Lingnan Impression

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Lingnan Impression

Lingnan Impression Park is located in the south of Guangzhou University Town (Xiaoguwei Island). It covers an area of 16.5 hectares. It is a tourist attraction that gathers sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, accommodation, catering, shopping, and experiences Lingnan local customs and Lingnan folk culture.

geographical position

Lingnan Impression Park is located in the southern part of Guangzhou University Town (Xiaoguwei Island), in the area of Qianxicun. It is surrounded by water, with Luoxi Island in the west, Biological Island in the north, Changzhou Island in the East and Pazhou Island across the river where the Exhibition Center is located.

Architectural features

The distinctive streets, ancestral halls, houses and shops in Lingnan Impression Garden fully show the essence of Lingnan traditional culture. The scenic spot highlights the original Lingnan culture and local landscape, restores the prosperous scenes of Lingnan folk life, adapts to the growing trend of life-oriented tourism around the booming big cities, and the tourism demand will become a cultural tourism which integrates Lingnan architectural integrity, deep folk culture, strong pastoral and rural customs, cultural traceability, tourism, rural vacation, leisure and entertainment functions. Grand View Garden. It has become a window for modern people to understand Lingnan ancient culture, Lingnan people can recall the fertile soil of local culture, and foreigners can learn Lingnan culture in a short time, which meets the wishes of tourists to understand Lingnan folk culture for thousands of years in a day.

Lingnan Impression Garden is a typical traditional architectural community in Lingnan. Residences are built by water, with narrow doors and high houses, or with high walls. The long Qingyun Lane, the primitive oak gate, the delicate Manzhou window, the winding stream, the clear pond, everywhere exudes the Lingnan water village charm. The unique shape of the ear wall is also known as the ear wall of the pan, because its shape is similar to the handle of the dish pot. In the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, only those who had merit and fame were qualified to build the pot ear. The size of the official position determined the height of the pot ear. There is also a folk legend: repairing the ear wall of the pot can bless the descendants to be officials, which contains wealth, auspiciousness, plenty of clothing and food. The wall behind the ear of the pot is also called "the wall of the head of the head of the head of the head", which has the meaning of "monopolizing the head of the head of the head of the head". Simple and durable oyster shell wall is the daily building material for residents of Lianxi Village. Lianxi Village is close to the mountains and rivers. Villagers use oyster shells to build houses or walls. The core of the wall is made of stone, and the outer wall is made of yellow mud and lime. Then the oyster shell is obliquely attached to the wall. While maintaining its beauty, the rainwater can be drained smoothly. In addition, owing to its structural material characteristics, oyster shell wall is more durable, warm in winter and cool in summer, fireproof and typhoon-proof. It is loved by villagers and has become a Lingnan architectural feature. The ancestral temple is a strong reflection of the family concept in feudal society. In Lianxi Village, there were several families with surnames. The typical ancestral halls are Huo's and Xiao's. These ancestral halls contain traditional crafts such as wood carving, brick carving, stone carving, gray sculpture, pottery sculpture and so on, which condense the efforts of many artistic creators and have high artistic value.

Main attractions

Old wine shop

Create the feeling of the old wine shop, the brick walls of the green grey, the red lanterns hanging high under the eaves of the green grey, the couplets of the red happy and peaceful, the red flag, the old wine jar, visitors can play a pot of double steamed wine, can also sit down and drink a bowl of jade ice, talk with friends, enjoy the pleasure of large bowls of wine.

Old barber shop

The old barber's has an old-fashioned barber chair with cast iron base, a stainless steel shampoo bucket, a plastic reel for curling hair, and a long shaver.

Lion dance hall

Xiao's ancestral temple has been decorated into a lion dance hall. Tourists can enjoy the traditional lion waking activities in Guangzhou, watch the wonderful lion collecting performances, as well as the good intentions of exorcising evil spirits and eliminating disasters.

Wood carving palace lantern

Exhibition and operation of wooden carved palace lamps with Cantonese characteristics, classical and neat shape, exquisite carving, so that visitors can feel the elegance and quiet outside the reinforced concrete city.

Foshan Wood Engraving New Year Pictures

The exhibition sells Foshan woodcut New Year pictures. Guangdong Foshan and Tianjin Yangliuqing, Shandong Weifang and Suzhou Taohuawu are four famous wood engraving production areas in China. Tourists can enjoy simple and festive wood engraving New Year pictures here, and feel the simple understanding of truth, goodness and beauty of the common people and their good wishes for a happy life.

Shiwan ceramics

The exhibition sells Shiwan ceramics. Tourists here can enjoy the purchase of a variety of lifelike Shiwan dolls, lively and without losing cultural connotations, can decorate the home or give gifts to relatives and friends.

Xinhui Sunflower Art Museum

Xinhui Sunflower Art Museum is one of the four traditional crafts in Guangdong Province. It is a world of Sunflower Art Decoration. Tourists here have the opportunity to observe the superb plastic arts of Xinhui Sunflower Art and the exquisite compilation skills of Sunflower Art Master.

South of the Five Ridges clothing

Showing and renting Lingnan characteristic costumes, visitors can not only enjoy the colorful Lingnan characteristic costumes, but also wear them to take pictures and experience Lingnan characteristic costume culture.

Guang embroidery Hall

Exhibition and sale of broadly embroidered works, visitors also have the opportunity to watch the technicians on-site embroidery, you can also learn from the technicians to embroider a litchi or a small flower, experience the delicate artistic enjoyment of needle-by-needle.

Aunt's House

In the old society, Guangdong self-combing girls lived in their aunt's house, and actors performed self-combing girls'work. Tourists can take pictures with self-combing girls as souvenirs. Through the visit, visitors can learn about the unique social phenomenon of self-combing women in Guangdong, and more about the rich and colorful Lingnan culture.

Guangdong Broadcasting Museum

The project of Lingnan Impression Garden and Guangdong Radio Co-operation mainly shows tourists the development course and brilliant achievements of Guangdong Radio since its establishment. As the cultural display window of Guangdong Radio, Lingnan Impression Garden is an important promotion platform for Lingnan culture. Tourists also have the opportunity to see the old radio instruments collected by the museum, which have a strong nostalgic atmosphere.

Old newspaper

Joint venture with Guangzhou Daily is the window and platform for Guangzhou Daily to display its cultural image. Tourists can also read traditional newspapers, visit ancient printing machines and understand the previous printing procedures.

big family

Restore the life scene of Lingnan mansion gate, classical furniture, Dao's young master Dongshan, gentle Miss Xiguan, take tourists to experience the life style of Lingnan big family.

Old cinema

According to the decoration of the old cinema, the old projector, the screen pulled out by Bai Bra, tourists can see an old movie here.

Lao Xiangguan

The old photo gallery treasures our old black and white memories. Visitors can see the old-fashioned landing machines that have not been seen for a long time. They can relive the pleasure of manual operation of film-making, photo-enlarging and edition-repairing. Groups of old photographs seem to bring people back to the mottled age.

Guangdong TV's "Chen Mengji" shooting base

Lingnan Impression Garden has been favored by many drama groups, advertisers, film studios and photography enthusiasts. "Chen Mengji" drama group signed a contract with Lingnan Impression Garden to cooperate. According to the shooting needs, it arranged the public hall, Chen family, Fangjia, tea house, herbal tea shop and other Lingnan folk life scenes.

Street Performance and Activities on Lianxi Street

Lion dancing, singing and dancing, airplane elegance, sugar blowers, noodlemakers, popcorn, cigarettes, newspapers, street painters, bird walking, glass blowing, goldfish selling, diabolo shaking, shuttlecock kicking, rope skipping, gyroscope playing and other folk performances and children's fun activities are arranged in Lianxi Street.

Tickets for scenic spots

The original price of tickets for scenic spots: 60 yuan per ticket

(2) Opening hours of scenic spots: 9:00-17:00

(3) Children's tickets: children who are 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters tall (excluding 1.5 meters) buy 30 yuan per person for half ticket;

Children under 1.2 meters (excluding 1.2 meters) height must be accompanied by an adult ticket buyer before they can enjoy free discounts. Each adult ticket buyer is limited to a child under 1.2 meters; children who exceed the allowance range buy tickets at half-price.

(4) Old people aged 60 to 69 should buy half-fare 30 yuan per person with their valid ID card (ID card or old person's card);

Students and teachers buy tickets at 40 yuan per person with their valid certificates (student certificate and teacher certificate). Each ticket is limited to one ticket.

In the active service of the PLA, the Armed Police purchased 30 yuan per person with their valid certificates (officer's certificate, soldier's certificate).

Old people aged 70 and over are admitted to the park free of tickets with their valid ID cards or old people's cards.

Tourist guide

Traffic Guidelines

Self-driving line

Starting from the urban area - - - the South China Express on the racetrack, heading for Panyu, turning around the city (south) and then turning South (heading for Nansha) - - turn left after the exit of the university town (the art academy with the red outer wall in front of the left), and look at the sign to reach the West Outer Ring Road.

Metro Line

(1) Guangzhou Railway Station (Metro Line 2) - Changgang Station (Transfer to Metro Line 8) - Wanshengwei Station (Transfer to Metro Line 4) - University Town South Station (Exit B) - 800 meters west of Outer Ring Road - Lingnan Impression Park;

(2) Guangzhou East Railway Station (Metro Line 1 or Line 3) - Sports West Road Station (Transfer to Panyu Guangzhou Direction of Metro Line 3) - Hacun Station (Transfer to Metro Line 8) - Wanshengwei Station (Transfer to Metro Line 4) - University Town South Station (Exit B) - Outer Ring West Road 800 meters to Lingnan Impression Park;

(3) Kengkou Station (Metro Line 1) - Park Front (Transfer to Metro Line 2) - Changgang Station (Transfer to Metro Line 8) - Wanshengwei Station (Transfer to Metro Line 4) - University Town South Station (Exit B) - 800 meters in the direction of Outer Ring West Road - Lingnan Impression Park;

(4) Tianhe Passenger Station (Metro Line 3) - Kecun Station (Transfer to Metro Line 8) - Wanshengwei Station (Transfer to Metro Line 4) - University Town South Station (Exit B) - 800 meters west of Outer Ring Road - Lingnan Impression Park;

(5) Panyu Square Station (Metro Line 3) - Kecun Station (Transfer to Metro Line 8) - Wanshengwei Station (Transfer to Metro Line 4) - University Town South Station (Exit B) - 800 meters west of Outer Ring Road - Lingnan Impression Park.

3. Bus Line

Take bus No. 1, No. 2, No. 2 express, No. 3 or No. 4 to Guanggong Station. Transfer bus No. 310 to Guanggong Station and get off at Guanggong Terminal. Walk 150 meters to Guanggong Station.