological landscape, called granite forest. It is a huge granite batholith formed by the Indosinian movement 250 million years ago. After millions of years of plate compression and crustal uplift and fall, coupled with water erosion, weathering and denudation, chemical action, it forms today's peculiar Tangwanghe granite structural peak forest. These peaks and forests are either uprooted, tall and steep, with steep walls cut; they are distributed along mountains, high and low, like birds and beasts, in different shapes; or they are scattered among the forests, such as carefully carved, ingenious craftsmanship, forming a variety of strange rocks and rocks, and the wonderful scenery is amazing. Xiao Hinggan Mountains is a complex of Geology and geomorphology represented by Indosinian granite tectonic peak forest landform, Quaternary periglacial landform and Neotectonic collapse landform. It is the only one of the most complete, typical and abundant types of granite forest geological relics found in China at present. It is also a typical representative of Indosinian granite tectonic Peak Forest Geological relics. It has important scientific value in the study of Indosinian granite tectonic denudation, Quaternary periglacial neotectonic movement and regional geological environment evolution. Its discovery fills a gap in the development history of tectonic peak forest geological relics of Indosinian granite formation in China. Lin Hai Qishi Scenic Area has developed some scenic spots of Qishi Scenic Area and Landscape Scenic Area. Qishi Landscape Area is divided into five regions, which are composed of tectonic peak forest landscape area, mimetic Qishi landscape area, Chengwall Mountain landscape area, periglacial Shihai landscape area and Shengshui River "graben valley" landscape area. Tangwang River Linhai Qishi Scenic Area was promoted to 5A Scenic Area in 2013.

Main attractions

The park is characterized by rare granite forest landscapes and natural primitive forest vegetation landscapes, showing the unique charm of the National Geopark and National Forest Park, preserving integrity and generating granite geological relics 200 million years ago, and the magical shape of landscapes, such as ghost axes and magical workmanship, distinctive primitive and primitive natural ecological environment in four seasons, and beautiful scenery of the forest and sea. The poems are picturesque and beautiful. It integrates mountains, waters, forests and stones. It is amazing, dangerous, beautiful and natural. It is a resort for scientific investigation, leisure vacation and tourism. The scenic spot was approved as AA grade scenic spot in June 2003, Xiao Xing'anling Stone Forest National Park on December 2003, Yichun Granite National Geological Park in January 2004, and China Youth Scientific Exploration and Exploration Base in May 2004.

The eastern area is a section of collapse ruins, peak clusters and Fenglin cliff structure, with collapse rocks, dikes and spherical weathered fossil geological remains. The main attractions are "Oracle Wall", "Jigongden Mountain", "Manjushu Sutra Recitation", "Maitreya Top" and so on. The main scenic spots in the southern region are the "one-line sky" collapsed rock block "Hongyunshi" fort-shaped "Luohan turtle", granite pillar, Tangwang River Stone Forest, tectonic cave, "Xiongfeng" and "Tibetan Cave", which rise and rise dangerously, bold and magnificent, extremely rare, and are the best in the landscape of granite forest landform.

The terrain of the western region is relatively flat, and the forest vegetation remains intact and primitive, which is suitable for leisure tours and forest exploration. The main landscapes are "Tianmao Rock", "Cloud Boot Top", "Sword Splitting Hill", "Drunken Old Stone" and so on. North District is a popular science route of geological knowledge. Geological phenomena are very typical, visible and easy to understand, including teaching and entertainment. The main landscapes are "Jade Rabbit Mountain", "Jinbu Playing Song", "Jinji Dawn", "Queping Mountain", "Multi-edged Wall", "Zhongguyan" and so on.

In the central area, there are many pillars, peaks and walls pulled up flat. The main attractions are mimetic pictographic rocks composed of collapsed rock blocks and granite, "Tianbu welcomes guests", "Lin Hai Guanyin", "Wu Neng Wang Moon", "Longevity Increasing Turtle", "Lie Longevity Beetle" and so on.

Qifeng rocks in the area protrude, hundreds of years of ancient trees and pines towering in the sky, strange trees and rocks, vivid image, profound meaning, lifelike. Southern District is the "Little Hinggan Mountains Stone Forest". The famous scenic spots include "A Line of Sky", "Luohan Turtle", "Xiongfeng", "General Protecting Mountain" and so on. The western district is a special landscape full of myths and stories, which is composed of "sword splitting mountain", "Tiancanian rock", "cloud boot top" and "drunk aoshi". The North District reflects folklore and custom landscapes with the main contents of "Zhongkuiya" and "Yougu" and "Pantaoling".

Lang Xiang Stone Forest

Longxiang Stone Forest is hidden in the depths of dense forests. To travel to Yichun, it is necessary to travel more than 200 meters westward from Zhifu Farm of Longxiang Forestry Bureau and then turn northward. Only then can we see a large area of rocky forests that stand out in the mountains like a barrier. From a distance, it is magnificent and magnificent.

Stone peaks in Shilin are all granite structures. Because of the erosion of the years, some of them have appeared deep and long cracks, which seem extremely dangerous. However, they have remained in such a state for at least hundreds of years, and even some vigorous pines have taken root in the cracks, lying on the rocks, soaking the essence of the sun and the moon. But for us, these different and vivid stone forests give people space to imagine, so people with poetic and picturesque feelings have written countless good sentences and given new names to these stones. But if you have enough imagination to write new names for these vigorous old stones, it is also an inevitable thing that Yichun travels from the foot of the Stone Forest Mountain. Everywhere up, not very far, you can see at the mouth of the mountain the "turtle stele", in fact, this is a giant stone shaped like a turtle, turtle head north, it seems to be welcoming visitors. The so-called stele body is a strip feldspar with a height not exceeding 6 meters. Walking eastward and into the deep of the stone forest, two towering boulders jointly hold up a round stone about 1 meter in diameter, like a giant clam in the sea, which is called "double clam offering pearls". The shape of the first castle in the world is more interesting. It looks like a stone castle in a battle field. It is wonderful that there is a natural cave on the wall of the castle. The size of the hole can be used as a machine gun hole.

Further down, a beautiful stone peak sprang up like a pen, as if to use the blue sky as paper and splash ink with a millimeter. From this to the west, then to the north, is the world's first seal. The lower part of the boulder is broad and the middle part is thin. The top of the boulder looks square and generous. It is appreciated carefully. It indeed resembles the official seal of modern times. It echoes each other from afar. It seems to be a metaphor for the road of Chinese literati to become an official since ancient times.

Tangwanghe Stone Forest

Tangwanghe Stone Forest Scenic Spot belongs to the Xiaoxing'anling Mountains. It was formed in the late Paleozoic. The Hercynian Fold Movement Mountains are mainly composed of granite and diorite. Due to the long geological movement, many kinds of faults were formed under the influence of various geostress, and the unique peak stone landscape should be displayed on the topography and landform. The main scenic spots include Tien Tien, Shilin Peak, Xiongfeng, Lonely Peak, Woshiling, Maitreya Peak, Manjusri Chanting, Jigong Dunshan and other geological relics. Among them, the first-line sky is the most famous. These geological relics are that the strata in the crust are subjected to tectonic forces in the underground. The hard rock itself is covered with many structural cracks (joints). When the strata rise to the surface, especially after the formation of an independent mountain body, the cracks in the rock are in a relaxed and free space state, coupled with the seasonal temperature difference changes day and night, which makes the physical and chemical changes such as thermal expansion, cold contraction, freezing and thawing, rainwater dissolution, etc. Weathering, along the cracks in the rocks continue to exfoliate, expand and develop in depth, forming rock walls and peaks. This area is a typical representative of Indosinian granite.

Thin strip of sky

First-line day: The two peaks are 26.13 meters high and 17.97 meters high, only 35-45 centimeters apart, forming a straight up and down gap, which can only be passed by one person, known as "first-line day". The first-line sky is formed by the tension fissures (joints) and weathering of geological movement. It is the peak-forest type granite landform landscape in gentle hillside terrain area. It is different from the peak and Ridge Forest peak clusters. It rises flat, tall and towering, bold and magnificent, and is the best in the granite forest landform landscape.

Be snatched from the jaws of death

Betula platyphylla growing in the north of Tianma Rock is about forty or fifty years old, not to mention that it is only thick and thin at the mouth of the cup. Growing on a cliff, the tree is called "living in the absolute place", which means tenacious vitality in the harsh environment and reflects the good ecological environment of "trees on stones and stones in forests".

Doujin Stone: It is caused by the peeling off of the independent mountain body after its movement. It is like a rice dome, so it is named after it.

The main landmark of the scenic spot: Shifeng is 15.31 meters high. It is inscribed with the six characters of "Xiao Xing'anling Stone Forest" written by Comrade Chen Lei, the former governor of Heilongjiang Province and chairman of the Provincial Calligrapher Association.

Hongyun stone

The stone above the main landmark stone of Xiao Xing'an Mountains is called "Hongyun Stone". Like "Doujin Stone", it was formed by the peeling of the independent mountain body after its movement. When Deng Xiaoping visited Dongfeng District (bureau), that is Tangwanghe District (bureau), in 1964, he stood on the stone and fully affirmed the experience of "double-bag cultivation" of our bureau at that time, and demanded that it be vigorously promoted on the national forestry front. At that time, Comrade Deng Xiaoping was accompanied by Pu Yibo, Li Fuchun, Yang Shangkun and Zhuo Lin.

Lohan turtle

This stone peak is 5 meters apart from the former one, which is called "Luohan Turtle". According to legend, as long as people climb on the top of the turtle's back, they will be blessed as the East China Sea and Shoubinan Mountain in the future. Local people often say, "The natural setting of Luohan tortoise, longevity extension for reincarnation, climbing the turtle top sitting on the dragon's back, Ao Tour nine days to win back."

Xing'an Permian Rock: About this peak, there is also a passing passage: "Xing'an Permian Rock revolves around, crossing seven vertical lines, watching the moon, listening to the wind and moving, love between numerous cracks, in this gap between the two sides of the whisper can also be heard."

Tourism information

Tickets for scenic spots

Tickets for scenic spots: 40 yuan

Opening hours of scenic spots: 8:00-16:30

Tourist season of scenic spots: May-July (but autumn and winter also have their own unique scenery)

Bus routes in scenic spots:

Self-driving: Harbin Harry Expressway to Yichun, Yijia Highway to Tangwang River

City Traffic: Yichun Passenger Station has several buses to Tangwang River, which runs from 8:00 to 17:00 every hour.

Boutique route

Route A: Yichun - Shangganling National Forest Park - Jinshan Luyuan

Content: From Yichun, take a bus (about 30 minutes) to Shangganling National Forest Park, where the natural and cultural landscape is unique. Walking through Xishui Park, visiting Mushroom Pavilion, Peak Pavilion, General Pavilion, Evergreen Pavilion, Sentinel Tree, Hunter's House, Wind Down Tree, Monkey Head Tree, Badger Cave, Panshan Road, Suspension Bridge, enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountain springs and rivers under the bridge and the rising bright moon of "Wuhua Mountain", so that you can experience the exotic elegant local atmosphere and unique exotic atmosphere of the world; about an hour's ride, the journey is 85gong. Here, we come to Jinshan Luyuan scenic spot with beautiful natural scenery. It is a wildlife domestication base surrounded by mountains, sunny leeward and riverside mountains. It is a natural scenic spot of AA-level ecotourism in Heilongjiang Province. The sika deer running freely and playfully in the valley and the unique villas in the garden make people feel as if they are in fairyland.

Route B: Yichun - Wuying National Forest Park - Tangwanghe National Park

Content: Walk into Wuhua Mountain Landscape Corridor, Wuying National Forest Park, Xiaoxing'an Mountains. Visit the forest fire watchtower, Dazi Fragrant Garden, forest bathing ground, Songxiang Bridge, Guantao Tower, Tianzhi Lake, and the forest trains Liu Shaoqi took during his inspection. Along the way, you will have unforgettable memories of your journey, accompanied by high clouds, light autumn in North China and fragrant pine flavor. After lunch, take a bus for about 1.5 hours to Tangwang River Stone Forest Scenic Area. Entering the scenic spot, you can enjoy the stone forest scenic spots in the form of a line of sky, Hongyunshi, Buddha Zufeng, Longfeng Chengxiang, Guanyin Tai, Lotus Cave, Wuneng Wangyue, Brown Bear on the Tree, Xianghe Wall, Yinyang Stone and so on. Experience the peculiar landscape of "trees grow on stones, stones are hidden in forests", like the grand posture of the builder of Xiao Xing'an Mountains, holding exotic flowers and plants in the vast dense forest, accompanied by rivers in the mountains, greeting guests from afar...

Route C: Yichun Lindu Wood Carving Garden - Xiaoxing'anling Botanical Garden - Jiayin

Content: Visit Lindu Wood Carving Garden and Xiao Xing'an Mountain Stone Garden, appreciate the masterpieces of famous calligraphers carved on the different shapes of stone figures from Xiao Xing'an Mountains and the ten beautiful scenic spots carved by skillful craftsmen, overlook the Xing'an Tower standing on the lofty Xiao Xing'an Mountains 638 meters above sea level, and walk the Jiuqu Bridge, which will make you refreshed and refreshing. After lunch, take a bus (about 15 minutes) to Xiao Xing'an Mountains Botanical Garden. In the largest natural ecological garden in Yichun District, you can enjoy the magnificence of the big forest and savor the charm of nature. Visiting Liuke Valley, experiencing war readiness pavilion, Oroqen Style Garden, Pinda Forest Refined Milk Manna Drunken Spring, Badger Ridge, Crouching Tiger Slope, climbing to the top of Xiaoxing'an Mountains, the mountains are like hills, crawling at your feet, you have the feeling of flying over the top of everything. In an open mind, you will stir up the pride of dominating the world. With your artist's wisdom, you can see the ingenuity of Lincheng. Shooting in this bright pearl can not only bring you happiness, but also satisfying works.

The next morning, I took a cruise boat to visit Heilongjiang Province on the Dajijiang River. I enjoyed the classical and fashionable Russian village buildings on the other side, and stood guard with Russian border guards in the posts. Full of Russian rural customs, you will feel as if you are in a foreign country. Take a bus to visit the Dinosaur Museum in Jiayin Shenzhou. You will find that this is a large-scale comprehensive museum integrating science popularization, entertainment, sightseeing and leisure. It is the fifth Dinosaur Museum in China and the only park hall integrating protected areas and Exhibition halls. Take a bus to Maolangou National Forest Park, known as "Xiaojiuzhai in the North", to visit the wild pigeon peak, fairy pool, Maolan waterfall and other landscapes.

After a pleasant trip to Mt. Wuhua in Lindu, you can walk into the exhibition hall of Mt. Yichun's special products, enjoy the unique arts and crafts of Lindu, and buy some local specialties such as wild hazelnut mushrooms and linden honey to take home. You will surely make it worthwhile to go here! uuuuuuuuuuu