Lianhua Rural Tourist Area

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Lianhua Rural Tourist Area

Lianhua Rural Tourist Area is a national AAAA-level tourist area, located in the northeast of Chenghai District, Shantou City, with Dongli Town in the East and Tiepu Town in Chaozhou City in the west. It is the "golden triangle point" of Chaozhou, Chenghai and Raoping. It relies on Lianhuashan Mountain in the north and Jiangbeixi in the south. It covers an area of 19 square kilometers. It is an old revolutionary town in the period of World War II. With beautiful mountains and rivers, beautiful natural scenery, intoxicating fruit and vegetable bases of 10,000 mu, well-known characteristic agricultural products, style of rural architecture, simple folk customs, green, ecological is the biggest bright spot, with the Far East Orchid, Lianhuashan Hot Spring Resort, nature leisure farm and a number of well-known tourist attractions, is China's famous orchid town, Guangdong tourism characteristic town, Guangdong Province. Ecological Demonstration Town and Guangdong Modern Agricultural Park. It is a landscape and ecological rural tourism area with natural landscape and cultural diversity.

Lianhua Rural Tourist Area covers the whole Lianhua Town. It is the only 4A-level tourist area in our city that integrates the whole town's tourism resources and develops them in series. Its successful construction has explored a new way to promote the organic combination of rural tourism and new rural construction in the whole city and even in the whole province.

In order to plan the development of rural tourism industry with high quality, Lianhua Rural Tourism Zone has made several overall planning revisions of the whole town's tourism resources, strengthened the management and development of regional rural tourism resources, ended the disorderly competition of various scenic spots, and formed a new pattern of chess in the whole town. It has invested nearly ten million yuan in the development and construction of scenic resources, devoted to creating leisure towns and open rural parks, making Lianhua rural tourism area a leisure resort integrating Chaozhou culture, health food and rural experience.

According to the scenic area planners, on the one hand, they focus on improving their own characteristics in various scenic spots, such as: Lianhuashan Hot Spring Resort focuses on leisure, vacation, modern entertainment; nature leisure farm focuses on reflecting the primitive ecological atmosphere of nature rural areas, restoring rural pastoral life, tasting the life of rural farmers. On the other hand, the use of hot spring resort rooms and hot spring resources, the use of natural leisure farm banquet, entertainment facilities, etc., from a variety of angles to meet the different needs of tourists living, eating, playing, touring, so as to achieve the optimal allocation of resources. In addition, the villagers are also guided to make use of idle houses for minor renovation, as a temporary stopover for tourists, to provide farm dishes, display farming activities, and enhance the attraction of tourists to rural culture; to develop the orchards of farmers around the scenic spots, and to launch a number of agricultural sightseeing routes, such as tasting fresh mushrooms, orchard picking and flower sightseeing, to meet the needs of tourists through multiple channels and enrich the connotation of rural tourism. Through the linkage of various scenic spots, tourist areas vigorously hold various festivals, forming a unique rural tourism destination integrating ecology, leisure, entertainment and folklore. The Orchid Tourism Culture Festival and Lianhua Rural Tourism Festival held by the tourist area were selected as the top ten most popular tourism festivals in Shantou City, and the town also won the title of "China Orchid Famous Town".

Lianhua Town has a unique geographical location. The provincial road, Chizhang Highway (line 1930), runs through the whole territory, 1 km from the "Golden Triangle" of Zhanglin, 18 km from the Shantou International Airport located in Chenghai City, and is surrounded by Beixi, a tributary of the Hanjiang River, with convenient water, land and air transportation.

Self-driving tourism: Dongtie Highway runs through the hinterland of Lianhua, and forms a "well" shaped transportation network with Chizhang Highway, Longbi Road and Longzhang Highway. The roads in villages and villages are straight and broad. Self-driving tourism is very popular in recent years. It is very convenient to book car rental in advance through regular car rental service points such as Shantou to Chengzhang Rental Car Company.

Bus routes: 102, 18 and 11 can reach all scenic spots directly.