Liangfengjiang National Forest Park

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Liangfengjiang National Forest Park

Liangfengjiang Forest Park is the earliest national forest park in Guangxi approved by the Ministry of Forestry, covering an area of more than 70,000 mu. Located in the southern suburb of Nanning City, 7 kilometers away from the city, the highway from the city to the airport runs through the hinterland of the park. The park is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with lush forests, grass and weeds, flowers dotted, birds and insects singing, and a beautiful natural scenery. The predecessor of the park is Nanning Arboretum. In 1992, the former Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of Liangfengjiang National Forest Park. In 2001, the park entered the first batch of Chinese cultural forest parks, and was named the first batch of national AAA-level tourist attractions, Nanning Top Ten scenic spots.

geographical environment

Liangfengjiang National Forest Park is located in the southern suburb of Nanning City, capital of Guangxi. It is 7 kilometers away from the urban area and has a total area of 4863.7 hectares. It is located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer. It has a south subtropical monsoon climate with short winter and long summer. It belongs to the Hilly Basin landform, where Shiziling is situated, and Liangfeng River winds through the hinterland of the park. The park consists of Liangfengjiang Core Area, Fenghuang Lake Forest Resort Area and Wuxiangling Forest Park Area.

natural resources

There are 122 families, 1294 species of subtropical trees and endangered species in Liangfengjiang Forest Park, which belong to 85 species of national protected plants. Its largest gene bank of Camellia chrysantha germplasm resources in South China is built here.

Main attractions

Bodhi Cultural Garden

Bodhi Villa is the only star-rated resort in China that combines Yin and Yang with nature perfectly. Liangfengjiang is blessed with a Bodhi tree which combines Yin and Yang.

Its roots resemble a pair of golden children and jade girls, which are rare at home and abroad. The tree is famous for its moving and beautiful legend and Buddha Sayingmouni's affinity with Bodhi. It is said that after 48 days of meditation in Bodhisattva, Sakyamuni realized the twelve causes of Conformity and Retrogression and founded Buddhism. Therefore, the Bodhi tree became the sacred tree of Buddhism. Liangfengjiang is blessed with a Bodhi tree. It is impossible to know who planted this Bodhisattva tree in what year and in what month. Careful people can easily find that their roots resemble those of a pair of golden children and jade girls who depend on each other and contain spiritual energy. This is the only Bodhi tree in China that combines Yin and Yang. It has both the beauty of femininity and masculinity. It is a perfect natural match. It is said that Buddha once shined. The Bodhi Villa is situated beside the mountain, and its architectural style is fresh and attractive. It is named for a famous Bodhi tree.

Phoenix river green field

Known as the "Kingdom of Plants", it is the main scenic spot of the park, with the theme of forest science popularization and ecological leisure. This scenic spot is the largest Arboretum in Guangxi. There are more than 1700 species of trees in various forms. It is also the largest arboretum near Liangfeng River and the genuine forest germplasm gene bank in South China. It is an important base for introduction, scientific research, teaching and practice of forest species. There are a large number of rare and endangered tree species and plant landscape in the garden, which have high ornamental value and high scientific value. There are 85 species of national protected plants.

Among them, there are 6 species of national first-class protected plants, such as Golden Flower Tea and Wangtianshu. Here you can enjoy all kinds of forest wonders. The park is a large forest bathing ground with a high content of negative oxygen ions, and it is also an important base for film and television outdoor shooting. In this scenic area, tourists can experience aristocratic sports in golf practice grounds, and also participate in camping campfires, couples'bicycles and other leisure and recreational projects; go to barbecue areas to personally cook delicious delicacies. In addition to the wonderful charm of nature, you can go to the Forest Golf Course to play a round of golf, enjoy the joy of swing. At the same time, it is also the home of the Queen of Tea Nationality and the first-class protected plant of the country, Golden Flower Tea.

Amusement World

Here is the latest American forest field battle, you can "fully armed" in the "gun forest bullet rain" in the "gun war addiction"! You can take raft leisure river, enjoy the scenery of nature, enjoy a variety of rare wild plants. You can also explore the Valley of Love and enjoy the endless pleasure of "traversing the jungle" and "surviving in the wild".

The theme of this scenic spot is the combination of static and dynamic, with ecological entertainment as the main theme. Here is the only large-scale grassland in Guangxi and the second largest one in China. It has the feeling of gliding in general and the pleasure of exceeding at a high speed. It brings you unprecedented unforgettable experience full of self-challenge and courage, and makes your passion fly happily and vividly among the green mountains and fields. There is the latest American forest field battle, you can "fully armed" in the "gun forest bullet rain" in the "gun war addiction"! In the Youth National Defense Education Base, we will cultivate your wit, courage, hard work and temper your strong fighting spirit in an all-round way. In addition, there are also highway karts, Passionate Happy Valley, Italian bumper cars and other projects which are also welcomed by tourists.

In May 2001, the gardens were designated as the municipal defense education base and training base by the Nanning Municipal Committee and the municipal government. Base environment is quiet and elegant, military training facilities are complete, equipped with high-quality professional instructors and military doctors, has successfully held nearly 10 military field camps, comprehensively trained the young people's intelligence, courage, hard work and collectivism spirit, for the majority of young people and employees of enterprises and institutions to carry out national defense education, patriotism education and moral education quality education. A good base has been recognized and supported by the society, creating good political and social benefits.

Tourism information

Traffic information

To reach Nanning, you can choose the following routes and get off at Liangfengjiang Park Station:

1. Ride No. 301

(1) Take No. 301 bus to the park at Chaoyang Square in Nanning City;

(4) Nanning Railway Station takes Buses No. 5 and No. 5 to Nanjianbaisha intersection, and then transfers to No. 301 bus to the park.

(5) Take No. 39 bus to Xingguang Fujian intersection at Tuodong Bus Station in Nanning, and then transfer to No. 301 bus to the park.

(6) Nanning Jiangnan Passenger Station takes Buses No. 15 and No. 707 to Nanjian Baisha intersection, and then transfers to No. 301 bus to the park.

(8) Nanning Jinqiao Passenger Station takes No. 81 bus to Xingguang Fujian intersection, and then transfers to No. 301 bus to the park.

(9) Nanning Xixiangtang Passenger Station takes No. 207 bus to Xingguang Fujian intersection, and then transfers to No. 301 bus to the park.

2. Take No. 610 bus at Nanning Anji Passenger Station;

3. Take the Dawangtan Tourist Bus at Jinchaoyang Mall of Chaoyang Garden or Nanning Railway Station.

4. Nanning Jiangnan Passenger Station takes the "Nanning-Mingyang" bus;

5. Nanning Jiangnan Passenger Station takes K7 bus.

Ticket Price

Ticket is 15 yuan per person, group price is more than 20 people 12 yuan per person.

Opening Hours


Time reference

3-4 hours

Get accommodation

You can stay at Bodhi Villa.

Delicious food

Provide Ramadan, authentic wild vegetables. Special dishes include lemon duck, noodles, dog meat, meat dumplings, five-color glutinous rice, pot rice, snails, rice dumplings.

Native products

There are mainly tropical fruits, flowers and seedlings, sika deer series of health products. The park has 138.0 hm2 economic fruit forest, the main varieties are: litchi, longan, citrus, plum, emblic and other tropical fruits. Sika deer is a rare animal protected at the national level. Sika deer has very high medicinal value. The main medicinal part of sika deer is antler before ossification (i.e. antler), antler paste and whip wine made from antler.